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    removing map from all players

    I just ran this code and it worked for me. this unassignItem "itemMap";
  2. This should help you. the two variables that will concern you is the radius and the number of points. _center_position = getPos center_position; ///I used a logic placed in the editor named center_position, _number_of_points = 50; _interval = 360/_number_of_points; _radius = 1000; _angle = 0; for [{_index = 0},{_index < _number_of_points},{_index =_index + 1}] do{ _position = [(_center_position select 0)+sin(_angle)*_radius,(_center_position select 1)+cos(_angle)*_radius]; _angle = _angle + _interval; _marker = format ['point_marker_%1',_index]; createMarker[_marker, _position]; _marker setMarkerType 'dot'; _marker setMarkerSize[0.5, 0.5]; _marker setMarkerDir 1; _marker setMarkerColor 'Colorred'; _marker setMarkerText ''; }; You could put all the positions in an array and then randomly select one from the array later
  3. I just ran the code and it works as intended. I destroyed the car that was created at marker Z1_V2 and it respawned at marker Z1_V1. The only thing I can think of is that you do not have a marker named Z1_V1 and that the marker's name in the while loop was a typo where you meant Z1_V2 instead of Z1_V1. Describe what you are trying to do with the script and I can probably give you better help.
  4. Updated from 1.2 to 1.4 1.4 changes Added ammo handling and saftey checks for the M119 and D30 artillery. Demo mission folder for the editor. http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=other&file=Jones_Mortars_V1_4.Chernarus.zip Rounds are actually fired, no cam created rounds. I designed it around the real artillery mod I did for Arma. If you like that mod then you will love this script. WP and HE ammo available. Tube data is in US military standard Mils. 6400 mils. If you haven't used mils might want to do a bit of research on it. Registration fire mode shows impact coordinate. The pos2grid function wokrs for chenarus and utes beyond that I will have to update the function for other islands at a later time. Settings that can be adjusted: (listed setting can be adjusted in the mortarinit.sqf file) Safety checker script. This ensures an the specific mortar faction's ammo truck does not get any closer than 15 meters. If the ammo truck is with in 15 meters, it ejects the player from mortar. This is used as a way to restrict ammo. When this is used you have to reload ammo via the action menu and an ammo truck has to be 15 to 40 meters from the firing position. on by default Ammo reload time: can adjust the time it takes to reload a magazine for further ammo restriction. to prevent a 30 minute spam fest. 15 seconds default. Registration fire mode. Can adjust the time for the registration fire mode to be used. Default is 1 minute wait after impact. Strictly player controlled, no ability to have Ai use the mortars. Scripts are portable to any vanilla mortar ( or artillery system Version 1.4) just add the following code to the mortar init line this addEventHandler ["GETIN", { [_this select 0] execVM "scripts\mortarUI\mortarinit.sqf"}]; Tips: Turn mouse sensitivity down for more precise aiming. Once you have the desired tangent and elevation hold down free look (default left alt) to lock tube postion in place. For aiming pull up compass turn mortar in desired direction and open map, place corner of compass edge, notched side by compass face. The notched side of compass will be the line you are aiming down. see image 2. I didn't make a transoprt system for the mortar yet. There are enough scripts floating around now. I might implement a way to transport and deploy the mortars later. But for now I would suggest using Norrins attachto examples to move them around. image 1: user interface Image 2: Map is fully accessible with UI open Saftey check to prevent ammo truck being parked ontop of fire position as a ammo restriction option
  5. Post the code and we will be able to help you better.
  6. This mod is based off of my Mortar scripts. I added 4 charges of each ammo class for more control over the ballistics. Additionally I added a feature that allows you to open the map and click the map to verify traget data. No tweaking or scripting required it is all self contained. I had planned on releasing it as part of a full artillery conversion pack but realised that I wanted to Do completely different user interfaces and options with the M119 and D30 So I decided to release this as a stand alone mod as the time it will require to finish my othe rprojects might be some time. I haven't been able to test it on a dedicated server so there is the possibility of an issue. I doubt it, because I had none with the scripts but I am not 100% sure. So if you come across any MP issues let me know I and I will fix it ASAP. There is the ability to over ride the default settings with the init.sqf I added a copy of the init.sqf in a demo mission. and copies of the text in the readme for how to over ride them. Download here http://www.filedropper.com/realmortars Features: High explosive 4 powder charges (High damage 10 meter blast area) white phosphorus 4 powder charges (Low damage 20 meter blast area) Target area data (While sitting in mortar open map and single click data will appear in top right of screen) Registration fire, Returns gun data with impact data. Ammo restrictions such as reload times and ammo truck proximity. Default options over ride, Default setting can be changed via the mission "init.sqf" file All displays are shown Milradians and meters
  7. I don't think the AI like the laserdesignator. i tried a few things to force them to use it and they always resorted back drawing their rifle. Even when i removed all other weapons the AI spazzed tryign to get a weapon that wasn't there. An issue you will run in to with that script is if you get it to work what the Ai will do is switch through all the targets he knwos about as fast as the script cycles. So say he knowsabout s1,s2, and s3, he will aim at one then the other and then the other each time the loop cycles. Are you trying to get the Ai to do a coordinated airstrike or something? Might have to use a workaround, like just create the lasertarget on the unit and have it track the units movement.
  8. try just getting the group leader nul = [leader (thislist select 0), "mark_waypoint1"] execVM "islandPatrol.sqf"; If you name the SL bob and any of bob's boys enter the trigger it will fire off the script and pass bob's name to the script.
  9. It would be easier to help you if you posted all the code you are using.
  10. I only have seen that when the mission.sqm file is missing. Make sure the mission.sqm is present in the root folder for the mission. If it is there and still causing that open the mission.sqm file and look in there for anything abnormal.
  11. notepad++ would be your best bet if you want one app to use for multiple languages. It works fine for config files. I personally just use regular notepad to do everything, but that is because I am a masochist. Notepad++ covers just about every major programming language. And I believe there are some plugins for it to cover sqf syntax and what not.
  12. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    I really want to be nice to people........ Would you please elaborate more on a 4 month old post that lacked any kind of constructive critism to begin with. I am all for constructive critism and advice. A one line comment that has no substance doesn't qualify as constructive. Imagine what I think about a one line comment that is attempting to support a 4 month old one line comment........ You wasted a minute of your time, and I actually was dumb enough to waste a minute of mine responding to it. But I really do want to be nice to people.
  13. The answer to the question is no. If you use cutRsc you will not have the cursor to click the button, so it is kind of pointless. But if you use something other than a button to make selections or what not you can have the GUI element present and still move the character if you use cutRsc. I am sure if you are more specific with what you are attemtping to achieve that there are plenty of people that have came up with a work around.
  14. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    Good thing I didn't attempt to import that model then, I would have been a bit upset at that. Well seeing the game was just patched it will probably remain broken for a while. Hadn't has time to play with the toys for a while and when I do they don't work, damn Murphy and his stupid law. Gives me a good reason to work on soemthign else or start a new project.
  15. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    Not big deal I can use place holders to test, which I can manage to wiggle in to the d30so everything will be in place but no point in releasing the mod until BIS fixes the issue. Besides I have a dozen other projects going on right now.
  16. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    I went through the change log and noticed that. I hadn't messed with the sataic weapons through most of 1.04. Not sure what was wrong with them to begin with, but the surely need fixing now.
  17. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    I configed everything and what not but there is this problem I am having. i am unable to enter the M119. And the D30 enter actions only pop up if I wiggle around in front of the gun. This isn't mod related it happens with no mods and 3 seperate computers. Does anyone else have this issue? Until this is resolved I can't test it, kind of bummer.
  18. Jonescrusher

