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  1. IDF1

    Israel Defence Force

    i have only arma 2..
  2. IDF1

    Israel Defence Force

    why its dont work to me?i need some patch?:butbut:
  3. miles u can do officers tags to the idf units? like this
  4. why the medic have no weapon?
  5. hi where i can find mod for japan army in ww2? thx
  6. damn its good!thx miles i wait for this so muce! :D
  7. miles you make a merkeva 3 and 2?and puma?
  8. You can make sinai or lebenon maps?
  9. when the history mod is out ? :(
  10. IRAN? haha lol:D i in the idf..on the canons("tothanim")
  11. In the historic mod you gonna make also new maps?(like lebanon or sinei)..