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  1. I was a huge fan of OFP CWC back in the day but haven't been in the loop since "Resistance" and early days of Arma1 as I was too broke to keep up with the tech. I just bought a new PC now and ARMA 3 with it and want to know what my options are for COOP play. From what I remember, COOP was pretty much the pinnacle of the OFP experience so I'd love to have that again.
  2. NoxNoctum

    Do people still play this co-op?

    If so I'd love to get in on the action. I haven't played OFP in probably 5 years, though I played it for 4 years straight after its release. Probably could be called my "favorite game of all time". Unfortunately back in 2001-2 I didn't take advantage of the coop experience. So what's new? Any critical mods I need? First I gotta find my CDs LOL.
  3. Since the AI is powered by the processing power of the computer, does this mean if I have a less than powerful processor the AI will suffer as a result? In other words, does the power of my CPU directly affect how the good the AI is?
  4. I'm going to I'm just trying to figure out if it's too buggy for now.
  5. NoxNoctum

    The need for Afghan mountains

    The makers of Red Orchestra (look it up if you haven't played it, it's dirt cheap and frankly amazing) are doing just that. Single player campaign as a German grunt in stalingrad. http://www.heroesofstalingrad.com/
  6. Has BI said they're working on fixing the campaign bugs? Any kind of "stuff we're working on" thread that I've missed?
  7. Everyone still is talking about the bugs, even the very recent review from gamespot pretty much said that was the only factor keeping ARMA2 from being basically the be-all and end all. I thought these were being patched up? Can someone give me an honest run down of what problems there still are bugwise? Especially related to the SP campaign? My other main reason for buying ARMA 2 is the multiplayer. Now I'm a longtime Project Reality player... which is awesome and has a legendary community. Teamplay on pubs is absolutely unbelievable (partly due to the kickass squad system and very vigilant server admins). PR's gameplay is, in short, kickass. Its only flaw is the 64 player limit (which is a pretty big flaw). How big a battle can I expect to participate in in ARMA 2? Like on a regular basis? (in other words not flukes) How much do people play together/have mics? To give a basic example of PR's regular gameplay on PUBLIC SERVERS (NOT CLANS!), you can coordinate with 3 or 4 other infantry squads with a commander in charge calling in mortar strikes and CAS... you can ask for a Blackhawk to pick you up or a LB to strike a laser designated building etc... and people actually do it. That's the best thing about PR. People work together. Period. And on pubs too. It helps that pretty much 90% of players have mics. Can I realistically expect this in ARMA2 as well on pubs or not? And how big are the battles? If it's just around 60-70 still I'd rather give the game a chance to get more patched up, but if there are people participating in 150+ lagless battles that I'm in. Oh yeah and how's the netcode? I remember OFP's was shitty (other than that though it's my all time favorite game). I'm a longtime fan of OFP, one of the originals and all that so don't feel the need to BS me ;). Just want to honestly know how good the SP and MP experiences are right now. For SP, AI and bugs are my biggest concerns. For MP, cooperation, lag, and server sizes are my biggest concerns. Thanks all. EDIT: One last thing, hear a rumor that CPU speed directly effects how good the AI is. True?
  8. ^Meh I'm not German but I signed the petitions. This kind of idiocy could easily spread elsewhere.
  9. NoxNoctum

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I'm upgrading my computer, my old Geforce 7900 GS 256mb finally died. What should I get to replace it? The most demanding game I'll play on it will ARMA 2 easily, and possibly OFP: DR (depending on how that turns out), as well as Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad (which will be on the new unreal engine and should be pretty demanding though perhaps not as much as ARMA 2) I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money, but get something that will allow me to run ARMA 2 at pretty high settings with a lot of units going around. Haven't been keeping up with hardware developments recently so really have no idea.
  10. NoxNoctum

    Project Reality mod VS Arma

    BULLSHIT PR has the best and most mature group of player I have ever seen by a LONGSHOT (including ARMA2's community). The teamwork on pubs is nothing short of incredible. Unless things have changed drastically from ARMA and OFP, getting good teamwork going on in pub games in ARMA 2 will be close to impossible. In PR it's the norm. So I'll probably stick to PR for my PvP needs and go with ARMA2 for coop/SP. And yeah it sucks that PR doesn't have realistic ballistics and all but the gameplay is so realistic (in terms of how people play the game tactically) that it doesn't matter.
  11. NoxNoctum

    Arma 2 like Project Reality?

