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  1. Those look like ARMA2 campaign fixes? Have there been any fixes in the past to PMC coop campaign? Me and a friend tried to play that without success due to numerous bugs.
  2. Cornstar, have you had ANY luck getting the PMC coop campaign working? There has been absolutely no feedback on this issue, its preventing us from playing PMC coop campaign.... The damn dev-heaven.net site is down and wont load on the link u gave.... are we excited for ARMA3? HELL NO
  3. Any updates on this issue? We basically have a game we cant play because of this bug... And now ARMA3 is announced, dont think we'll be buying that if we cant even finish PMC.
  4. Yapab

    I think we can all agree... optimization

    I agree, the ARMA2 engine needs to be scrapped and something new needs to be built. Not getting ARMA3 unless I see "new engine" or proof that it actually runs well. Also, we cant even finish PMC coop campaign so why would we get excited or happy about ARMA3.... bugs prevent us finishing it and they are still on the "to do" list in the CIT...
  5. Ok just another update to our BUGGY ARMA PMC saga.... in coop. After finally beating mission 4 without having to reload (1 life) and avoiding the numerious bugs... we are up to mission 5... which is just as buggy. First of all, save issue is still present which makes this mission very hard on 1 life. Secondly, none of us has the HEAT scope... so we are basically stuck guessing where the engines are... if we restart the game the heat scope is back but for only 1 round... if we die and revert its gone. Thirdly, the AI tanks CHEAT and know exactly where the guy with the AS50 is once you fire once. I hit a tank and it tracked me even tho I was behind LAND MASS.... my friend could run up to the tank and stand next to it... it wouldnt attack him.. was fixed on me even though I'm 500meters away behind land. Never saw this kind of cheating AI in ARMA2. Lastly the game on this mission crashes to the desktop at random times for BOTH of us... This mission is the final straw, its not possible ti finish it because of the save and crashing bugs... apart from being hard because of the cheating tanks. Think this will be our last ARMA2 game... which is sad because we do enjoy them since the very first OP Flashpoint back in 2001 I'm pretty sure, still have the original DVD.
  6. Ok we played some more today and got past the 2nd or 3rd mission by doing a manual save on the HOST computer. This appeared to work fine with resume. However on mission 04: Transportation this no longer works, and a new "resume" bug is happening.... Here is a youtube of whats happening: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZjGCcu6mNk I have uploaded my (host) save file to the bug report created above by Cornstar... We have now given up on ARMA coop.. campaign until a serious fix is created for this issue, its just not fun or playable. oh and check this out: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594684767924466685/7EA2FFC2E42C296917425B83B4BFA0A52F84C968/
  7. Thanks Cornstar, we probably wont play till Tuesday or even weekend (time limited) but will check back and upload our save file etc when we do. Thanks,
  8. Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I want to see if this is a common issue and something that can be easily fixed/adjusted/circumvented to play on. Next time we play and reload a save, ill save the files requested and do a bug report.... do you need my save game (host) or client files/logs?
  9. Hi, After a while away from ARMA2 me and a friend decided to get BAF and PMC (specifically PMC for the coop). We are very very disappointed with the quality of the product after ARMA2 has been out for over a year. We finished the ARMA2 campaign and loved it, but it was very very buggy.... we thought maybe something would be learnt from that but I guess not much work has been done on COOP gameplay which is advertised. 2 Issues in just the first 4 missions: 1) Save games dont work in COOP for the client. a) Start mission b) Play c) die/fail mission d) click "resume" (to load the save game) e) Host game loads and host has AI player companion. f) Client game is stuck on black "loading" screen with no activity.... game cant be quit or exited, only solution is ALT-F4. We maged to get up to mission 5 as they were easy and we didnt die once, but I dont think it'll be fun playing larger missions without a save/checkpoint working. 2) Client does not hear or see "cutscenes" or story text (white text) when missions load etc So far those two issues are totally ruining the experience, not being able to load save game and client not seeing story is bad, he doesnt know what is going on and this kills the atmosphere. I have to read all the talk/chat between the characters to him over mic. So I'm asking for help on fixing the save issues and possibly the story text issue too.... if not then hopefully BIS will see this and maybe fix it? Oh and I've posted bug reports before and didnt see them fixed for months (ARMA2 related back a year ago)... not going down that path again. Thanks, Yapa
  10. Yapab

    Does ARMA II support SLI?

    hehe ok no offence taken :) I too wish we could fix or solve the issue where in cities/built up areas the game fps drops to very low fps numbers even though CPU and GPU usage is low.
  11. Yapab

    Does ARMA II support SLI?

    Well to be honest I've read through every post and it could have been answered and solved in 1 simple thread... it was obvious he was CPU limited from the start. No need to go on a wild goose hunt ;)
  12. Hi, I and a friend got OA when it first came out to pay the campaign in COOP, unfortunately its design means your not actually playing together but in different parts of the game, sux badly. We are wondering if any wizkid modder out there can edit the vanilla OA campaign so that we play side by side.. just like in ARMA2? I think this would be easy for a modder as they would just need to shift playable character to say one soldier in each scenario, but out of my league. We never got in OA and shelved it because of the bad coop design, now we got both DLC and are eager to play PMC in coop as its more like ARMA2 where your side by side (cover each other, helping each other out in guns fights, the fun stuff!), but we'd like to finish OA as its unfinished business :) Thanks, Yapa
  13. Yapab

    Does ARMA II support SLI?

    Wish I saw this thread earlier and saved you a lot of time. ARMA2 is more CPU limited in city areas (around buildings) than GPU limited, even if you run all GPU settings to high. In benchmark1 you are CPU limited, thats why it gave u 2 fps more when you overclocked slightly and no extra fps when you turned SLI off. Just 1 GTX470 is enough to "ALMOST" max out ARMA 2 in most scenarios (except smoke grenades). What you need is a 4Ghz or higher CPU, sadly this still wont give you 60fps in towns/city areas, ARMA2 uses Quad CPU's but STILL IMO has issues. For example, my Quad @ 3.8Ghz gives me about 22fps in large towns, yet its usage shows only 65%... and GPU's (SLI) at less than 50%. So basically the engine still needs to be optimised more, as its not using CPU/GPU max and gives low fps in towns. The story is different when your in the woods/desert (non built up area)... in these areas the LOAD shifts to GPU. My two GTX275's in SLI run at 96% in those areas with all settings on V.High. Through my testing I found that "Terrain Detail" and "Object Detail" are the biggest problems for the CPU, I would recommend leaving them on "Normal" and putting everything else on V.High. This will give extra headroom for the CPU, which will allow your GPU's to work harder. Unfortunately even a 4.5Ghz cpu wont be enough to stress your 3GPU's in SLI in ARMA2. Finally, SLI does work VERY WELL in ARMA2, and scales up to 90%, your simply CPU limited like the rest of us :)
  14. Thats what I did and my friend did... cost us $36 AUD for ARMA2, OA, both DLC on Steam.... we will sell our DVD copies of ARMA2 and OA to get some $ back.
  15. Well I ended up purchasing Combined Operations and both DLC on steam, around $39 US... so about $36 AUD which is cheaper than the $48 Reinforements goes for at EB Australia. I'll prob now sell both ARMA2 DVD and OA DVD, also have Operation Flashpoint special edition DVD which I might sell too.