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    Revive Feedback

    They finally added this page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Revive_remastered but yeah I'm wondering about description.ext options and variables we can use to control it outside of the editor and scope of the editor defaults.
  2. I was wanting to place units in the rear of a Chinook for a mission intro and thought I'd play around with the moveInCargo position numbers to help find the cargo index of the seats. Turns out they are a little funky and one is entirely broken. The Chinooks hold 28 units total. A crew of 4 (Pilot, Crew Chief, Door Gunner and Rear Gunner) and 24 in cargo. Here are the commands to use to place units in any particular spot within the CH-47 assuming the Chinook is named ch: CH-47 Chinook (4 Crew 24 Cargo Seats): Rear Gunner this moveInGunner ch this moveInTurret [ch ,[2]] this moveInCargo [ch, 12] this moveInCargo [ch, 20] this moveInCargo [ch, 11] this moveInCargo [ch, 13] this moveInCargo [ch, 10] this moveInCargo [ch, 14] this moveInCargo [ch, 9] this moveInCargo [ch, 15] this moveInCargo [ch, 8] this moveInCargo [ch, 16] this moveInCargo [ch, 7] this moveInCargo [ch, 17] this moveInCargo [ch, 6] this moveInCargo [ch, 18] this moveInCargo [ch, 5] this moveInCargo [ch, 19] this moveInCargo [ch, 4] this moveInCargo [ch, 21] this moveInCargo [ch, 3] this moveInCargo [ch, 22] this moveInCargo [ch, 2] this moveInCargo [ch, 23] this moveInCargo [ch, 1] Unusable Seat :( Door Gunner Crew Chief this moveInTurret [ch ,[1]] this moveInTurret [ch ,[0]] Pilot Co-Pilot/Cargo this moveInDriver ch this moveInCargo [ch, 0] UH-60M [uS] (3 Crew 13 Cargo Seats): Numbers are used as: this moveInCargo [ch, 1] 3 2 1 0 4 5 6 7 11 10 9 8 Door Gunner Crew Chief this moveInTurret [ch ,[1]] this moveInTurret [ch ,[0]] this moveInGunner ch Pilot Co-Pilot/Cargo this moveInDriver ch this moveInCargo [ch, 12] MH-60S [uSMC] (3 Crew 13 Cargo Seats): Numbers are used as: this moveInCargo [ch, 1] 4 3 2 1 5 6 7 8 12 11 10 9 Door Gunner Crew Chief this moveInTurret [ch ,[1]] this moveInTurret [ch ,[0]] this moveInGunner ch Pilot Co-Pilot/Cargo this moveInDriver ch this moveInCargo [ch, 0] Merlin HC3 (1 Crew 17 Cargo Seats): Pilot | 11 1 9 door 3 7 12 5 4* Empty | door 10 16 0 14 15 8 13 2 6 * - kinda hanging in mid air... Wildcat AH11 (2 Crew 8 Cargo Seats): Pilot | <0 4> <5 <7 3> <2 Gunner | <1 6> Gunner = turret 0, < and > indicate facing. C-130J (1 Crew 25 Cargo Seats): 0 | 16 8 14 22 6 1 | 5 12 20 3 10 18 | 9 15 24 7 23 13 Pilot | 17 21 4 11 19 2 One empty seat. MTVR (1 Crew 12 cargo slots): 0 | 3 5 7 9 11 1 Driver | 2 4 6 8 10 Most are sitting back and occasionally lean forward, but 4 and 7 generally lean forward. 5 has his arm up on the seat like he just don't care.
  3. Kill a friendly (or two), even accidentally, and your side will change to ENEMY.
  4. You don't need remoteExec or BIS_fnc_MP for any of that. Just put it all in initPlayerLocal.sqf
  5. Here is a Demo Campaign to look at. At the end of a mission we'll use getUnitLoadout to capture the current equipment and at the start of the next we'll use setUnitLoadout to rearm them. We'll use the saveVar system to keep track of the actual loadout between missions.
  6. kylania

    rugged tv scrren

  7. Why would they be wasting batteries strolling around with their lasers on?
  8. kylania

    Attach Smoke to planes

  9. There's probably variables you can set to disable it but we're still waiting on documentation for the new system. It's coming, just no ETA.
  10. Might want to look at this for some ideas.
  11. kylania

    UH-80 Dazzle Texture

  12. What is _template? Can you just post all your current code?
  13. Change ANYBODY to a Side or if (!(_x getVariable["hell_protected", false]) && (_x isKindOf "Man")) then {
  14. kylania

    Remove diaryrecords?

    Sure, but that's more important to you? Removing the information or having information in the "wrong" spot.
  15. Just skip the nil check and assign _target to someone new? It's either gonna be nil or a dead unit, so you're going to want to assign it again anyway.
  16. You do. In the editor click Tools then Config Viewer, and there's your list. Or for helmets you can right click on your unit in the editor and Edit Loadout and see all the available helmets. BIS has been busy releasing Apex but are planning on updating the asset lists Soonâ„¢.
  17. kylania

    Remove diaryrecords?

    Maybe use tasks for information that will be changing during the mission instead? Can you set them to nil?
  18. Name the trigger then change the onAct for the triggers locally for those names/UIDs to prevent then from setting it off themselves. You'll need to change your onAct for everyone else to prevent someone else from setting it off while they are in it however. Maybe set a variable on everyone and only apply damage if they have that variable to false or something? For your protectees: player setVariable["hell_protected", true, true]; change your onActivation to: { if (!(_x getVariable["hell_protected", false])) then { _x setDamage 1; }; } forEach thisList;
  19. He's got that and once things are more settled we'll be moving more functions over to that format. :)
  20. kylania

    Protest Animation

    Init fields aren't for animations, but you can run a script from there that can activate animations. BIS_fnc_ambientAnimCombat is a function that can run ambient animations for you and the units will break out of them when combat starts.
  21. Erm, yeah, what hally said. :) Edited the post. And of course missing setVariable is kinda critical. heh
  22. RPG-7 wise this might be broken as today's dev branch change log says:
  23. kylania

    Floating AI ( They spawn 100ft in the air ?

    Need way more information to be able to help you. What map, what build, in SP or MP, any mods, did you check that your server has the right map, how did you place your player, got reproduction steps, a demo mission, error messages?