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    Apex - Tanoa - Window Glass.

    Why use the glass in the first place? Also why have shutters on most of the windows that cant be moved, its almost as if theres no thought went into the houses being used in a shooter game, looking good seems to be there first and only priority. Same as clothes lines, empty houses but they left cardboard clothes on the line?
  2. polecat.uk

    Crashing after apex

    Still no fix im afraid, would like a bit of help here as i dont have a clue on how to upload the report, like wtf i cant even copy and paste it ffs. Theres also still the big problem with hacking on the servers that needs to be looked into as its just killing the player base.
  3. polecat.uk

    Crashing after apex

    exit code 0x80000003 I cant seem to add the arma report? Warning suppresscache::trace called with huge input. Function exited to prevent program stall inside ammohit (2.400000); distance(150.000000
  4. polecat.uk

    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    You have more pixels both on the vertical and horizontal on a 4k monitor and your 21:9 will fit inside of the 4k screen with black borders top bottom and sides, so all that black can be used with the right setting to give you a better fov both vertical and horizontal or am i wrong?
  5. polecat.uk

    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    Why not just go for a full 4k monitor? 3840 x 2160 vs 3440x1440 , 21:9 will look like a 4k monitor chopped which is what it is. lots more sky with the 4k and in arma things kill ya from the sky :)
  6. polecat.uk

    random stuttering all of a sudden?

    I run windows 7 and have the same problem, I get 60 - 90 fps but my game stutters and feels laggy gfx drivers are up to date i7 3770 gtx 780ti ssd 250 8 gig 1440p
  7. So I delete a profile and find that it is now my default profile, i:e every time i run the game i have to change profiles from the one i deleted and reset my joystick settings :mad: the profile I tried to delete was not my first profile, I also tried deleting all files with the profile name but the game starts and its still there and its the start up profile. Will this be fixed?
  8. polecat.uk

    Constantly crashing since the update

    Easy saying upload the .rpt file but I cant find it, doing a search in run for .rpt only shows arma 2 files 4 of which r changelogs and the other 2 are for update readme for arma 2 oa searching for appdata shows zero results also easy to find if you know what your doing lol 19:03:10 DX11 error : CreateQuery failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 19:03:10 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG 19:03:10 DX11 error : CreateQuery failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 19:03:10 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG 19:03:10 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 19:03:10 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG 19:03:10 DX11 error : buffer Map failed : DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED 19:03:10 DX11 - device removed - reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG 19:03:10 Virtual memory total 4095 MB (4294836224 B) 19:03:10 Virtual memory free 1639 MB (1718767616 B) 19:03:10 Physical memory free 3467 MB (3635445760 B) 19:03:10 Page file free 7383 MB (7742656512 B) 19:03:10 Process working set 1807 MB (1895235584 B) 19:03:10 Process page file used 2163 MB (2268704768 B) 19:03:10 Longest free VM region: 1500250112 B 19:03:10 VM busy 2593525760 B (reserved 158203904 B, committed 2435321856 B, mapped 85917696 B), free 1701310464 B 19:03:10 Small mapped regions: 26, size 126976 B 19:03:10 VID: dedicated: 3160080384, shared 1134821376, system: 0, max: 2845507584, used: 2666942464
  9. polecat.uk

    Constantly crashing since the update

    Same situation all good never crashed, updated and crashing to desktop and have to c/a/del, happens on multi player king of the hill servers although i have played a full game without crashing, haven't tested any other servers i7 3770 gtx 780 ti ,353.06 ssd 250 8 gb 1440p 64 bit win 7
  10. I haven't played end game yet but I just had a game of king of the hill on a 90 player server (Full) Before 1.44 I'd be looking at 25 fps :( I was on a good steady 60 :) maxed at 1440p same as I would see in single player, although the view would be at 5000 v koth's 1000, IMO alot of the lag online is down to ppl hacking on the server. i7 3770 gtx 780 ti 8 gig ssd
  11. polecat.uk

    HACKED? Weapon shaking

    @jonathan sorry to here you and bootsy cant even play that sucks lads really. have you posted the problem maybe I can help, I'll look for your post. @ St jimmy, Now that i think about it, I did have a jet pass close by at the time this started so there may be something in that although I'm not sure on Camera shake Enabled in the server.
  12. polecat.uk

    HACKED? Weapon shaking

    K i'll try that and get back to you thx ---------- Post added at 03:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:23 PM ---------- all files successfully validated
  13. polecat.uk

    HACKED? Weapon shaking

    Yes bud had it from the beta and i play almost every day from then, no problems with fade.
  14. polecat.uk

    HACKED? Weapon shaking

    Fade? that's for illegal copy's and this is not so I don't think its that, I have been playing with this copy from day dot. @ jonathan0434 wtf you talking about, if you have nothing constructive to say your better just saying nothing
  15. Hi guys, I think I was hacked last night in game. I was playing on a king of the hill server (US HC) I was sniping from around 1000m out and doing well, killed around 25 for 0 deaths, I guess i pissed someone off as my weapon started to shake as if i was playing dayz and I was cold, ok the game is pretty much unplayable so I left the server and went to bed, next day I had a go in the editor WTF still shaking how do I stop this I really don't want to reinstall any help would be appreciate. Regards Pole