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  1. Gnome_AS

    PvPscene Tweaks

    Being able to modify it would be one better I think (serverside/mission/something slightly more clever than current). I have not looked.. But certainly not something I really want to see as a veteran player all the time. Just saying. Thanks man, will use as current best solution. :)
  2. Gnome_AS

    ASR AI Skills

    Just stopping in to check up on things over here, lots of reading I had to catch up on. (sorry Rob) While I'm here though I have to say, it's been awesome to watch this grow and test it from the beginning. And it's really awesome to see all you guys utilizing and enjoying Robalo's work. I know we have for many, many years. For me personally, I don't think the gameplay against the AI has felt this good to date. The suppression is stellar and the diversity ... well, I know it's changed the way we play the game. Which I believe was the original intent. Really looking forward to what kind of creative things might come about as we move into A3. I'd almost be willing to bet on epic. ;) And for those of you who have invested the time to help with beta testing and feedback, thank you. I know that Robalo has a true passion for creating and modding a vast array of things. Our for that matter, so do most of the guys who bring awesome stuff to the table for free, all the time. Which by default generally requires little sleep on their behalf. The feedback, input and "thank you's" are what fuel these guys and help facilitate growth and continued development. Idea's and concepts while not always new, are often just missed by the right people. So keep it coming, as I'm pretty sure somebody is keeping a list. :) -Gnome
  3. @BIS It's unfortunate more companies don't engage the their communities and continuously strive to perfect their product as you guys do. Many thanks for many years of excellent work. And an extra thank you for the more recent push to refine and expand the Multiplayer & Dev aspects of the game. As proven by other recent ventures, it can be beneficial in many ways, for all. Congratulations on your continuing success, and I hope you guys continue to do it your way. All hail ARMA3! Oh, and the DLC. Which I assume is right around the corner? Cheers, Gnome
  4. Had to find my password so I could login and say, epic. :) Wasn't long ago I was wondering/thinking deeply about these things. As always, keep up the great work!
  5. Gnome_AS

    World Machine 2, terrainbuilder

    A little late chiming in here, but.. I've used WM2 for other things in the past. It's actually a fairly complex app, but relatively easy to learn. From my experience in generating terrains for ArmA with it ... meh, there are a number of apps as mentioned above and below that are what I would consider much more functional. None the less you can export from WM2. Probably the single best tool for doing many things related to the map making process would be L3DT. Although I do not use it for generating my base terrain, it has fairly powerful realtime 3D terrain manipulation tools. And what you see is generally, what you'll get when using the .xyz export functions. I do all my mask painting in this app also. Most of which is automated. I quite enjoy building my terrain, ie.. defining where everything will be like ridges, valleys etc.. A personal favorite for me is actually GeoControl 2. A little older, but the isoline abilities are pretty awesome. And really quite easy to learn. (tutorial videos are available) Terragen 2, is actually fairly powerful also, although the learning curve is slightly profound. And while it's not really designed for terrain creation, you can get some pretty wicked base terrains with a fair bit of trial and error. All in all, most terrain generation apps are going to have a learning curve. And each app has it's quirks and drawbacks. But for me, and screwing around with ArmA stuff, Geo Control 2 and L3DT pretty much handles it all. Again L3DT being the most useful of all. Learning curve, moderate. Although I'm sure there are some guys around that would be happy to share some files to make it a little easier, like myself. Haven't tried Daylon, but seeing some of B's screenshots elsewhere, looks like it might be a great tool. Will have to try that out. Best Regards, Gnome
  6. Gnome_AS

    Clutter on infinite terrain

    While I still believe it's not really possible to accurately control things on the infinite terrain currently, I'm curious to see what you guys come up with. I have some down time towards the end of the week, so maybe I'll jump in and see what I can sort. Interesting reading none the less, good luck and I hope somebody finds a creative way to address things. :)
  7. Gnome_AS

    Clutter on infinite terrain

    To my knowledge, that is not currently possible.
  8. Hey Bushlurker, Nice to see you out and about in a not so lurking manner. Grats on the releases! And a secondary thanks for providing useful material to the community. Hope some guys/gals make use of it. :) Haven't had a chance to check everything out yet, but looking forward to it here very soon! Cheers, Gnome
  9. Gnome_AS

    83244: Feedback

    Well I've only put about 20mins into things, but I had to come back and say I agree with sbsmac on the controls side of things. I'm currently X/Y @ 3.0 with mid sensitivity and it's great. Moved Z to 1.0 though, and sensitivity to 0 and a slight deadzone. I can now use almost the full range of the throttle. (ie.. it's well into the indents and almost full range of motion to hit -/+ 100) Most excellent, just having the ability to see whats going on is very helpful. But actually having the controllers behave in a fairly intuitive manner ... and I can use the full range of motion on the throttle ... well, thats just awesome. Hopefully this becomes standard across the titles. Much appreciated, going back to flyin around now. :)
  10. Gnome_AS

    What's Your Setup?

    Saitek X52 Pro Stick & Pedals, TrackIR 5 (also testing FreeTrackNoIR), Belkin n52te, Razer Lycosa keyboard, G9x mouse. And while I'm at it ... on the graphics side, Tri GTX285s, TH2G, 3 Samsung 920nw. (16:10's) I rarely play on the triple monitors, use a Samsung LN32A550 instead. Requested Info: Last update was great. Just now getting to some free time for the week, hope to check things out in depth later on today. Thanks BIS peoples, will report back soon.
  11. Well I have to say, 82767 finally got my attention. I really wasn't sure what to think with the initial releases, but alas my faith has been found once again. Sound improvements are very nice. Especially like knowing the seat belt is keeping me firmly attached to the seat. Some additional layering of metal stressing types sounds might be nice. Flight model is starting to feel good also. Torque and ground effect related things seem much more balanced, realistic. Deadzone removal will be great. Although with a slight boost in sensitivity to the controls, its somewhat decent right now. Really looking forward to some sort of airframe stress features and whatnot. Loops, inverted flight and brake turns are fun and all, but meh.. not really conducive to the more realistic flight model concept. The tweakage on the contact points was great though, aircraft actually sits down like its on skids. Will for sure put some more time in now, maybe provide some more specific feedback. Flying the powerlines in an under/over pattern on Zargabad is fun and challenging. :cool: Great work BIS guys, making a believer out of me. :)
  12. Gnome_AS

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Grats on the release guys! I was looking for some mid-week goodness :cool:
  13. Gnome_AS

    Robalo's ACE configs

    If Robalo had a quarter for every time I cried about the Aimpoints in ACE, he'd be able to take a nice long vacation. But none of us want that, so I guess it's ok. :D Really glad to see all this work being utilized by others Rob, I know we love it. I'd ask you to do pistol pack or something, but I'll save you the /facepalm. Cheers, Gnomer
  14. Just dropping in to say, this rocks! Think Buehgler mentioned we're using it on our servers, and I'll second the "it enhances our gameplay" statement. Really looking forward to the next release. I'd mention the few issues here and there ... but it looks like they've all been mentioned so far. Really kick ass work guys. :cool: Regards, Gnome
  15. Gnome_AS

    E3 2011

    Curious to know if anyone is planning to attend. Drop me a message if you'll be hanging around the expo. Cheers, Gnome