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  1. I fear this has been asked a thousand times. But I'm unable to find it. When I switch to map view, my radio is very small and I can't read the entries. How can I change the size of the radio? I think to remember there was something to do in the description.ext Thanks for your help
  2. blaunarwal

    Beta build 71275 is up!

    Duala loads without ctd at this version, but an old mission on duala which run perfectly some betas before before makes the game ctd, when I load it. So there's still something unsolved with this version.
  3. that was a hint I waited for long time. I really have problems to find these things in the wagn database of ace2 :j:
  4. blaunarwal

    Group in vehicle

    put this into the init line of the leader of the group: _i=1; {_i=_i+1;_x moveInCargo [lw,_i]} forEach units this set _i=2, if you have two passenger seats next to the driver. So the seating will start at position 3. lw is the name of the truck. you can replace this by the name of the group, if you call it from somewhere else. I used this for a platoon, where the commander is in front with the driver, therefore I started with _i=1
  5. You need to create a config.hpp with the speed values, compile the config.hpp to a pbo file and then load it into the game as an addon. Someone helped me once to create such a file for different terrain speeds. I don't know actually how this guy knew about all the names used to set these parameters. If you can access to config.bin of the car you want to change, you have to decompile this file and study it. Setvelocity sets the speed for a short time until the AI takes control again over the speed. It's nice to make a vehicle start at a certain speed at mission begin or to force AI for short moments to drive on. Here's a little routine making a vehicle accelerated into the heading of it, so you don't have to think about trigonometry. Just save it into the mission or scripts directory as atspeed.sqf and call it like written below: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Function file for Armed Assault // Created by: Author: Blaunarwal ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // usage: d=[heli,140] execVM "atspeed.sqf" _vehicle = _this select 0; _speed = _this select 1; comment "Added speed"; _vel = velocity _vehicle; _dir = direction _vehicle; _vehicle setVelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _dir*_speed),(_vel select 1)+ (cos _dir*_speed),(_vel select 2)]; exit;
  6. blaunarwal

    "Scripts" folder??

    I have the scripts folder in the user\documents\arma 2 folder, on the same level like the missions folder. That works for most scripts. There are a few scripts which need to be in the mission directory themselves. If I want to give away a mission, I put the scripts directly in the mission folder too, otherwise they wouldn't get packed in :-).
  7. Thanks a lot, but I really searched this forum from a to z and these well known informations do not go as deep into the matter as necessary
  8. I placed an Arty Module and connected it to three virtual artillery pieces. I called them m119_1 to _3 and initialized every one with [m119_1, "M119"] call BIS_ARTY_F_SetVirtualGun to define them as m119's. I set up a SOM module like always: Name Som1, Init: this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]]; Trigger activated by logic, condition: som1 getVariable "initDone" onactivation: [["artillery_barrage"], player, [[RIPPER, [1,2,7,9]]]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc; There's also a trigger radio alpha with the same activation. I can call artillery but they never ask for coordinates. What's wrong? Has anybody a template for virtual artillery? I need virtual, because I want to start the fire at a static ship. I can't place real artillery there.
  9. I found no documentation about the Mu90 and other Torpedos. I looked into the config, but couldn't get a clue out of this. Is there a launcher for the torpedos which could be attached to a boat?
  10. Thanks Gnat, I will try and see what I get and finally post here, if I get cool solutions.
  11. Hi Gnat How can I fill the RHIB with troops? Have they names I can use to execute a moveinCargo command? Is it possible to replace the RHIB by mission editors with other vehicles, e.g. CRRCs or AAVs? Thanks
  12. blaunarwal

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    it works well with Duala deactivated, otherwise I have a crash to desktop. I feel like textures load longer, before it's ready, when starting a mission in preview. The desert is way too inhabited now to my opinion. It was great to hide within the dunes before. Now it's kind of urban fighting there, what you can do in any village on every island. The special thing about the panthera desert is lost with 2.6. I will stick to 2.5 for my mission. Hope this will stay compatible with future Duala versions.
  13. blaunarwal


    Confirm crc error on summertrees_0.5.rar on the end of unpacking. File is in the directory with 346'038'272 bytes. Can not start Arma2, ErrorMessage: Warning: preNLOD format in object ca\plants2\tree\t_betula2s.p3d.
  14. That doesn't help with the problem. It does not work or is not clear how to use it. How has the funciton to be called (arguments)? How is this used ? nil spawn ace_sys_spectator_fnc_startSpectator; In a function too? Tried that, nothing happens
  15. I want to use the call ace_sys_spectator_fnc_startSpectator command after I'm dead. It works perfectly with a trigger and !(alive player) The only problem is how can I switch off the standard death animation of arma2. I want to use the spectator from ace2 with no red color and blur. The ace2 howto doesn't explain this. Hope one of you guys can help me. Thanks:bounce3: