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  1. I enjoyed the campaign but the game has serious ai issues. Couple of times my guys would just stand on top of each other and not move had complete missions without them. Or they refuse to do any sort of fighting just lay on floor like retards. As for enemy ai you can just shoot them and they just stand there doin nothing while there buddy's patrolling behind them walk by like nothing happening. That happened 2-3 times. Was fun their's few decent missions in there but you need to sort the ai out its so bad.
  2. muttly

    Arma 3 CTD playing Wasteland Since latest patch

  3. muttly

    AI doesn't shoot enemy

    I've had this problem as well after about 3 hours of play AI stop fighting each other. Opfor don't engage the player either, you can walk right right up to them and they don't do anything, I googled the problem and there does seem to be a ticket in the bug tracker but its quite old and it only has 6 votes. Maybe there not alot of people playing missions for 3-4 hours straight why not getting so many votes but its defiantly a problem.
  4. muttly

    xbox controller customizing

    If you want use xbox controller i suggest downloading programme called xpadder then take a look at some of the arma 3 profiles saves a lot of headaches.
  5. muttly

    Close Air Support - Day 2

    Dam that fun :D this mission made me wonder how the hell Afghanistan was dragged out for so long with the amount of tech we have.
  6. muttly

    [SP] Infantry

    Good job Binkowski that was fun mission cheers.
  7. What makes it worse is when i checked the tracker for the AI issue it only had 6 votes :(
  8. Hey thanks for this mission dude its great idea but i have same problem as Kommiekat above. I did a side mission and took one zone then called in a helicoptor to take me back to base and their was 20 opfor guys just prone and standing around next to the bluefor guys they wouldn't even shoot at me.
  9. muttly

    Evolution bug list - any help?

    Hi eggbeast I've downloaded your mission pack and set up a dedi server on my computer with tophes tool just for me to mess around with alone. Every time i try to load any of the missions up on any of the islands i get : You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. jsrs_m230 And wont let me play and changes the mission.Ive just finished downloading jarheads sound mod and added to my mods and sever mods but still get same error. Any ideas what doin wrong :o ---------- Post added at 03:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:30 PM ---------- sorry double post but heres my rpts server and my rpt duno if help
  10. O man this is bad :( is it a bug or they changed this on purpose. this might explain trouble was having here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=113903
  11. Hi guys Duno what ive done but ive lost my crosshairs when flyin in 3rd person view in any of the attack choppers. Some thing weird just happened as well placed 4 russian uaz on the desert map went fly over to them with manual fire on could'nt target them. Flew over them without fireing a shot and they all burst into flames :confused: But yeah any idea how i get my crosshairs back i miss them :( not using any mods by the way.
  12. muttly

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Ive not got round using it with the mods you mention but i know for sure gl4 adds its own effects good chance ace does aswell it might be why your having problems. You can disable gl4 effects in userconfig not sure about ace. Anyways this was nice surprize for christmas OS thanks for everything i love it :D
  13. Awesome nice job lads the side step animation really annoys me will test asap :)
  14. muttly

    Let's Play Eagle Wing!

    Nice videos mate Dont foget to pick up the grenades from a body by the barn he has a pkm aswell :)