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  1. Neostralie

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    could we have samples sets for the name selection tool? Or could we import .cfg samples?
  2. What is the CAN_COLLIDE key word in the creatUnit and CreatVehicle function?
  3. Neostralie

    3Dsmax ArmA2 modding toolset

    It would be very usefull. But, I wonder if BIS would one day explain their workflow. In somes screens of ArmA 2 we can se that they work with Maya but I've never seen a shot with O² being used...
  4. I'm actualy working on a BMP3. And I will works on BMD3/4/4M, 2S25 and 2S31 that uses the same base model than the BMP3.
  5. Thank you for the comment. I'll add few polys on the wheels and de gun barrel.
  6. This is the 1.000 lod. The lod you will see when your are close to the BMP3. I'll re-work the gun barrel and few details for the pilotes' view. I'll try yo keep the polycount near the BMP2 from BIS. And the is no textures now. I'll make a screen with textures onces they will be made. And I could add few polys after.
  7. The model is 11k tri then, I don't think I'll add poly to those parts. I've added some details to the water shield.
  8. Pouf, et voilà . The wired render of my BMP3.
  9. Hi ther, for my first post, I'd like you to see the BMP3 i'm worling on. For now, it's only on 3DsMax and there is no textures but the UV are unfolded.