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  1. same issue here with gtx275 new driver
  2. garack666

    warfare weapons

    klar mann keine frage,,
  3. with a scope from a sniper rifle. On most windows the textures flicker in high frequency. On all settings i tried. AA is maxed, PP is off. 1680 on 22". gtx275AMP with latest driver. remember my 48701gb dont flicker... When unzoomed or normal aimpoint zoom, theres no flickering. remember it from other games too, bf2 e.g.
  4. Thanks Devs for 1.02..No shadows jet but good work. closed.
  5. 275GTX.. High Video Memory or Super High Video Memory?
  6. theres no AI active in editor, should i make a lan game? its the same..i wanna know whats the bottleneck of this game...when its not the gpu..btw have 4 gigs mem.
  7. When its intense to render more GPU Power should Help, but it doesnt!
  8. Hi, Testet with GTX275AMP! and Q6600@3.4 Ghz. Editor. One scene, Big Town or Forest. 28-30 Frames with All settings high, Post Processing off. Then Overclocked my card: GPU from 702 to 760. Shader from 1512 to 1600 and Memory from 1260 to 1360. Jumped in Game and got 28-30 Frames in the same scenes. No AI. So CPU is limting in Editor? MY 3.4 Ghz Quadcore ? Or what is limiting, the code? A Bug? ...
  9. jaja welt gross alles toll und komplex und die ai/player lagged trotzdem..
  10. garack666

    Weapon values - Where to find?

    this page wants a pw edit:thanks!
  11. Is there a way to see the weapon values from all weapons ingame. tanks, handweapons ect.. in wich file can i look to see the values? only wanna see damage, armor penetration, splash damage, range, damage loose compare in range, armor ect. thanks edit:found uow to open files..then looked in "dta" files but found nothing .. lol forget it..found weapons.pbo..sry delete thread
  12. Most server have 1600/2000 metres view distance. In arma 1 i cant see furhter cause of fog..no one cant. in arma 2 i can see further but i cant see objekcts like hangars or vehicles.. BUT i can see smoke from driving/shooting tanks, fire(campfires) or explosions...so i had to shoot with my tank at the smoke when the other tank fires.. wotking as indented?? NO...
  13. garack666

    freeze with win 7 32

    anyone got freezes too?
  14. any solution want not reinstall the whole bs...