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  1. Made a series of videos on the Mission Editor, going through every part (Except GameLogics):
  2. MulleDK19

    AI Squad Commanding

    Select units you believe to be dead and ask them to report in (5, 5), if they don't respond, mark them as dead (5, 8). You can also just mark all your units as dead (5, 8) and if they're not, they'll report back to you. If you spot a dead unit, you can aim at them and press T to mark them as dead.
  3. MulleDK19

    Intro Text

    Do you actually have a string table with those values? If not, localize won't work for you. infoText is also quite simple and doesn't allow structured text. Maybe BIS_fnc_typeText is more suited for your needs. Here's an example: [ [ ["CAMP ROGAIN,","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='PuristaBold'>%1</t>"], ["RESUPPLY POINT","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.7'>%1</t><br/>"], ["10 MINUTES LATER ...","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1.0'>%1</t>"] ] ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_typeText If you just want a simple text in the lower left corner, you can also use BIS_fnc_dynamicText. ["<t font='PuristaBold' align='left' color='#FFAA00'>LINE 1</t><br /><t font='PuristaBold' color='white' size='0.7' align='left'> LINE 2</t>",-0.6,1.1,5,0.5,0,5] spawn bis_fnc_dynamicText;
  4. MulleDK19

    SQF Syntax checker

    It's just a working title. And I do have much more stuff planned (Eg. if you're a scripter, this should blow your mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12tvILZxPpc). A prototype I made, already reads the game configs to read CfgFunctions defined in the game, to provide analysis and auto-completion for them. The prototype also provides auto completion for array arguments, eg. to createVehicle.
  5. When dragging a vehicle into the game world on the current dev branch, the crew is spawned outside the vehicle. Furthermore, it's not possible to drag any unit into any vehicle.
  6. Set the probability of the leader back to 100%, then put this in the init field of any unit (Preferably the leader to make it easier to find again). 0.5 call { _group = group this; if (_this <= random 1) then { { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach units _group; }; };Change the 0.5 to the probability you want (0.0 through 1.0).
  7. Already posted this on the feedback tracker, but it being down, I figured I'd repost it here, as I think this is a fairly serious issue. Steps to reproduce Open EDEN. Make a simple mission. On the Play menu choose "Play in Multiplayer". Start the server. Exit the server, go to the main menu and select Multiplayer. Create an Internet server. Now no one can join you because all your servers are forced to LAN, regardless of setting. Only fix is to restart the game.
  8. MulleDK19

    Crash at startup

    Was just fixed by a new update. EDIT: But units and vehicles are now invisible.. EDIT 2: Nevermind, object view distance had somehow been set to 0 meters.
  9. MulleDK19

    Crash at startup

    Getting the same thing. --------------------------- Arma 3 --------------------------- Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?) --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
  10. Should be <= 5, though, as triggers only tick every 0.5 seconds, so if tickets are 6, and 2 are lost at the same time, next check will be 4, and the trigger will never activate.
  11. MulleDK19

