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  1. No, definitely using the A3 version. I can't figure it out.
  2. Well, the arming worked, but I ran into yet another problem. I managed to start the engines and take off, but the tail rotor is screwed somehow, and keeps spinning me out of control, turning me to the right. Trying to correct that by fighting the controls does nothing.
  3. Thanks, I'll give that a shot and report back.
  4. Hey, folks, I've run into a problem that I'm not sure how to solve; I installed the latest AH-64D mod on the ArmAholic website, went into the editor, put a fuel and ammo truck down, and an empty helo next to it. I walk up to the helo, open the Arming menu, and following the manual's instructions, attempt to alter the default loadout. I'm met with the error message in this screenshot, and the weapons fail to load. Any ideas?
  5. Hey, fellas. It's been a very long time since I've posted here. And I apologize if this question has already been answered, as I was unable to find mention of it while skimming the thread. I remember, when this addon was first released for ArmA 2, Nodunit and Franze had said that the scripting limitations that ArmA 3 had would prevent a good version for A3 being made. To my surprise, I returned today and saw not only an A3 compatible version, but that the videos of it in action made it seem as good, or almost as good, as the A2 version. What changed? Also, if it isn't too much trouble, I'd like to know if the ArmA 3 version has been made compatible with the advanced flight model now available in A3. (flight, stress damage, wheel brakes, etc) The thought of running takeoffs and landings, or simply having a level of simulated collective and torque while flying this thing makes me salivate.
  6. I want to ask a question to clarify something I'd been wondering about. An RF jammer emits a beam of interference to essentially white out a seeking radar, right? Wouldn't that make the emitter of such a jammer a prime target for anti-RF missiles like the HARM or ALARM?
  7. Nod, Franze, I ran into three problems - One is minor and may just be my utter lack of skill; another has to do with the elevation of weapon pylons and is sort of immersion-breaking, and the third is related to the aircraft's shadow while in cockpit view. I was re-playing the weapons training mission, and got to the section within which I am supposed to take out a tracked vehicle with FFARs. My engagement range was between 2 and 1.5km - I noticed that even though I lined the I-bar perfectly with the cross marking the target when I fired, I didn't succeed in scoring a single hit (Actually landing mid-mission to re-arm and try again). Altogether, I expended about seventy rockets before using a laser-guided hellfire instead. Any tips on accurate rocket engagements? (Acquisition mode auto, scope TADS, airspeed 20-40 knots and hover, 2 rockets per salvo) The second problem was something I noticed with the way the elevation of rocket pods changes. I was locked on to the BMP, hovering at about eighty to a hundred meters off the water, two kilometers away. I was positioned in such a manner that my pods would have to aim maybe four or five degrees downward to be pointed at the target. However, the pods on the Apache (As I could see them from outside the cockpit) seemed to be aiming downward at around thirty degrees - The result being that when I fired, the rockets seemed to emerge from the top of the pod. The third problem is the aircraft's shadow. When flying from within the cockpit, neither the longbow radar dome or the weapons mounted on the pylons cast any shadow. If I look left or right out of the cockpit, in fact, I can see the empty edge of the outermost pylon, as though the missiles/rockets aren't really there. All these issues were on version 1.2 If these issues can't be helped, it's not something I'm going to complain more about - There's still no mod for ArmA 2 that even comes close to this level of detail or quality, and I'm eternally grateful to the two of you for allowing us to download it.
  8. I was at work when I logged into this thread (out of boredom) and afterward, to satisfy my curiosity, ran searches to find the technical specifications of Russian Anti-Air missiles, as well as the model of RF jammer used on the Apache. I expect a call from the NSA any day now. ---------- Post added at 02:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:29 AM ---------- Apparently the model of Tunguska that's in ArmA 2 can detect aircraft flying as low as 15m from 18 kilometers away, track from 15, and engage at 12. (In the real world, anyway)
  9. With the exception of parts specifically armored to keep the aircraft in the air (Gearboxes, driveshafts, and as Nodunit pointed out, the aircraft's underbelly and crew compartments) most of the helicopter's skin is made of thin aluminum. In Ed Macy's book 'Hellfire', he says that this was because it'd allow rounds that hit the aircraft to pass through without tearing big holes in it.
  10. I wonder if the Apache's FCR can alert enemy units in the same way that radar guided AAA trips the RWR. In real life, I mean. I can't imagine a MMW beam would be hard to detect.
  11. Thanks for that! No more eating SA-19s if I see the Tunguskas first.
  12. Gents, I was testing the acquisition capabilities of the FCR - I wanted to see whether it could perform as I had read it would in the real world (According to Mr. Macy, anyway). I set up two sets of armored vehicles ten kilometers away from me - One set was moving, (Which the FCR is supposed to be able to identify at 7000m) and one set was stationary (Which the FCR should be able to detect somewhere around 5000m). I did indeed detect the moving vehicles as soon as I came within radar range, being careful to fly high enough that I had a direct line of sight to the airfield on which they were moving. However, I found that while I could visually lock on using ArmA 2's default targeting from 7000m out, I could lock on with neither the AGM-114Ls using the FCR, or the AGM-114Ks using the HMD/TADS until I flew to within 4500m or so. Is that a limitation on the range you can give missiles imposed by the ArmA 2 engine, or is there a possible solution?
  13. If it means anything, I want to say that I wouldn't have minded paying for this addon. It really is wonderful.
  14. I remember Ed Macy mentioning in 'Apache' that the preparation for a flight could take anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes, because of all the pre-flight checks and diagnostics they had to run before they could get off the ground. I don't know if that's an exaggeration, but while you're naturally not going to make players go through a checklist, waiting a minute or three before getting off the ground to immerse the player more fully in the experience would not at all be unwelcome. ---------- Post added at 01:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:01 PM ---------- I want to report something that may be a bug. I'm running ArmA 2 CO with only the CBA addons and the Apache addon activated at the moment. When the aircraft sustains heavy (but not catastrophic) damage, it sometimes starts to vibrate, and then shake a little. The shaking may get worse as time goes by, to the point the entire helicopter is spazzing out in a very glitchy manner, flipping end over end and spinning at ridiculous speeds - Which inevitably leads to a crash.