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  1. I think it would have its uses. In particular, infantry would be useful for the islands that are protected from the scrambler that limits computer-controlled craft. Also, like in most RTS games, limiting the capture of firewalls, research etc... to infantry only, would then allow for infantry to play a more pertinent role within the game. Whilst it doesn't fit within the model of Carrier Command, the parts where you play in first person - walking around a carrier, or disabling a shield generator behind enemy lines, added another element to the game for me; hard to describe but the environment suddenly felt more "real". Would love to see something like that implemented in the future.
  2. If you CTRL+the number of the unit you would to assist, then it won't select all units in the radial menu. Personally, target priority depending on the weapons system (grenades not fired at mantas etc...) An icon or small bit of text above each unit on the hotbar detailing it's current action; e.g. Walrus 7 - ASSIST written somewhere I don't know if this is possibly yet so this might be an unnecessary point, but the ability or a module to transform a walrus into a supply unit; ammo,fuel,repairs.
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    PC Bug List

    As I use two monitors, I found that in the map screen the mouse is not locked to the primary monitor, allowing it to drift on to the secondary monitor. This is not a huge problem but would be nice if it was fixed (be even nicer to have the map screen fixed to the secondary monitor like supreme commander!). As mentioned before, the zoom mouse reduction is a little excessive, some walrus tracking issues (but nothing major for me) and the mouse sensitivity, certainly in the FPS sections, is slightly off-putting. However I will say that the mantas fly like a dream.