    The new ARMA 3 DLC system - debate

    This new system is absolutely atrocious! If I can't use it DON'T PUT IT IN MY GAME! Don't advertise it in the menu, don't put scenarios belonging to the DLC in the menus if I didn't buy it, and don't show the content in the editor if I can't use it! God, once we hit a few DLCs the menus are gonna be ridden with scenarios I can't play and annoying ads about buying said content. And the editor is gonna be one big labyrinth of guessing which content can be used to make missions and which can't. Might as well plaster "DEMO" across the main menu... And I can see this breaking gameplay in multiplayer. Simple example: Say someone make a mission. After playing 3 hours and almost completing the mission, everyone has been killed off, except one guy, who now has to get to an extraction point. Once reaching the extraction point a helicopter arrives and the player walks up only to be presented with "This vehicle is locked because it belongs to DLC.", and everyone has to abort the mission because it can't be completed... God, Bohemia, you have pulled some weird shit before, but this beats everything...
  12. The ARMA 2 way doesn't seem to work in ARMA 3. I've tried at least a dozen different things trying to make AIs throw a smoke grenade. _unit fire ["SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShell"]; _unit fire ["Throw","SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShell"]; _unit fire ["SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShellGreen"]; _unit fire ["Throw","SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShellGreen"]; _unit fire ["SmokeShellMuzzle","SmokeShellGreenMuzzle","SmokeShellGreen"]; _unit fire ["Throw","SmokeShellGreenMuzzle","SmokeShellGreen"]; And a bunch of different combinations with forceWeaponFire and the "UseWeapon" action.
  13. Wasn't that the point of starting two instances? You start one instance of the game, open a LAN server, and then you start another instance of the game and you join the server you created in the other instance. So now you have 2 players. Server and client. Then you start another instance, and another instance, until you have as many players as you need to test. If you make the windows small enough, you can see all player's "screens" at the same time.
  14. publicVariable* does not set up a variable for automatic broadcasting. It just broadcasts the current value the moment it's called. It's not enough to set BroadcastMessage. You need to call publicVariable every time it needs to be broadcast. If you update it and want the new value to be synchronized to others, you need to call publicVariable again. Simple example: init.sqf: // Set the variable to an empty string, just for good measure (Not required). BroadcastMessage = ""; // Listen for changes to the BroadcastMessage variable. (All computers listen). BroadcastMessage_EH = { // Get index one of arguments: [VariableName, >VariableValue<] _msg = _this select 1; // Display the message on this computer. hint format ["Someone triggered a message: %1", _msg]; }; "BroadcastMessage" addPublicEventHandler BroadcastMessage_EH; SendDaMessage = { // Set the variable to the argument (Message to send). BroadcastMessage = _this; // Broadcast the new value to all computers. publicVariable "BroadcastMessage"; // Public variable event handlers are NOT triggered for the computer broadcasting the value. // So we have to display it to ourselves here. // Simply call the event handler with the arguments it expects [VariableName, VariableValue]. ["BroadcastMessage", _this] call BroadcastMessage_EH; }; Then just: "This is a message to show to everyone" call SendDaMessage;
  15. You can do it in this trigger. That's the point. The trigger activates when the time hits 12:07, not when its own settings are met, due to the condition change. Anything in the activation field will execute when it activates.
  16. In your trigger, change the contents of the condition field to the following: floor daytime >= [b]12[/b] && floor (60 * (daytime % 1)) >= [b]7[/b]; Then change 12 and 7 to whatever hour and minute you want. Or if you want seconds too: floor daytime >= 12 && floor (60 * (daytime % 1)) >= 7 && floor (60 * ((60 * (daytime % 1)) % 1)) >= 34 Then change 12, 7 and 34 to whatever hour, minute and second you want.
  17. Multiplayer doesn't work in offline mode. Why do you need to be offline?
  18. If the script is running, and there are missile, then there are planes. The missiles aren't spawned, they're fired by the planes. If you send me your mission I can take a look, if you want.
  19. Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Create a file called steam_appid.txt and put 107410 in it. Save and close the file. You can now start Arma3.exe multiple times. (Must start it through the .exe, not Steam). You may want to start it with the -pause argument too, so the game keeps rendering when focus is lost. Also, set your game to windowed, and lower you graphics settings before you start any instance of the game. Whether or not this is condoned I do not know. But it's the only viable solution for testing multiplayer missions, as calling in your friends every 2 seconds makes you lose friends. And it's just tiresome to say "Does this work?", "Do you see this?", all the time, without actually knowing what they're seeing.
  20. What error does it print? And if Uav_cas is a unit, then this is wrong: Uav_cas join createGroup West; Should be: [uav_cas] join createGroup West;
  21. No. parseNumber returns 1620035, but whatever you're using to read the value converts it to a string using scientific notation, and loses some of the precision. 1.62004e+006 is 1620040. Just wrote a simple function that converts to string without using scientific notation. MTP_fnc_numberToString = { _number = _this; _str = ""; if (_number % 1 == 0) then { while { _number > 0 } do { _digit = floor (_number % 10); _str = (str _digit) + _str; _number = floor (_number / 10); }; } else { _decimals = _number % 1; _decimals = _decimals * 1000000; _number = floor _number; _str = _number call MTP_fnc_numberToString; _str = _str + "." + str _decimals; }; _str; }; Usage: 1620035 call MTP_fnc_numberToString Returns: "1620035"