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    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    -edit- cba to endure flame wars
  2. craig3000

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    -edit- cba to endure flame wars
  3. craig3000

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    -edit- cba to endure flame wars
  4. craig3000

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    -edit- cba to endure flame wars
  5. craig3000

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    Wouldn't know they don't exactly tell us :D But the driver version number has changed so they are updated from the leaked version just don't know to what extent
  6. 9.7 drivers the easier way :D http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=81162
  7. craig3000

    ATI Catalyst 9.7 is here

    All I can say is for me personally these drivers 9.7 WHQL run the game better than the previous 9.6 drivers, the links are now updated along with XP drivers too http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx
  8. craig3000

    Updated patch 1.02.58134

  9. I would love to keep the post proc on high it makes the game look really nice but then you can't see the enemy as easily so I turn it off
  10. My squad my squad HAHAH the A.I you have in your squad suck compared to the A.I you play against, heck what's the point having them they only give away your position the only thing there good for is AA and AT, there's been plenty of times where my squad of 8 has been wiped out by 1-2 A.I players I mean wtf? Anyway I'm not too bothered about A.I, I just wish the performance was better, it's kind of like Crysis/Warhead it looks pretty but the gameplay is always clunky even on lower settings unless you have an uber rig and if its clunky it wrecks the whole immersion
  11. That's the response I knew I would get, this is the game I'm looking for too bad its not quite there yet I'm not to worried about finding other people and the map/radar etc I will get used to that over time but I am worried about performance, I don't have to run on all the highest settings possible but if I do turn the graphics down I want it to be smooth not 60FPS but just smooth whereas this game is all clunky anyway hope for some good patches!
  12. The disappointing thing for me is spawning traveling somewhere taking about 10-15minutes thinking nice one! I'm in the action now poke my head around the corner bam!!!! I have to respawn and do the same thing again And when your in a helicopter even when your pretty fair away from the A.I they always manage to shoot you down as if there all equiped with stingers and miniguns, there also extremely accurate even though there so far away I think its unplayable atm IMO
  13. Agreed I did have low expectations obviously after reading through all the forums months before it was released but now I can't bare pretending that the game has amazing performance because that's BS Performance seems to degrade over time I'm not sure if this was the server or my PC but after 2 hours it was becoming unplayable and annoying, my friends were reporting the same as we were in vent For some reason I started with high settings but I find my self turning things down where ever I can to get performance My specs: Q6600 @ 2.4 4GB ram 4850 700/1000 Creative Xi-fi Music equivalent to Gamer 7,200rpm drive I started off using: 3000vis 1280x1024 everything on high Now I find myself at: 2000vis or 1500 in MP 1280x1024 everything else on normal apart from post proc disabled, shadows disabled Grass off in MP And textures left on high I have Grass, post proc and shadows off just so I can actually see people easier it so hard with them on but then the game looks like turd without Also the little arrows you get on SP are the worst color ever they need to be bright green or yellow not a murky yellow/green you can't see it amongst the grass This game needs a patching for performance and also to make it a least a little easier to find people, you also really need a radar its a pain in the arse to look at the map all the time and I know its not call of duty and needs to be realistic blah blah blah that's great really but it needs to be playable I can't spend 1 hour going round the map just to achieve one kill This game is just falling short of its potential
  14. craig3000

    MP Wizard Broken?/Orange Spot?

    green = no password protection orange = password protection