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    Hell in the Pacific 0.5 beta release

    I have now uploaded the mod Hell in the pacific on a Australian Server for all the Aussies out there... Server name: AUSCOG Hell in the Pacific Public server TS3: OGN 173.199.80:9257 ArmA2 Channels Forum: http://forum.auscog.com.au Enjoy
  2. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Nice Job Guys bring back memories... Can't wait for the release... will add it to my server as soon as its released...
  3. Here is a little weird story... I installed the 1.62 patch and all went well in the installing...Coool next I hit the arma2oa.exe to start it up... got the little boxes with the ticks ...all OK there.... then next a little window box jumped in front saying "ARMA2OA STOP Working ..windows looking for a solution"... ???? what the hell So after trying different ways of installing and playing around I still had the same problem.... next I checked the arma2oa.exe properties... BINGO... the compatibility mode was on XP SP3 which was weird as I'm running windows 7..... so to make shall everything would go right switched it to window 7 and I also ticked in privilege mode... run this program as administration..... apply all the options... After that everything worked...
  4. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Diving Under Water

    First I would like to say Congratulation on a Project that is bigger than Ben Hur Alot of ppl have designed addons for OFP,Arma series but you would have to be the only person who has taken on a Project that has a completely different category of it own. The amount of work that you have accomplished is unbelievable..... not just the mod but how you keep uptodate on your project... as I know what its like.... alot of time that goes into project updates is nearly the same hours or more just to show where you are.....[ I haven't seen [APS]Gnat for a year now] I also want to congratulate the ppl that have helped Feint in his project because its you that will help get this mod out to the public for everyone to enjoy a new type of game and keep ArmA alive and show the Arma players that anything can be achieved. So once again well done Feint really looking forward of seeing your project come alive. :)
  5. I'm sorry to say but Battleye will be staying on the server..... with finding that other servers that have it off are been hacked with cheaters. If you have problems with your battleye I would suggest to delete it and re-download it again.
  6. I would have to agree with this.... lighting is a major problem... even in zombie movie's you see alot of lighting in major cities like burning Barrels or burning buildings to get the light effect without putting the game play out of its realistic type of game. As for the zombies numbers... right now our new server in OZ had around 900 zombies and 69 Players on it.... and at that time the server was running really well.... the only problem we had was the ppl joining the server with overseas players joining the server with a 800 ping. You will have to remember that DayZ is only new and the Server admins and mod designers will eventually tune it in to what they are satisfied with to make this mod a great game to play. :)
  7. Company/Squad name ...Australian Community of Gamers = [AUSCOG] Originally from Oceanic Gaming Network = OGN One of the first OFP Servers in Australia and connections with BIS [Game Programmers] Game Play Coop,PvP,CTI and many more. Contacts darkphantom@auscog.com.au Website http://auscog.com.au Server [AUSCOG]ArmA 3 Alpha address
  8. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    ArmA 2 site hacked

  9. Hmmmm Interesting tho bad timing releasing the news.... as April Fools is around the corner...tho depends on what country your from :j:
  10. Actually that's a good question..... but to me I found a simple answer I found that on my servers everyone prefers BE warfare than the issued standard model.... The standard first warfare was released in Arma and alot of players understand the basic game play before mission makers come out with a upgrade ...more detail on what to do....more gadgets to play with :D Its like if you had 2 Mobile phones to pick from..... both same price, same make.... but one has extra gadgets to do extra things to play with .... what would your choice be ? Alot of ppl go straight to the extras as they think they are getting a better deal and of course some goto the standard side to get use of the item first before upgrading.... that's how I look at missions which are basically the same thing to me....... but always give that choice to the public as they feel wanted and important :)
  11. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    People Hacking the Server? How can we Tell?

    BattlEye is working... we got this one today Player Hexi got kicked by BattlEye: GameHack #17. Now banned from our server
  12. Well unless there is a major Fix in the Server side ...especially a Combined Server...... Missions are going to be very confusing for the new buyers
  13. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    MP for Australia?

