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    ArmA Crash on Win 7 x64

    Well, considering Arma2 is out, I think alot of focus is drawn away from this problem, as it has been so in the past. I remember the old days, when OFP got alot of support, and things got covered and fixed, or at least looked into and discussed, quickly... I too get a black screen when I start Arma, after a few minutes, I get light blue blotchy squares at the bottom, black on the top half.. you can kinda sorta make out a graphic in the background (maybe a mountain or hill), and you get some scratchy music, but that's about it... Running a Duo Core 2.6, with 4GB ram and 3 Raid drives, an Nvidia 9800GT 512MB, etc etc I'm so used to this now, I don't get ticked off anymore... won't be buying Arma2 or any other game from them though, I hate being a guinea pig every time.
  2. EddieHaskel

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.16

    found it, fixed the path... still laggy, same lag on this newer machine then on my old OLD one....
  3. EddieHaskel

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.16

    "This application has failed to start because IFC22.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Got that when I started the Beta exe
  4. EddieHaskel

    New beta patch 1.16

    I've played it on several computers actually, 4 total, all pretty much with the same results, although varied computer specs... Specs aren't really the issue, such problems have been known since the beginning, and although some improvements have been made, there's still too many posts about playability. I myself can play other games that are out on the market ok, just this one, is REALLY a pain
  5. EddieHaskel

    ArmA feedback thread - based on Beta Patch 1.16

    I've updated to Beta 1.16, but main screen still shows 1.14.5250, dunno why gameplay and such is the same... slow, crash, slow, slow, even on low settings, been this way since I bought the game when it first came out. The game HAS potential, but....
  6. EddieHaskel

    New beta patch 1.16

    same mess, different patch.. CTD, slow play, depressing.... patiently awaiting a patch that will increase gameplay, I don't mind a crash once in a few hours... but when you move in slow-mo, with updates, latest drivers, etc etc, it gets depressing, still wondering when I'll get my $$ worth...