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  1. So I owned arma2(steam ver), OA(retail) I couldn't play ACR because it need a valid OA2 key. So I went ahead and ordered the complete edition....uninstalled everything and reinstalled all steam versions. I tried to play ACR and it tells me I need to start OA and add the key, So I boot OA and on the bottom right corner I get a message with the key for OA, it say i will get prompted but I don't. the game starts fine with no prompt. I log out and try to play ACR and goes back into a loop. nothing!!! this is BS!!!! This is the reason why I love XBOX live!!!!! I really wanted to play day z with the high textures but I can't even run ACR~!!!
  2. How do I delete my ArmA2 1.4 to do a clean install? I got this game since it first came out and I haven't been able to play it because the the vram graphical problems. would someone pls post the <4 gig xp commandline exactly so I can copy and paste. Is that would help my problems....I rather do that and wait for 1.6.
  3. Soulfly

    Horrible Graphics/FPS

    If you set the CFG file to read only it doesn't overwrite. Truthfully, I'm tired of messing it. I just hope that BI get's their shit together so we don't have mess with this. I been gaming for over 3O years and this is the first time I have to do this much tweaking to get a game running that doesn't even push my system. This game should be pushing my cpu and and gpus but it doesn't due to poor coding. I'll be patient and wait for some patches but I'm glad that I still have arma1 installed. Arma1 pushes my system more than this game. It's pretty obvious that this game inst new tech friendly. My system actually stresses the game and it should be the other way around. Don't get me started, I could even start on the LOD problems this game has too.
  4. Soulfly

    Horrible Graphics/FPS

    I agree with you.......it's the trees. I don't think that this game is set to use high video memories. I run this game with GTX 275 SLI mode and I get 50-60 fps on UTES. The moment I got to the Chernarus, Bam!! From in FPS. I tried changing my memory settings in the CFG file to 1792mb and nothing. The games studders. So I'm only playing with 256mb of video memory and waisting 1500mb. very weird. This games is very poorly codes for high spec cards. this game seems to run why nicer on the low spec rigs. I'm running everything at very high except texture quality and video memory on normal becuase the game doens't want to use any more than 256mb. Im sure once they fix this to atleast 1g than my system will run it better. but I'm getting 30-45 on charnarus with a gimped cfg file. I guess that isn't so bad huh?!
  5. Soulfly

    Texture loading/LOD logic

    I have the same prob as OP. I'm going to try some tweaks and maybe 182.50. If that doesnt fix things I'm going to hold off until these problems are fixed. it's sad but the demo ran way better than actual game.
  6. Ok, I'm going to check my arma2.cfg I have 1792mb of video memore per card. I know that sli only used ram of one card and it doesnt double it. I have 6gigs of ddr3 ram can some help me convert these so I know if they are correct on my arma2 config. Thanks.
  7. Soulfly

    North America Release / Publisher

    From one of the emplyees, they looked it up in their system.
  8. I have the same problem like, Texture/LOD blotching. Game looks like crap. I only have low and normal options as well. I have 1792mb of vid mem. WTF. This game was clearly made for ATI cards. I hope this fix this sooner than later. I upgraded my system to play this game so I guess I'm a bit disappointed.
  9. I'm having a texture fill problem. I just noticed it this weekend. they fill in only at very close range. I have my viewing distance 3000m, I keep messing around with the settings and nothing. I'm running 2 GTX 275's with 1792mb. I hope it's a driver issue. I OC'ed it and unOC'ed. I'm a bit bummed out. Oh well. anyone here have the same problem.?
  10. I would get the GTX 275 and OC it. It will be better then a regular 285. ---------- Post added at 04:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:53 PM ---------- Have they done anything about SLI support. Just curious??
  11. Soulfly

    North America Release / Publisher

    So far I'm happy with steam. I really like the automatic updates. One thing I also like about xbox live. Game is great just need to fix a few things and add the SLI support and I'll be a very happy camper!!
  12. Soulfly

    North America Release / Publisher

    I had it reserved, went to go check on it and it was no longer on Gamestop's system. Got Game cancelled the Hard Copy. Steam download only. So I got it from steam.
  13. Soulfly

    Helicopter addict in trouble :(

    I use the x52 and I love it. I think flight is nice and tight here on arma2. I don't ever see me doing it with a keyboard and mouse. I think it's even easier than in ACE. But for the OP. Practice, practice, practice. Thats the only real good way of improving. I'm getting better and better.
  14. If you have and nvidia card, you can just run evga precision tool and it display gpu temp and fps. It's very nice. and it's also free.
  15. Here you go. http://www.evga.com/precision/ you can also OC it. kill two birds with one stone. http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-275-overclock-guide/2 very easy guide.