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  1. Programmers are just incompetent. This ridiculous Battlecrap scans my HDD, creating lags beyond anything human and then kicks me because it takes too long? Pathetic. And the real hackers roam free laughing at this joke.
  2. Looks like this mission was now "released" with ACR. What a joke. Besides that I can't see a truck anywhere. There is nothing approaching and nothing leaving, I am just stuck sitting on the hill and waiting until I die of old age.
  3. Andi

    ACR War Criminal

    Same for me. Also so far I'm totally disappointed about this "DLC". The new area is just a montage of Chernarus villages and landmarks. Mission bugged as always. Do they even beta test before release?
  4. Exactly what I encountered. I only made it one time so far to destroy the enemy base and capture all villages, but the mission would not end. On a side note, for some reason the Russian Checkpoint task was marked as failed. Don't know why and how. I could never finish that one off. But for some other reason, the box on the mission selection screen ticked it green although I never made it to debriefing. Good enough for me :D
  5. Yeah, I thought Gamestar meant the final release of 1.18, but since I can't find anything here... :j: Next breaking news on Gamestar: Big oil leak caused by BP. omg, wtf, bbq!
  6. German news mag Gamestar just reported 1.18 has been released. http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/armed_assault/downloads/armed_assault,34934,2316549.html But there's nothing on the forum here. :confused:
  7. Andi

    Vietcong 3

    He is written Nguyen and pronounced more like "Nyuen". The voice actor pronounced it wrong, which probably still is correct since real US soldiers did the same back then :D OT: VC shares my "Greatest game ever" award with OFP
  8. I doubt there will ever again be any word from BIS on ArmA 1. I gave up the hope already.
  9. Andi

    ArmA Armed Assault in the wrong language

    since patch 1.12, you can switch language in the options menu.
  10. Andi

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Not quite. I think the marketing management of CM did an outstanding job. Despite the fact that the game is just plain bullshit, they were able to masquerade the whole thing as something what it just is not. Until the release date. Just look at the game mags. What about those preview versions? Either they believed too, that all the promised things will eventually show up in the final, or they just played along with a little side profit. No, the marketing was spectacular, hence not a single tone from them since release. Any company in the world dreams of such a marketing, believe me that.
  11. 31 servers running 1.18RC 2 servers running 1.17 7 servers running 1.16 83 servers running 1.14 Is there ever going to be a final release of 1.18 or will this situation be permanent?
  12. Andi

    Reinstalled ArmA

    You'll be disappointed with OFP running all on max. I have quite a new machine (AMD X4 620, 4 GB Ram, HD4870), and I'm not able to set all setting to max and go above 2km VD. If I do that in config, the game will eventually crash on startup saying there's not enough free memory (I think the hardcoded max Memory recongition is 2 GB). If I set the settings in the game, the game will just run with about 0,1 fps (before crashing). Old engine :cool:
  13. Windows Vista and 7 don't like EAX, sound driver issues etc.
  14. Andi

    No Online Servers

    Make sure it shows the Internet server list, not the LAN server list. Happened to me a few times :D