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  1. ChrisAA

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    You know that's from June last year right? Which they changed tune and started doing their own sales. A hypocrite as plain as day - http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/06/18/origin-offering-deep-discounts-on-many-games-er/#more-112592
  2. 10.9a isn't supported on XP. :(
  3. ChrisAA

    Consistent CTD 'Error 8876086c'

    I will try 74132 once the group I'm in updates to that one, on 73968 at the moment.
  4. ChrisAA

    Consistent CTD 'Error 8876086c'

    I also have this problem, I had in in Arma 2 last year and it resurfaced in patch 1.54 for OA, nothing seems to work, multiple drivers, crossfire on or off, I don't know really. This also came about when the issue of the flickering bug on 4870's returned, so two old problems/bugs came back in a new patch :( I've sent off crash reports in the past. Processor: i7 920 @ 4ghz OS: Win XP Pro 64 bit Graphics: 4870x2 (stock speed) v10.4 - 10.9(latest) RAM: 6GB DDR3 M/board: Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Sound: Realtek HD onboard (Previously creative x-fi and also had problem) I notice the only thing in common with the above user is our Direct X version, being up to date.
  5. This problem has existed since June, last year. Every time they release a patch/beta patch it will mystically go away or come back again. I really hoped they'd have fixed it by now, also using a 4870x2 and nothing seems to work. Basically, it happpens when I go above 60fps, forcing the game on max settings for everything works, but in areas with not much details or indoors, fps goes to 60 and the flickering occurs, absolutely unplayable. It brings a new meaning to epilepsy warnings! Waiting for the next gen of cards to come out as I can't warrant replacing my card as it still plays everything perfectly fine. Until then, no solutions posted by other people have fixed it for me :( I just wait for patches to come out and hope it goes away like it has some times.
  6. ChrisAA

    Multiplayer Fps still capped

    I can get to the vert-sync max of 60 in multiplayer, except if I get 60 the screen flashes so I need to force my game to run badly, ironic? :)
  7. Hi there, This isn't flickering like I've seen other people post videos of but here's a couple of videos to show what I mean. A few days ago I was running a 8800GTX and it was fine. As the description mentions it seems to happen when I reach a point FPS goes above 60, so looking at the sky or some ground areas and during the main menu. I'm not sure if the game has v-sync, or if I can turn it/force it off as it can be annoying when looking at planes :(
  8. I bought the german version of the original Arma in Germany when I was over there, and played it for a week before putting it in a box due to it being unplayable. At the time, it was German only with 3rd party english mods. Today I installed it and updated it to latest version 1.14 and I can now select english. Why can't they do the same for Arma 2?
  9. ChrisAA

    German 1.01 Patch is final.

    Why is this not on the main page, unofficial release?
  10. ChrisAA

    Woobling/bending enviroment

    Errr looks like your field of view has been set higher than normal of the game default. I run wide screen but my gun is on the edge of the screen, you have massive gaps between the sides of your arms that shouldn't be there. See here?
  11. Not sure if it was some guy cheating, but every time I killed him he kept spawning on his body, nobody else would. He just kept spawning ontop of himself. Can't remember what game mode it was, but not even I could do that! (capturing points, but we had the controlled point he was spawning in) He seemed very afk as well, like he had to come out of the game to do whatever he was doing.
  12. Yeah because giving out keys is manual work, no, it's an automated process. Which is odd because I got my key from metaboli INSTANTLY as soon as payment was confirmed (paypal). It was on the download screen, I guess everyone else here closed that window and forgot to read. My email came through in the early morning hours whilst I slept, but I didn't need it!
  13. Something I guess you can't say around here then? ;) :(
  14. I'm a little confused, when the game is up and running is the language spoken in game + text all german. So everyone here speaks fluent german or don't they care about vocals/txt and just want to shoot stuff? I'd rather wait...to be honest.