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    What are "accepted keys"?

    Look, this message about keys comes up when I try to play Spearhead 44 multiplayer-
  2. pooroldspike

    General Discussion (Spearhead 1944 RC Branch)

    Thanks Gunter i'll have a crack at your suggestions..:)
  3. pooroldspike

    General Discussion (Spearhead 1944 RC Branch)

    I'm still in a pickle, it began when I installed the Spearhead DLC, so I want to completely get rid of Spearhead from my system. I've deleted a bunch of SPE files but now can't get onto any of the other multiplayer servers at all ! Any advice?
  4. pooroldspike

    General Discussion (Spearhead 1944 RC Branch)

    Thanks for the advices guys but I'm still unable to get into the KOTH Spearhead multiplayer server and am pouting and sulking like crazy. Here are some screenshots that might offer some clues, do they mean anything to you? PIC 1- the Spearhead DLC is loaded- PIC 2- And the IFA3 A10 mod is loaded- PIC 3- And although the 6 KOTH servers show up including Spearhead, I can get into the other 5 but not Spearhead- PIC 4- These are the type of messages I get whenever I try to get into the Spearhead server-
  5. pooroldspike

    General Discussion (Spearhead 1944 RC Branch)

    Made several tries to get into Discord without success. My Spearhead 44 issue seems to be related to something called 'Keys', any idea what they are? Look-
  6. pooroldspike

    General Discussion (Spearhead 1944 RC Branch)

    Hi guys, PC dummy here; i bought and downloaded Spearhead 1944 yesterday and it plays fine in singleplayer mode, but when I try to log onto the KOTH 1944 multiplayer server this message prevents me getting in, any idea what it means?-
  7. pooroldspike

    Weapon tests

    EDIT MAY 2017-: this thread is now 3 years old so don't take it as gospel, as various updates have probably invalidated many of the tests by now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just wanted to find out what weapons will hurt what targets, and whether AI bots will engage on their own initiative, so I set up a series of tests in the Editor on Regular difficulty level with no mods or addons of any kind, and below are the results. I'll begin with ATGM's and work through tank guns, GMG's, light cannons, HMG's, grenades, mortars and arty etc later. Let me know if your ingame observations differ from mine, or if you want to make any comments, after-dinner speeches or death threats etc.
  8. pooroldspike

    Low FPS 2080TI

    I've found from experience that it's a 'butterfly's wing" thing, and if one video setting is out of harmony with the rest it can make your PC groan and creak. In the ingame Config Video settings, try clicking 'Auto-Detect' to let your PC decide what settings it feels comfortable with; that'll give you a streamlined uncluttered base line and you can do some trial-and-error tweaking from there.
  9. pooroldspike

    WHY is this Profilename topic so complicted?

    I had the same trouble when I recently installed Arma 3 on my new PC but it was easily fixed, see if this helps- My old screenname "Mick" came up, so I had to click (yellow circle), then click on the name panel- If you click 'New' to create a new player (Player 1) you can change his name to whatever name you want to play under- Click on whatever name is showing and you'll get the option to switch to another name or create a new name. PS- Although I never use 'Mick' I'm not going to delete it in case it holds basic account details and stuff-
  10. pooroldspike

    Getting 3rd-person view

    Usually, Game Options > Difficulty > tick the '3rd person view' box will enable it (it did for me) but people sometimes say it doesn't fix it for them and they're still stuck in 1st-person. Anybody got any advice I can pass onto them?
  11. pooroldspike

    Getting 3rd-person view

    Thanks mate, and BTW I hang on the Code4Gaming KOTH 1944 EU#1 server a lot, it's got loads of WW2 stuff in it, and it cycles through the maps Poland, Ardennes, Greece, Normandy, Tobruk and Alamein, say hello if we bump into each other and I'll buy us a tank or something, you be gunner and i'll drive and set you up for good shots, I know all the sweet spots on the maps..:) PS- same goes for all other Bohemia forum members, say hello and we'll rock n' roll..:)
  12. Over the past month or so whenever I fire a rifle, all the other sounds (engine noise and nearby small arms fire etc) fades out for a few seconds before slowly coming back to normal volume, and it means I'm briefly deaf after firing my weapon. It hadn't used to fade out like that, so why has it suddenly started happening? I've tried dabbling with the sound options but no joy, do you think it's my speakers or sound card at fault or what?
  13. pooroldspike

    What's happened to my sound effects?

    I just found out its a well-known issue with Win 10 and Realtek audio, I had to click to disable "Enhancements" in the sound setup and that's improved it even more.
  14. pooroldspike

    What's happened to my sound effects?

    Thanks, yes a couple of mods might have had something to do with it, I've rummaged around in the settings and stuff and there seems to be some improvement touch wood..:)
  15. pooroldspike

    King of the Hill

    Yes, in KOTH we can just jump straight in and do our own thing without anybody telling us what to do..:)
  16. pooroldspike

    King of the Hill

    What's "op"? All I know is that on the KOTH servers you can't buy tanks at all if there aren't a lot of players on the server, so most of the time you have to play as an infantryman. I've posted about it in the C4G forum and even offered to pay for a new server in which tanks are as easy to get as a pack of chewing gum, but so far I've had no takers.
  17. pooroldspike

    Is there any way to avoid ATGM in armour vehicle?

    Dunno about other servers, but in KOTH multiplayer, if you fire a shoulder-launched Titan ATGM at a locked-on tank the tank will detect the launch and will pop smoke causing the missile to lose its lock and slam into the ground well short of the target. Tip for missilemen - fire UNLOCKED and the missile will fly down the crosshairs, and the tank usually won't know its coming and be toasted..:)
  18. It works fine in multiplayer with Enter (Numpad) like it always has, but it's stopped working in the Eden editor, any idea why?
  19. pooroldspike

    3rd-person key stopped working in Eden

  20. pooroldspike

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Yes the Livonia map is beautiful rolling countryside with rivers and factories, it's so good it's almost photo-realistic..:) There's been a King of the Hill Livonia server up for a few weeks and I go in sometimes but there's usually not many people in there because they haven't got the Contact DLC, so I've got the whole country of Livonia to myself and a few friends..:)
  21. pooroldspike

    Looking for someone to play with me

    Play it how? On a server somewhere?
  22. pooroldspike

    Why I have low fps(my spec)

    In the Arma3 graphics config screen, select "Autodetect' to let the program select which settings it likes best and see if that helps.
  23. pooroldspike

    King of the Hill

    Hi, I've logged about 4000 hours on the KOTH servers over the past few years, they're very good but not perfect. For example they're biased against tanks (hard to get) and I get fed up having to play as a grunt most of the time. After all, tanks were invented to make war more fun..:)
  24. pooroldspike

    Using planes in mission editor

    Join a group or add friends on Steam, they buy stuff for each other..:)
  25. I thought everybody used a joystick to fly planes and helis?