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  1. Hello - I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum but would greatly appreciate any assistance. I'm running arma 3 with quite a few mods. However, one of those mods is making the tracers (I think they're called stanag/standard rounds) have white tracers? Does anybody know a bug or a mod that could cause this so I don't have to go through and playtest all my mods? Thank you in advance!
  2. HI All - Forgive me, if this is a dumb question. I've been a longtime bcombat user. Now with the Eden update it seems that bcombat is finally incompatible. Any recommendations on a new AI mod that works with the Eden update? Thanks much in advance
  3. All, thanks for your help in advance! I'm trying to make a mission where helicopters land near a hot LZ and drop troops. However, as soon as the helicopters approach, they start taking fire, and then they start taking evasive action and are unable to drop the troops. Is there anyway to force helicopters to land? Should I be using something other than Transport Unload? Is there something I can put in the init line? Thanks again!
  4. Hi All, Is there anyway to prevent AI units from getting into vehicles? I want the units that are crewing APC's to stay in them, but I don't want other AI infantry units in the group to get in the vehicles? Any help? Thank you so much in advance!
  5. Massi - love your work, any chance you could replace the radio files (at least for the OPFOR units) with Russian? The Russian spoken by the RHS units might work best? Much thanks and again, love these units!
  6. jblack9

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    No I just wanted the tracers to look the same during the day as at night.During the day they all look white.
  7. jblack9

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    I love this mod, but is there anyway these traces can work during the day?!
  8. jblack9

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    anybody else with this have an issue where the tracers turn white during the day but still look awesome at night?
  9. jblack9

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    All my tracers show up white, anybody else have this problem?
  10. Does the Mech Inf improvements work automatically or do I have to add it as a script? I would love for it to work automatically, thanks Mikey74!
  11. Sttosin, this is awesome, but did u release these updates using the latest version by Sproyd? Not the broken Zooloo75 version correct?
  12. Sproyd, thanks for picking this up man who's it going with the waypoint work? Also I love the animations, but the bunny hop one has to go! Thanks for all your work man.
  13. Any chance we can test out the new version?!
  14. Sproyd, ru officially taking this mod over, I'm so happy somebody at least got rid of the panic system. I guess the next major fix would be way points and its awesome if you're working on it.