    Checkout GameTracker http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma/AU/ Should help you with good servers that are running in Australia.
  14. Need a little more info.... such as what country you live in.... tho online gaming is getting better but closer to home would be even better... Also need to look at renting or non renting a server... Personnel opinion is find a close provider that has already setup a system in your area and do some emailing to see what they can help you with. Most of the providers will do anything if you have the numbers to supply.
  15. I would have to agree with Breeze..... this was basically a Standalone game and not intended to run as a combined server.....ppl are getting confused with the release and not seeing it as what it is. Ive been with BIS running servers since day one starting with OFP in Australia and of course in those days online was only just coming into game-play but as the years went by and the games got more popular running a server was starting to get more involved..... so what I'm trying to say that servers and games are starting to become separated and game developers need to look at this on day one and not leave it to the public to fix the problem. BIS I have found are one of the best in the Market that stick with their game and back it up by 100% so I would say that BIS are looking into this and hope we will see something come out to satisfy both the gamers and the server administration.
  16. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    "Patch 1.07 available for download"

    I get the same message when joining a server thats running ArmA 2 1.07 v only..... I have installed ArmA 2 Arrowhead [sprocket V]into my Arma 2 Dir which turned it into a Combined Game.... When Joining a Server which has Arrowhead only I have no problem thier and same with a Combined Server.... But Joining a Server that only has ArmA 2 v1.07 I get the Message "Patch 1.07 available for download".... so just press ok and I still get in without any problems.... to get rid of the message add -nopatchcheck to your shortcut exe Alot of server don't say what they are running ..such as standalone or Combined and then you also have servers that are running signatures on aswell which can also block you from getting in...... Personnal opinion.... Get ArmA 2 Arrowhead and find Servers that your happy with and stick with them....make shall they have forums running so you can keep uptodate on whats running with in the servers.
  17. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Server arma2 + arrowhead

    Its ok found the problem.....wasn't in the same Dir
  18. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Server arma2 + arrowhead

    Interesting.... as I have made a mission with OA and Arma 2 addons but the mission will not run with the arma 2 addons ? Arrowhead was installed on the server into the Arma 2 Dir. Is there anything else I need to setup for the server to accept both addons Arma 2 and OA Works fine on the client server but not on a dedicated server
  19. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Just a simple question I think ....:confused: ArmA 2 was v1.05 and now v1.07 Arrowhead is v1.52 when released What is Arma 2: Combined Operations version??... It say v1.52 but is that Arrowhead only ? Or are we going to have different version like we had in the past..... before they finally upgraded all types to 1 version. So if we have a server that was running v1.07 and I upgrade it with standalone OA1.52 does that make the server now v1.52 which means any new patches come out for arma 2 would now have to look at OA patches for upgrades.
  20. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Tactile Vest

    Been waiting on a email from them since last week to see if they are going to bring it out on Arma 2....... still waiting :confused:
  21. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    A2 after Arrowhead..

    As in the past history servers fade out with the past games after the upgrade releases .....If you want the latest and the best I would recommend to get OA as there won't be many servers left online that will not be running OA and arma 2 on the same servers... A server admin would be mad not too. Going to take a few days into weeks before you will see any new missions to be added for OA and not to mention mixed standard addon missions that will also be coming out aswell.... Going to be interesting how the outcome is going to come out and the future of Arma 2 .... this will be seen in the next few months starting with July
  22. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Do you like the ArmA2 OA box art?

    All I can say is that at least they are concentrating on the main part and that's the game..... :rolleyes: The cover will end up on the shelf like all my other BIS games gathering dust.... the best part is sitting in my DVD ROM which will stay for another few years. :D Like the old saying "Don't judge a book by its cover"
  23. Have to admit TangoRomeo you have done a excellent Job here....one of the most top items I look for in games is sound effects and true sounds and what you have done here is pretty well close to nailing it... congratulations !!! job well done.;)
  24. -OGN-DarkPhantom

    Where are the Christmas Trees?

    Arhhh yes the Good old days.....still have great memories of the Christmas trees:rolleyes: