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  1. it's so sad ... :( now we know: dedicated doesn't help too much for cti game
  2. your graphics chip is waiting for cpu to feed it. clearly, your weak part is CPU here. PURE LOGIC , people need to understand that. identify wich part is the bottleneck: set resolution to 640x480 no AA , no aniso. same FPS ? lawl , you find .
  3. "@Proper vegetation low" detail man , just sayin'
  4. GLeek

    Is it really that hard to run smoothly?

    personnaly, i find huge firefight in big city , a pain in arss. my Q6600 run @2.8ghz , but it's definitly not enough in regards of my FPS. i speak about 18 20max. 15FPS at chernogorosk doors tonight :( ... i don't think L2 cache could does the difference. Q9xxx , what for ? I would like to know if an OCed cpu could make things better. i'm not sure...
  5. GLeek

    GPU Comparison Links Requested

    from 3870 X² to 4870 => from 4890(15% more than 4870) to 5870 => now you have tracks. my hint is 4870 X². cheap & nearly equal to 5870, but hurry up , the more you wait, the harder it will be to find one . ps: source from Hardware.fr
  6. GLeek

    [Patch 1.05 Bug] AI won't follow player

    the pb is , AI walk backward , clueless, brainless, and totally ruin my domi experience. BI need to adresse this BUG A.S.A.P
  7. xeno: the base is constantly attacked. i don't understand why , cause i set base sabotage to false.
  8. it left the picture as sharp as full rez, without use the crapola picture scaling of your display monitor . the picture will be centered, not as big as the screen itself . a good compromise
  9. Hi. i have bug with AI variant mission. often, my AI stop to follow my order. and walk somewhere . i try to stop them , to order them to move here and there but so far, nothing work. i must erase them and redo the action. make me sick. is it a known problem ?
  10. GLeek

    1.05 released

    thx Bi guys
  11. Thanks :p* edit: you still plan to sparse a bit grass right ?
  12. GLeek

    Optiminal Specs Arma2

    thanks for the lolage Lawl ' date=' one more time please :D you don't squate chernogorosk too much, do you ? :D :D :D