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  1. Respawn works fine with one marker. ​When I add the second, I get this:
  2. OK... One part of the problem was that I had respawn timer set to ZERO. Now, when I add a second respawn marker, I get a respawn menu come up but it says respawns disabled?
  3. I have created a mission, respawning to a single point works every time. What I want to do now is be able to have players choose where they spawn on login (give them 3 options) also when respawning, also have a choice. I have put the marker down, respawn_1, but nothing happens. What am I missing. Thank you.
  4. I apologise if my original post was not clear enough. How do you change the name so it permanently uses something different other than user name and PC name?
  5. When hosting within the game, it reads the PC username and the PC name and uses that as the default host name. If your PC is named "Game".. and the user is "Barbara", the host name is "Barbara On Game". Not helpful. Is there any way of changing the default host name so it consistently uses one you want? Thanks.
  6. gimpymoo

    Zeus noob - A few questions if you please

    Thank you. Has anything been mentioned about Zeus gaining parity with Eden regarding UI? A large part of Eden to me seems a perfect replacement for Zeus in the way things are done.
  7. Apologies if that makes no sense, I will try to explain. I LOVE Eden. Is there any way to host a 3D editor "server" and allow players to join while I am still editing so they can play? Also, is there/will there be an option to allow 2 people to access Eden at the same time to allow multiple people to work on the same map? Maybe I am expecting too much. Many thanks for any help.
  8. 1. How can one spawn vehicles without AI? Easy in the 3D editor but despite researching, I cannot see how to do it in Zeus. I can spawn a vehicle then remove the crew, but that seems fiddly. In the the 3D editor, it is easy, just tick the box to spawn empty vehicle. 2. How can you spawn AI but not have them moving around, just standing still? Target practice etc :D I LOVE the 3D editor and maybe I am expecting too much from Zeus but why not just have the 3D editor be Zeus for the most part? Many thanks for any help.
  9. Old bear, an upgrade from 4770K to 4790K is a sidegrade and financial suicide in my opinion. My next platform change will not be till next year. 4.5Gz is good for me now, I am happy with that overclock which cost £60 for the new heatsink.
  10. Well... BLOW ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER AND CALL ME ETHEL. Got myself a Noctua NH-D15S and got my 4770K to 4.5Ghz. This is paired with an R9 390 8GB. The results in Arma 3 were interesting. On a same map for testing purposes, like for like, on average there are between 40-50 MORE FPS. That is a LOT. Also, the GPU is now stressing a lot more, reporting more activity. Now, am I being mad, or does that mean the 4770K at stock was bottlenecking the R9 390?
  11. Thanks for the reply. Motherboard is Gigabyte Z87X UD4H. Will post benchmarks as advised later.
  12. I am currently running a 4770k at stock (3.5Ghz, upping to 3.9Ghz on single core with turbo). Rest of specs are: 16GB Corsair RAM DDR3 at 1600mhz R9 390 8GB Arma 3 installed so SSD I mainly play multiplayer. With stock missions, I get maybe 30fps average with peaks in the 40's. If I were to invest in a cooler for say £60-£100, would the investment be good "bang for buck" in terms of relative perfornance gain in Arma 3? It is my assumption the game is heavily single core bound so with the "Turbo", the chip is running at 3.9Ghz, a good overclock would be 4.5Ghz, how much extra FPS would the 600mhz give for the £60-£100 investment? Alternatively, upgrade to a 4790k with a maximum turbo frequency of 4.4Ghz but that seems wasteful? Unless the performance gain is there? Thanks.
  13. gimpymoo

    R9 390 Vs R9 390X in Arma 3?

    I am aware the game is CPU bound (I have a 4770k at stock). Any ideas what I should expect to gain from a 6970 to a 390? If anything at all?
  14. About to purchase a replacement for my 6970 2GB and am wondering if "bang for buck" is a factor, would Arma 3 utilise a 390x to give a worthwhile advantage over a 390? Thanks.
  15. Any plans to implement a "Multiplayer" option so several map makers could edit a map at the same time? If that makes sense?