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    ArmA2; Windows 7 64x bit. Failure.

    I'm using Windows 7 64-bit - So far, I've had no errors running ARMA II. Same with ArmA.
  2. It is in the first post. If you had looked before, you would've noticed that there have been some edits.
  3. -RCR-Raptor

    "Cannot Commit" 1.03

    Rgr, thanks for help. :)
  4. -RCR-Raptor

    "Cannot Commit" 1.03

    I as well am having this error. or Commit Charge. I cannot remember, but I'm on the Manhatton mission, and cannot save anymore. Just keeps going to the commit error.
  5. You can view the post Here
  6. That would be because, those Troops are for ArmA 1.
  7. -RCR-Raptor

    Operation Northstar --- TROOPS

    Great jobs guys! :) I have found one bug, when using Night Vision, you will see that the goggles will not be on his face, but between his legs ;) ~ Raven / Griffen / Raptor