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  1. Does anyone know how i would go about adding factories to arma 3 life mods, much like the cherno life mod, i would like to see one with a full player economy ( if anyone knows of a server whcih has this pls let me know so i can join it) where for instance cars would be produce by players, I.E civ mines raw materials > converts to components > Puts components in factory (after purchasing it) Produced car> transports to car shop > sells it to market. how would i do this ( i have no scripting knowlege) is it easy to do?
  2. jimos

    Start server mods

    I'm not writting them im copy and pasting them from the folder names i dont know how your getting these spaces ---------- Post added at 10:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:19 AM ---------- I've just tried typing eachone in it still doesn't work ---------- Post added at 10:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:22 AM ---------- I've managed to get it working so far thanks :)
  3. jimos

    Start server mods

    i managed to get it working then it stopped again we've no idea whas going on this is what im trying to get atm profiles=arma3 -config=server.cfg -cfg=arma3\arma3.cfg -mod=@blastcore_a3;@cba_a3;@rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3;@tacbf
  4. jimos

    Start server mods

    what do you mean spaces i cant see any?
  5. Im trying to get my server to load mods but it is not behaving ive used the command line and added this to the mod section -@cba_a3;@us_helos_kimi;@mas_nato_rus_sf_veh;@js_jc_su35;@cha_lav25;@blastcore-tracers;@agm;@jsrs2lite;@tacbf;@rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3;@task_force_radio;@asdg_jr@asdg_jm;@blastcore_a3;@fa18_a3;@l_es;@nato_russian_sf_weapons but it stukk wont load them.
  6. jimos

    User Mission Request Thread

    i've no idea all the rhs servers i find =seem to be running different versions of arma 3. ive looked in the mp thing you might be right ill take a look at it now ---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:52 AM ---------- Any ideas where the mission file is stored or what it's called ---------- Post added at 11:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:28 AM ---------- The folders im finding on my pc are empty
  7. jimos

    User Mission Request Thread

    Are there any RHS BECTI ARMA 3 missions avaliable? one with all the rhs units in?
  8. Have you finished making this yet i really need a warfare mod with rhs in it :(
  9. jimos

    Co-op cti

    Has anyone made a CO-OP cti for arma 3 like the one we used to have on ARMA which was based on points/score instead of money like warfare is? If not im interested in someone who can make this, i'd like it to have mods added to it such as extra aircraft and stuff from the roh mods. Also interested in anyone who can edit warfare to use fixed bases, dont know how to do this myself the only thing i know how to do is add tanks to the factory :/
  10. jimos

    [MP] GWAR3 (Gossamer's Warfare 3)

    what mods are we allowed to use and which servers are up pls
  11. Hello how/where do i add the @mod part to the server so it will know to load mods? im very confused ive uploaded them to the server an everything i just dont know where to put the startup parameter
  12. Is it possible to put all my downloaded mods in 1 folder and use only 1 startup paramater, ive noticed that when i used arma 3 sync everything was put into 1 folder and launched with just 1 paramter e.g @tcg i want to do the same thing for my server im sorting out addon sync now is this the only way to do it
  13. Ive discovered that 2nd of the 2 planes int he list doesnt lock onto anything but when i tried the 1st one in my list it worked for air targets, the gps bombing was a bit tempremental tho. am i supposed to have 2 of the same plane ?
  14. Hello i'm having problems with this mod, it does not lock on to enemy air or ground targets