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  1. DrGonzo

    Which Internet Browser Do You Use?

    Ditto. Opera's the way to go. I can't really use default ones like Internet Explorer. It seems to crash on a regular basis.
  2. DrGonzo

    Best country/place for Higher studies.

    You could always go to a university in your own country and then join an exchange program to study abroad. Woo-hoo! I'm goin' to Finland!
  3. DrGonzo

    Dragon Rising has been released

    So, over all, it looks like they didn't do as badly as we thought.
  4. DrGonzo

    RHS releases: Weapon Pack v1.01

    Hm, I'm using this addon too and I just noticed that. You'll probably just have to edit the model if you want to fix it.
  5. That's pretty cool, man. Good work.
  6. DrGonzo

    Ai and Driving - curious

    I tried to make a mission where I played as some militant guy trying to ambush a Russian convoy. The piss-poor AI driving skills pretty much made the level unplayable. I mean, they'd drive 20 feet, then would nearly drive straight into an adjacent building, then they'd have to reverse. It was basically just this same process over and over again. In a word, Pish.
  7. DrGonzo

    ennemy shooted me right through trees

    Enemies shooting you despite the fact that you're completely invisible behind a load of foliage? Welcome to BIS games.
  8. Hello So I've made my own mod for FP, replacing models, effects, sounds etc., and I now want to add the impact crater dust effects that you get in the FFUR and SLX mods. The problem is that I don't know how to put the script into the game, and it obviously isn't simply a case of replacing the settings in the 'cloudlets' config. Could anyone help me and tell me how to put this effect into the game? It'd be greatly appreciated. Incidentally, does anyone know how to change the number of explosion cloudlets that appear when a tank shell explodes? It's a source of slight irritation that the Sabot round makes a huge fiery explosion but the HE-Frag round creates little more than a puff of smoke.
  9. DrGonzo

    Being rambo is unrealistic Eh?

    So it looks like Red Hammer's story-line is only quasi-impossible, after all.
  10. DrGonzo

    Cwc:red dawn

    I really don't see why this level is so hard, especially if you've got the Mi-24. Capture Guba near the town that's closest to his base, get the Mi-24, fly it high and use its guided missiles to take out both the Shilkas and the Scud. The Scud is either in the town at the very end of Kolgujev, next to a single house that's adjacent to the town or sometimes at the bottom of a hill, next to the forest that's beside the aforementioned house.
  11. Pretty cool textures. They look like they'd go well on Kolguyev.
  12. DrGonzo

    does anybody read the briefing anymore?

    I do, even in the original campaigns, which I've played inumerable times all the way through. Chalk it up to OCD. I always like to put briefings into my own missions too. Levels feel incomplete without them.
  13. I haven't played past 'Manhattan' or whatever it's called. Still, what I've seen of the campaign thus far is pretty good, bugs aside. For the most part, the voice acting seems fine too, except for the guy the does the antagonist. It'd be funny if it wasn't so irritating. Sounds like that guy from police academy. I may get round to finishing it at some point but nevertheless, as far as I'm concerned, I think the original FP will remain the Magnum Opus.
  14. DrGonzo

    Did "After Montignac" get harder?

    Am I the only one who notices that if you keep retrying in a level, or if you inflict enough damage to the enemy, then the enemy seem to become very aware and very accurate? This happened to me particular while playing 'After Montignac' because it's the kind of level that usually requires several tries, especially if played on the harder difficulty settings. It appears that the enemies will eventually adapt to every strategy you try to use against them. Similarly, I often find that if you destroy the BMPs or the T-72 in this level then the patrols will be more likely to spot you, shoot at you with greater accuracy and the Hind will circle over you and shoot at you. Then again, I may just be being paranoid.
  15. DrGonzo

    anyone still play ofp1?

    Are you kiddin'? I hardly play anythin' else! The game just has a unique feel to it that seems to make it immortal, despite its age.