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  1. wingtip

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    according to the dev notes it can be set in the mission parameters so if you want your server to only have advanced flight model you can...or basic... but as you the single player for campaign missions its also selectable in your configure menu, under the general tab, Now, my first impressions. First off let me start by saying im a professional rc aerobatic helicopter pilot... having flown in lots of compititions and events over the last 17 years... As rc heli pilots we do crazy things that very few full scale helis can do...including aerobatic autorotations... ive done thousands of autorotations... most by choice, but a few not by choice... I also have TAKE ON HELICOPTERS SIM and its autorotation physics seem pretty dam good... BIS used to say in the alpha/beta days that the toh engine would be implemented into arma 3... looks like we got some of the UI but not full on physics.... so its in the middle now between full sim and arcade... The new "middle of the road" rotorlib physics they just released are way off when it comes to autorotations... Using one of the armaholic community missions that allows you to select engine failures and tail failures when you want I tested autorotations right away... The default game wont allow you to shut the engine off once in air... Unfortuneatly not all the aircraft that mission creator had in that mission work with the new library when it comes to the failures, so he needs an update...but the few that did work, the little bird and pawnee... I can tell you the flight model is hosed when it comes to autorotations. I don't want to get into a big huge thread explaining how autorotations are done and the tradeoffs when it comes to forward speed vs sink rate vs rotor rpm.. but suffice to say if I nose the chopper forward in my autorotation it SHOULDNT just kill the rotor rpm (even though im holding negative pitch which is proper)and nose dive the chopper into a downward spiral... It should, if I nose it forward, maintain rpm depending on my collective input but gain forward speed which puts air across the rotor which allows the heli to glide down more or less ... you never want to come straight down in a heli especially in an autorotation as you will enter vrs (vortex ring state) which is deadly... anyways, after several several attempts at doing autos with these two aircraft it is near impossible to get a proper glide path much less institute turns to complete the autorotation safely...the game just pitches the heli over and kills the rpm and you cant recover, which you CAN do in real life... you can even dang near stop the blades and spin them back up again and still land the models safely.... its what we call a "blade stop auto"... but you can get the blades spinning again.... you just cant do that with "rotorlib"... I don't expect it to be perfect... I do wish they had just implemented the entire toh physics into arma, it would keep newbs from just jumping in the helis and crashing them cause they probably wouldn't even know how to start it lol... but in its current state I doubt ill be flying in the advanced mode until they advance in their rotorlib ;) Furiousmower by IndyHelis, on Flickr https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5590/14661204577_65306430d1_z.jpg (137 kB) davenfuryneon2 by IndyHelis, on Flickr 01MED by IndyHelis, on Flickr 012 by IndyHelis, on Flickr Some of my rc helis ive had over the years https://www.flickr.com/photos/52018479@N03/sets/72157646236944534/
  2. ok.. im stumped... has anyone actually looked at the files and scripts in the editor to show me what it needs... tried the end mission thing and nothing happens
  3. my apologies to you... i will tinker with that and see what i can come up with...
  4. did you even look at my files? did you not see i have a trigger, which is why im asking for someone to look at it and tell me why its not working??????? And i dont want it to end the mission, as i said i want it to go on to the NEXT task... did you even read my post fully? appreciate the response though...
  5. Here is a mission i am working on.. Im new to mission building so its probably a bit messy to some of you more seasoned mission makers... but i need some feedback on why my objectives arent completing (when complete) .. so far i only have the script for objective 1 for a completion but its not telling the player the objective is complete and assigning the next objective, it just always shows obj 1 as being the current task... need to figure out how to make it complete, and switch to the next task. Link to my mission files https://copy.com/HJ0Hfz2rUsE2 thanks
  6. wingtip

    RH heli sounds for OA

    so if i bought the oa combined , but only installed the oa disc can i install this mod? i still have my original install of arma2 but its on a different drive... purchasing oa locally only could be purchased as the combined version but i only installed the oa disc, not the arma2 disc, and why should i, it would be a waste of a cd key... let me know... would like to test this...
  7. wingtip

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    green label, ive had that file for a long time , but im trying to work with someone elses created scripts... his script is having issues so he would be the logical person to decipher the problems... but yes thats a great file with a wealth of info...
  8. wingtip

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    guess im gonna give up using these scripts if i cant get help...
  9. wingtip

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    any thoughts on my issues i posted xeno?????? would love to fix this later this evening so i can continue on the mission build
  10. wingtip

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    hey xeno im using some of your old scripts you gave me a lonnnng time ago from your first domi release, mainly the heli service scripts and im having some issues with the in operation arrowhead...not sure if its me or just something not working with oa... but any time i land on the service pad it triggers the service just fine and it reloads etc , repairs, and refuels...but after the service is complete, whether or not you start or just sit, after about 1 minute the heli just dissapears and reappears back at the spawn point.... which if your sitting on the ground it aint bad you just end up on the pavement on your feet but if your in the air well you fall to your death... can you take a look at these files and tell me if you see anything wrong... the text files are what i actually have in the aircraft and trigger files... the sqf files are included to verify those.... thankssssss http://www.indyhelis.com/junk/wingtipsfiles.zip
  11. wingtip

    ArmA 2 I/O analysis results

    after reading through both threads that this all started from im confused as ever... and the anaylis tool wouldnt work for me, some error about fonts and it cancelled... here are the errors i got in the order i got them when trying to run your program... vista 64 bit enterprise gforce gtx280/1 gig vram 4 gigs system ram windows os on 1 drive arma on a 2nd drive would doing this page file/ ram disk thingmajig be worth trying with this setup? and in which thread /post are the instructions on doing this...correctly. thanks also while doin some ssd research thru google i found this.. pretty amazing but cant imagine what it cost to build
  12. wingtip

    controller of choice for flying aircraft?

    saitek x35 and x36... if had some dough i'd buy the x52 pro but i just forked out 140+ for my track ir 5....
  13. vista 64 bit enterprise amd 3.01ghz gforce 280 1gvram 700 watt supply 4 gigs system ram vsync on-28 fps in game benchmark vsync off-35 fps in game benchmark
  14. wingtip

    Arrowhead E08: Benchmark

    amd 3ghz dual core vista enterprise 64 bit gforce gtx280/1 gig ram 4 gigs system ram 700 watt supply in game benchmark, averaged 28fps most all settings low or off... pp off, shadows off whats weird is the first few days it ran flawlessly...today it started goin to shit like arma 2 did for me which is why i ran the benchmark... i didnt run it when i first installed to compare to what i got today...
  15. wingtip


    great..cant wait to try when i get home... thanks!