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    I believe that what ever is going to be released at some point in time, is a Beta. What the dev team is doing now is alpha testing there creation. And it will be finished when the team feels it is good enough for a wider audience. I don't know why this can be so hard to understand for anybody :) In the group where I'm playing we have been following this very close. We also hope for a release very soon so that life as a Tatical ArmA gamer becomes even more fun.
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    Hi, I added a mirror: http://phoenixsoldiers.org/dl/arma2ts_v005.zip
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    fed up of teamkilling, and servers

    Hi Windexglow... We have fun! :) It is just that we are having fun not getting killed or at least trying hard not to get killed. It is not more serious than that. Try it out...
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    My results: Texture Detail - Normal Anisotropic Filtering - Normal Terrain Detail - Normal Objects Detail - Normal Shadow Detail - Normal PostProcess Effects- Low Fillrate - 100% Cpu - Intel Core 2 6700 @2.66 GHz Ram - CORSAIR 4GB GPU - nVidia 8800 GTX (768 MB RAM) (Driver: v/182.50) OS - XP Pro Resolution - 1680 x 1050 Normal Score - 2771