    Ultimate Realism

    Modern conflict for the west is not a location, it is all related to insurgency and asymmetrical warfare. Afghanstan and Iraq get the media, but the organizations that the west are fighting are located all over the globe. With an insurgency it is the population that is your topography not the terrain. If you want to replicate this in a game you would have to incorparate civilians heavily in to the gameplay mechanics. Aesthetics are minor it is the mechanics that would make it realistics. After all, "the war on terror" is not exlusive to the Middle east.
  19. Actions to enter m119 do not appear, making it impossible to enter the vehicle. D30 actions only appear when you are in front of vehicle. Steam version 1.05.62017
  20. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    I am actually adding the d30 and m119 today. Have some free time due to the holidays. it will take a couple of hours to config and test it but I should have it released this evening. I am just going to throw the peices on top of the current build, I already added most of the code in the first release just haven't had much time lately.
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    Would love to see getMarkerDir and setMarkerAttached in Arma 2.
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    Real Mortars by Jones

    The problem with the scripted version is the airfriction values and muzzle velocities. I could script different muzzle velocities in but the airfriction is set in configs files. The scope of which is private so you can alter those variables on the fly. Altering the configs makes for a better deal in the long run. Ownership of the round is still ties to player so kill credit is given. I don't care about stats so much but it is still nice for credit to be given where it is due.
  23. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    the original blast radius was 20 meters, however the blact radius of a 120 mm mortar 20 meters. I was going to go with 15, but I went with 10 to balance the play. It forces better accuracy. I basically took 10 meters off of each round, Increased the damage of HE so that it would have more effect on vehicles and reduced the damage on WP so that it could really only affect infantry. You could crack the pbo and change all these values if you don't care about the addon being signed. The file is "configs\CfgAmmo.hpp" These would be the values you want to alter. hit = 180; indirectHit = 70; indirectHitRange = 10; Keep in mind that if you crack open the mod the signiture is invalid if you are running a server with signiture checks.
  24. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    It is used as an addon so you have to put the @realmortars folder in your arma root directory and add this bit to the end of your shortcut -mod=@RealMortars then start the game with the modified shortcut. in the editor look for the "LRM252" all the mortars start with"LR" For more info on how to load addons search around the forums here and there is a good tutorial at armaholic on it.
  25. Jonescrusher

    Real Mortars by Jones

    airFriction = -0.0002000; Muzzle velocities Charge 1: 150 meters per seconds Charge 2: 210 charge 3: 270 charge 4: 330 As far as doing this all in scripts, it wouldn't work right with out being able to modify the airfriction values. The first scripts I released was the general concept but I want to keep the rounds configs so they actually leave the tube and follow the full trajectory. I might do some scripting on nonleathal munitions like illum and smoke seeing I can get them to work otherwise.