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  1. Or...just allow the reverse, a "manual drive" the same as "manual fire."
  2. Is it as realistic as real life BFTs that break all the time and take minutes to send a simple text message? I kid, I kid :P
  3. They really need WAY more brownout during a helicopter landing. You can be through clearing the 3rd house by the time the dust settles in real life...
  4. Lauxman

    Tank Questions & Hopes

    World War II Online has had a better armor simulation than ArmA for like, a decade now.
  5. Lauxman

    North Korea General

    If the North Korean government acts on that, then they are so unstable it means we should have cut the head off the snake with direct force much sooner than now. Are we no more clever than the European leaders during 1914? If NK is just looking for an excuse for war and Anonymous is all it takes to cause something kinetic to kick off, then we should have been justified in a pre-emptive strike much sooner, turning suspected missile sites into glass.
  6. Lauxman

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    In that case, let BIS keep the game somewhat realistic. Leave the Iron Man suits to the modders.
  7. Lauxman

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    The internet is huge in the military, but on the battlefield, name one way it changed things. Not in the planning of operations, but on the battlefield for an infantryman. Tablets and handheld devices changed the civilian world, but name one way they've been featured on the battlefield. No, we still use handheld GPS that has advanced, but still retains the same features, along with simple maps. Especially if we're talking about battling with a fictional conventional military that no doubt by 2035 will have a strong cyberwarfare department? In that case, the battlefield advantage would go to the LOWER tech conventional military, not the conventional military that relies on their virtual reality technology. The internet and tablets revolutionizing the civilian world have obviously been adopted by the military, but not on the actual battlefield. They make no difference to an infantryman. Again-go watch a video on Youtube of a firefight today, and then go watch Black Hawk Down. 20 years and, really, how different is a firefight? The huge things that have changed are the surge of IEDs on the modern battlefield (surprisingly absent from ARMA) and unmanned vehicles. But you'll probably start asking for the robot from that one Gerard Butler movie with machine guns and hellfires on it because it was in an action movie.
  8. Lauxman

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    Or he's in the military and he's seen that these changes are not widespread, and combat operations today are about the same as they were when you watch Black Hawk Down, on a battle 20 years ago. We just use less iron sights now. Streaming augmented reality glasses? Give me a break, we still use paper maps and DAGRs. And do you know why things won't change to exoskeletons and all this sci-fi stuff? Not because the advances in technology won't be made, but because they're simply not needed. As said above, unmanned ground vehicles and UAS are the future, but in an infantry simulation, there really shouldn't be much change.
  9. Lauxman

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    I'm still not seeing the huge leaps in the last ten years that people keep talking about it, other than UAS.
  10. Lauxman

    North Korea General

    Biggest foreign debt holder...and they barely own 10% of the debt. I'm sure we're shaking in our boots. True about the MPs being screwed by their chain of command, that happened at COP Keating, too. But I've never heard of a chain of command in my experience in the American or British military that I've worked with who would ever ignore a request to a military patrol for extra small arms ammo. Again, MPs aren't anywhere near the level of infantry in the American Army-but they like to pretend that they are. I've never seen a British MP leave the wire. They're good at what they're supposed to do-documenting investigations and such, and they're certainly more courteous as FOB police than American MPs. But I wouldn't trust an MP any more than a cook or a clerk as an infantryman.
  11. Lauxman

    North Korea General

    A helicopter crash is one thing. That's not being overwhelmed by an enemy force. And nobody ever said that RPGs are obsolete. If they were, we wouldn't put RPG cages on our vehicles. If British MPs are anything like American MPs, they don't know how to handle themselves in a firefight anywhere near to the level of infantry. They only carried 50 rounds each? That's pathetic. 150 rounds each is pretty weak, too. A four-man team of SEALs is not a platoon. And I'm willing to bet that those four SEALs still killed a large amount of insurgents before they perished. Part of the discipline I mentioned includes not underestimating the enemy. Even when he has been underestimated, the enemy has tried to and failed to overrun professional combat forces, suffering horrific losses. (COP Keating, and that battle that the Soviets made that movie 9th Company about...) While losing 8-18 guys is pretty rough for a modern military in one fight, losing 100-150 insurgents just to kill 8-18 guys obviously shows that modern forces cannot be overwhelmed. I'm still waiting for you to show me where Coalition forces have been overwhelmed in a firefight recently. Guerillas cannot win in a straight-up firefight. The only way they win a large war is when they grow large enough and have enough of a national army defect to the rebels, and then it's conventional on conventional warfare. The Chinese don't hold anywhere near the majority of American debt. And what do you think Chinese leadership would choose-war with the West for the sake of North Korea, or maintaining their own economic relationships with the United States?
  12. Lauxman

    North Korea General

    Nobody considers RPGs obsolete. If you had any military experience you'd know that. But since you don't know the difference between an IED and a mine, I wouldn't expect you to know much. There hasn't been a single infantry platoon that has just been overrun and wiped out in Iraq or Afghanistan. The political fallout of a military defeat like that would be immense. 30-40 Coalition servicemembers killed/wounded/captured in one day? Please. Remember what happened when an entire city tried to overrun a group of barely 100 highly-trained US servicemembers in Mogadishu? Thousands of militia were killed, as opposed to 17 Americans. An insurgency cannot accept a casualty ratio of 100 to 1. They can barely handle 1 to 1. A conventional military force is almost impossible to be overrun by insurgents due to superiority of discipline, tactics, firepower, and air superiority.
  13. Lauxman

    Trigger follow through

    There's a ton of marksmanship skills that are important for infantryman. How are we going to model keeping your sight picture?
  14. Lauxman

    Safety / Weapon Malfunctions

    There's no realistic way to make something as reflexive as flicking off the safety and making it realistic by giving it that level of responsiveness in-game. What will the consequences be of leaving your safety off in-game? If you're SF will you be allowed to leave the safety off your weapons?
  15. Lauxman

    North Korea General

    So since when are mines (lol, they don't use military landmines often, genius) and AKs, PKMs, RPGs, and DSHks obsolete weapons?