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  1. hey guys. i've been playing arma2 a lot until about 3 or 4 months ago and now im coming back. i missed the game and was wondering about new AI mods that came out while i was away. the most interesting mods for me are gameplay changing mods like AI mods, which didnt exist 4 moths back. now i tried to do my homework and searched for what's available and i DID come up with SLX, flexi's and zeus' mods. what i WOULD like to ask is - which AI mod seems to be better or which ones is better at what? and, of course, how can they be combined, if at all. what im personally looking for is a AI mod that makes the AI use cover more frequently, not do the "stand-prone-stand-prone-crouch-prone-stand-prone" routine and less detection. i read so much about each mod and i see that detection was the no.1 change for these mods but didnt find much about the changes in taking cover or stances managment. sadly, my computer is being fixed ATM so i cant test these myself, so do u think it's possible to compare the mods? tell which one is best at what, in your personal optinion? thanks a lot for any pointers guday
  2. what i think is more important than tweaking distance of pop ups is tweaking the way they appear. i dont think its possible via simple mods but BIS should have incorporated a fade in effect instead of the ugly pop in. if making trees FADE in instead of pop-in is possible than ppl wouldnt mind so much about the pop ins.
  3. well, i finally got these to work (DLed them one by one :P ) and its really cool to see the old familiar ARMA1 maps in ARMA2 but lets not compare the quality of the 2 games. no wonder the ARMA1 maps work better - they are really less detailed and look worse. the engine is updated and it's nice but the ARMA2 maps are much much better. if the Chernarus was to work THAT smoothly it would have to look a lot worse and i wouldn't want to sacrifice it's visual fidelity. thanks for bringing the CAA1 to our attention though!!
  4. i think that mouse lag u r experiencing is a bug\glitch\error\boo-boo. it shouldnt be there if the game works fine. personally i dont get 30 FPS all the time but even when im down at 25 i dont get mouse lag. some ppl get it and some don't. i hope that those who do will be able to help u out cuz i sure cant. sorry.
  5. topeira

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    oooooh, WICKED! i cant wait for the next addition! those gas masks look awesome.
  6. nice! indeed, desert units ARE out of place here, BUT it still looks cool and i'd love to add it to my skin mod folder :) by all means - finish squishing the bugs and re-up this.
  7. topeira

    Floating zone poll

    i dont like the floating zone at all because if uhrts my aiming. im used to normal FPSs and that's how i like it. but after reading what ppl said here i might try it for a bit. see if i change my mind.
  8. guys, thanks a lot for taking so much time to try and explain. forgive me but my enlish ain't perfect nor is my "scriptonese" :P so i gotta ask: what is ARRAY and what is LOON ? how would u translate it to someone who doesn't speak english?
  9. in many cases i like to give a this setunitpos "middle" to soldiers so they stay crouched and behave a lot more realistically. this is a really simple question - what do i type in the init of the squads leader so that every soldier under his command has "this setunitpos "middle" behavior? if u can explain what does all the _X and the { means than i'll be grateful since i can vaguely remember what the init line should look like, but im far from knowing it... and googling it gave me nada. thanks :)
  10. topeira

    New to editing

    im not sure on how to instruct you on how to "capture things". i'd like to read an answer as well, but what u can do is set an area and tell the mission to be "successful" and END if that area has no enemies in it. it's kinda like "capture" the area. this is simple, really - u place a trigger (F3) and set it to a certain area that u'd like to be empty of enemies. set it to, say 200X200 (top of the trigger window). then u set it to OPFOR and NOT PRESENT and and the TYPE u set it to END1 or any other end number. that's it. it means that if opfor is not present in that area than the mission ends. u can go to EFFECTS and at the buttom of the list palce EFFECT of TEXT and in the most buttom line set what text u'd like to appear. if u want u can place number of triggeres to test things and then give a text that tells u which trigger got activated. u can also create a trigger, use the SYNCHRONIZE option (F5) and streach a line from that trigger to a soldier\vehicle. then when u enter the trigger instead of the BLUFOR\OPFOR\INDEPENDENT options u get VEHICLE\ENTIRE UNIT\ANY UNIT MEMBER and such so u can set triggers on specific units. that's the real simple stuff. if u want a more detailed help than u can keep asking and get others to help or me, if i can... dont give up on the editor. when u learn the basics of triggers than u can really get creative.
  11. topeira

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    YES!!! this. for the black ops and the mercs as well. yes again! :) pretty please :) these are my favourite skins, mate. great job!
  12. topeira

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    it seems like u are not too much in the loop of DR to know a lot about it, from what i read. not judging u as a person, of course :) the HUD can be turned off completely in the game. my questions are about the gameplay - i know it will probably feel a lot more like FC2 than ARMA2 but this might be a good thing in certain places. regardless: 1) how was the movement of the character? was it too fast? did it feel like u were floating? 2) did the weapons bob up and down while u were walking AND AIMING at the same time or was it like the weapons stayed glued to the center of the screen? 3) how was the draw distance of the grass and objects? i hate it so much when in ARMA2 the game looks great as long as there is grass but it looks like crap when the ground becomes flat. is that the case in DR as well? 4) when objects come into view - do they POP like in ARMA2 or fade in smoothly like in GTAIV? 5) how's the AI? i mean INFANTRY AI. u said it's kinda like ARMA2 but its very easy to see the faults of ARMA2's AI - they react slow, when u fire at them sometimes they just keep running like headless chickens instead of firing at u, they dont use cover when they engage. only when moving around... has the AI in DR used cover? did they seem to suppress the player? 6) was using the AI teammates easy in DR? could u order them around and get results? affective results? i really wish u can actually give answers out of your experience (crossing fingers....) disclaimer: i really dont care if DR is more realistic than ARMA or not since realism doesnt make a game good or bad. if it's a good game than it's a good game. i already have arma2. i dont another super-ultra-mega-uber realistic game. i got one. i need another game that does well what ARMA2 doesnt do well. i really couldnt care any less if arty interface was simplistic cuz it's affects on gameplay are tremendously small and if ppl put off a game cuz of that they are just fanboys how are obviously not objective and do not have an objective and relevant opinion.
  13. hi guys. 2 questions - 1) if i set the AI in the way point to "stealth" or "combat" than does that mean they will behave that way on their way to the way point (and from then on unless told otherwise in another WP)? the real question is - if i tell the AI to be STEALTHy, if they engage enemies will they change that behaviour or with they remain at STEALTH until the WP is satisfied\completed? can engagements with other enemies change their behaviour? 2) im using "this setunitpos "middle" a lot in the init lines to get AIs to go crouched. i find the AI more reactive and cool that way. is there a way to tell the AI to stay standing or ust normal but once engaged to go to "crouched"? cuz i want the AI to traves in "limited" and "safe" so they appear convincing in their behaviour but once they see an enemy and start engaging it i want them to go to "crouch". can it be done? is it simple? 3) is there a way to type in a WP that AIs will becomes "crouched" when they get there? its a shame i can tell them to go "stealth" and "aware" but i can't tell them to change stances. thanks :) thanks!