    Honestly if BIS dropped the ball on the VOIP and didn't implement a system AT LEAST as good as PR's I'm severely disapointed and will probably stick with PR for online play. The #1 reason PR has such amazing teamplay on PUBS is the comms. There's absolutely nothing like it. The urban warfare in Insurgency mode is fantastic.
  12. ARMA 2 getting reviews in the 8.0-8.5 is a good sign. OFP got a lot of 8.X reviews IIRC. My other fav game, Red Orchestra, got a lot of 8.0-8.5 reviews too. The fact that it's getting "B" ratings means: It's a ton of fun, AI is great, blablabla but it's buggy and unpolished I can EASILY live with that ;)
  13. The lines get blurred though when you have reprisals against the civilian population or the "freedom fighters/terrorists/resistance" starts targeting civilian collaborators/traitors etc (like what happened all over the place during World War 2). You can bet your ass the Germans were labeling the French resistance movement as "terrorist activity", especially if said movement was killing Frenchmen (which they did). There are no clear lines as far as I'm concerned, it's totally your point of view In Iraq for example, the terrorists/freedom fighters are targeting civilians as well as US military, for example Iraqi cops, Iraqis who were trying to vote, women who are going to school etc. All messed up stuff from our perspective, but from their perspective these are people who are violating God's law+helping the infidel invaders and thus deserve to be killed. Totally NOT justifying their actions but I'm just saying... think about it.
  14. LOL I love all the people insunating shit about this guy just because he wants to play as a terrorist. Dumbasses. Move to Germany, the land of politically correct bullshit (at least when it comes to games... they're totally fine having porn all over the place ;)) IT'S A GAME! And guess what, ambushing conventional forces as a crazed Islamic jihadist is a GREAT GAME EXPERIENCE ! And to the topic starter, check out Project Reality, there's a whole game mode dedicated to this kind of gameplay. You can plot IED ambushes and ruthlessly destroy humvees and strykers to your heart's content. You can even control a bombcar with built in Jihadist music playing over the radio (not kidding). And yes it's a blast---pun intended ;).
  15. You guys bashing RO are fucking insane. The gameplay is unparalleled don't be deceived by the budget price and the old graphics (which aren't that bad really). I thought all you gameplay-whores (of which I am one to be sure) didn't care about graphics anyways? The maps are sheer epicness and there have been some pretty large custom maps released. Play Leningrad on a full 50 player sever and come back here and tell me the game does not completely rock. Their is respawn/reinforcements to simulate a larger battle. Hopefully in ROHOS we'll be able to play on massive servers and perhaps not use respawn anymore. The feeling you get holding back massive waves of infantry in these cold, atmospheric maps is sheer bliss. The dynamic between tanks and infantry is incredible as well. True it does not have the same level of teamplay as Project Reality for instance, but the battle lines are usually much more defined so you at least have the impression that a team is working together, there is a definite ebb and flow to a battle as the frontline moves back and forth. I've yet to see a single other game come close to representing WW2 infantry warfare so well. Moral of the story: If you don't have RO, go buy it now, it's dirt cheap. If you "tried" RO briefly and called it shit because of the aged graphics/anims/your other bullshit misconceptions, go back and play it some more. You'll get addicted, guaranteed. The fact that there's a real art to mastering the weapons (yes even the SMGs) is a big plus factor too. Everyone knows the bots suck this is a multiplayer only game. TBH I'm looking forward to this more than ARMA2. RO was not just a shameless money grab to fund RO:HOS either (like ARMA was)... you guys complaining about simplicity simply HAVE NOT PLAYED IT ENOUGH. The fact that it was MP only does not detract from it in the least since it's tied with PR for the top realistic shooter experience out there IMO (the two games are drastically different though obviously).