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  1. TimRiceSE

    Windows 8

    iirc ive had the same error message with office, think it was a .Net or VC++ redistributable that was missing..
  2. TimRiceSE

    BattleField 3

    560ti here, been playing BF3 since launch, never a single issue... no need to regret it yet!
  3. TimRiceSE

    AMD 6 core Processor

    OK.. but in that link it compares two $500 machines.. thats budget. not even close to top end. You sure you gave us the right link?
  4. TimRiceSE

    AMD 6 core Processor

    Are you joking? No one who's actually serious about gaming gives a damn about integrated graphics. Great if youre on a super budget and want to play console ports.... Good luck playing arma on it. Try again! And put some effort in to it this time... Edit: Lets put everything into perspective. Sub £100 CPUs. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2011/10/31/the-best-100-processor/12 Tiny difference between all the CPUs when you add a dedicated graphics card. Without dedicated graphics, regardless if its AMD or Intel, its a complete waste of time. 17 FPS without even turning on AF or AA? yeah...
  5. TimRiceSE

    AMD 6 core Processor

    so.. the only other difference would be the price of the motherboard? Cheapest AM3 mobo i can find is 439 SEK. Cheapest LGA1155 mobo i can find is 539 SEK. 100 SEK i.e. 10 GBP / 15 USD. Yeah, that'll break the bank. did you check yourself or are you just assuming that AMD must be OMG!111 much better value? Cos its not. Or by all means, prove me wrong. theyre running 590GTX graphics card, wihtout AA or AF so the bottleneck will be the CPU..
  6. TimRiceSE

    AMD 6 core Processor

    Well, OK, theres nothing "wrong" with them. but are they really better "bang for the buck" up to a certain point maybe and then... nothing. no competition at all above low-mid range. lets have a look shall we? Lets take, for example, this benchmark, from a bulldozer review. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2011/10/12/amd-fx-8150-review/9 Notice at standard clock speeds, intel i5 2500k - Avg: 100fps amd phenom 3 x6 1100T BE - Avg: 68 fps and now price, currently can find: i5 2500k at 1839 SEK AMD 1100T BE at 1799 SEK and now TDP (thermal design power) i5 2500k 95 watt AMD 1100T BE 125 watt ... I dont know, you tell me, whats better? someone mentioned overclocking - i5 2500k can do 5ghz on AIR cooling... Although I really do have difficulty recommending a 1 year old CPU.. so.. back to the topic, wait for ivy bridge before you buy anything... (intels next gen which due to be released Q1/2 this year)
  7. TimRiceSE

    AMD 6 core Processor

    QFT. I cant actually beleive people are recommending AMD CPUs given how much of an enormous flop bulldoze is...
  8. TimRiceSE

    Boycott of E3 anyone?

    Think of the children? How about parenting? All the worlds problems are from bad parenting. And religion.
  9. TimRiceSE

    Cyborg Rats test brain function replacement.

    yeah, lets hook up some humans instead.
  10. Finish high school, then write some posts.
  11. TimRiceSE

    ArmA 3 & AMD FX

    ?? Are we talking about market share on the server side of things? 2010 Intel had a 92% market share....
  12. TimRiceSE

    Star Wars - The Old Republic

    There was a few games like that early in the 90s !
  13. TimRiceSE

    Star Wars - The Old Republic

    OFC its the same old shit, at the end of the day its an MMO. what class did you play btw BT?
  14. TimRiceSE

    Star Wars - The Old Republic

    Anyone know any player stats? number on each faction etc? class distribution.. While some people might not like the subscription pay model, there certainly is a hell of a lot of replayability in MMOs... ofc the argument that ArmA has infinite replayability and has a one off cost will certainly come up.. but then again, my girlfriend isnt willing to sit and pretend we're driving a tank with me all evening, whereas she's more than happy to run around in a MMO. so i'll take what i can get... 50 Sith Assassin btw
  15. TimRiceSE

    BattleField 3

  16. TimRiceSE

    Iranian's release video of captured UAV

    Wow, youre alway SO right...
  17. TimRiceSE

    BattleField 3

    Really? feels like balance
  18. TimRiceSE

    You are being spied on by Carrier IQ

    is "extrapolation" the codename for "bollocks"?
  19. TimRiceSE

    BattleField 3

    then there are som sad, bitter people around...
  20. TimRiceSE

    BattleField 3

    play it for what it is, and youll probably enjoy it. alternatively, sit on the forums and whine all day because its not the completely different game that you want it to be, and never was intended to be. i dunno, which is more fun?
  21. TimRiceSE

    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    id suggest you get used to it, its not going away, if anything steam (and origin etc) will only get more and more common.
  22. TimRiceSE

    Casus Belli (Cry Engine Shooter)

    glad its not just me whos getting tired of that "nothing else could possibly be worth playing" attitude....
  23. TimRiceSE

    Lab Grown Blood Now a Reality

    just uninteresting news then?
  24. TimRiceSE

    BattleField 3

    stop trolling? i get it, its not everyones "cup of tea"... but seriously, dont you have something better to do? oh wait, no ,sorry, its the BI forums.