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  1. Hello fellow soldiers, I'm looking to find a squad that is need of a sniper/marksman? I'm from the uk so would be good if I could find a uk squad. I want to join a Realism unit if one has a spot for me. Many thanks
  2. shifftie


    It's in ur addons folder main directory I think under softtop
  3. So for my altis life server i decided to implement some new cop cars and some paramedic vehicles . I have made one texture for the cop car it is not the best right now but i will be changing it around. It doesnt require you to put it in an @mod folder just yet so if anyone would like to use my texture let me know. [/img] If you want to try out the vehicles my server has them running! Hills Of Cronus
  4. shifftie

    Altis Life RPG

    well im not sure how to add custom things =( thats what im trying to get done lol but it does save vanilla items
  5. shifftie

    Altis Life RPG

    Ok i will pay or donate to anyone that can help me add vehicles to my server. Been looking for hours and days and still cant get it to work. Also BTN mine saves on its own with cop gear not sure if i can maybe send u what files i have if u let me know what u would need.
  6. shifftie

    Altis Life RPG

    Thanks =) going to do that. I have one last question how do i add another faction? i have been searhing for the cop ranks location to mayble add a variable for them and things but im stuck. Sorry im new to editing life stuff normally not this bad at it so im failing
  7. shifftie

    Altis Life RPG

    Hi all, I know I have asked before but I'm pretty stumped now. I have managed to add a few extra things to our server but could really do with some help adding vehicles to stores and I'm trying to get hold of more skins. If anyone could help me I would be so thankfull. My steam addy is scottboy600 (don't laugh to hard I was a young lad back on counter strike lol) sorry I have tried adding vehicles myself but have to keep reverting back because the stores don't work. And I can't for the life of me do skins and add skins
  8. Sorry if this is the wrong place but I was wondering if it was possible to allow certain mods on my server I.e units and weapons without installing the mod folders on the server?
  9. little lost with that sorry im not new but still a little rusty in this area. do you maybe know somewhere i could get tips instead of wasting ur time sorry
  10. shifftie

    Altis Life RPG

    Hi all, Im really looking for some help in editing in some more features for our server. I know a little about what im doing and im a fast learner but i just want to know how to add more items. Also some new textures like swat and things. Also pmc would be great
  11. Thompson u will need something like Navicat to access ur db to see the ranks and things
  12. Any luck on this? would love to know how to do it
  13. shifftie

    Altis Life Editing

    To add if anyone has a guide or could help me I would really appreciate it I know many people have a server that they run so might not be inclined to help a new server but I could just do with advice on a few things. 1.adding maybe pms/medics/ems Thanks I hope to get a reply soon
  14. So our squad want to run weekend events running altis life and i was wondering how some people seem to have paramedics and things? Is this texturing or addons? I would love to add this feature so if anyone could maybe point me in the right direction or give me some advice to maybe provide a great server. I will also be looking for fellow devs and admins to help me as im not to happy doing it all alone. Thanks guys
  15. Mission Status Hello fellow Arma players. Tired of all the Altis Life servers? Fear not Tactical Reaction is here to save the day!! We are running a 40-man Invade and Annex server for tactical minded players to join us on a hot new server. Offering a game experience the way it should be. Tactical and realism is our aim playing it from start to finish with good teamwork. We do have one down side to our server which is we are running two mods that need to be installed to play! Why do we do this you ask?? Well we thrive to be a tactical team so that means adding a little extra to the game to give us more options out in the field. One of them options is extra units. Standard arma is fun and all but it doesnt give you that little extra when it comes to gear and loadouts. So that brings me onto the next mod we are running! That would be extra weapons! Again lets give us boots more option fighting the enemy adding more wepaon options means a more effective way to show Csat what we are made off! Anyone look at me going on i need to get back into the fight so look below for all the information you need to join us in the wars ahead. Server Info Server I.P: Server Needed Mods and Links Mod Name - NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons Download Links - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912 Mod Name - US Marine Corp and MARSOC Download Links - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22749 Also Required like normal will be CBA to run the mods but that will be all. If you get stuck pop over to our forums and let us know Teampseak 3 Info Teamspeak I.P: If you need anymore details then please post below or send me a message. Also please take the time to look at our site in support. http://tactical-reaction.enjin.com Easy way to find our server is to "Filter" Tactical Reaction.
  16. shifftie

    Server side question

    I seem to not be able to join mine with weaponresting?? do i need to so something to the configs?
  17. shifftie

    Server side question

    I don't think I explained that right. Basically I want be adding any new units to the mission I just would like to allow certain mods without installing the mod folders to the root server directory. So say a player joins that uses the gun rest script or the weapons adding. If I put the biker key in the server directory would it allow them to play and use the features?
  18. shifftie

    Altis Life RPG

    Just a quick one how do u remove the whitelist from the cops? Looked through here but cant seem to find anything?
  19. shifftie

    Tactical Reaction

    **Update** We now have our own server running Invade and Annex 40 man. Feel free to join us
  20. Statement Tactical Reaction is an international ARMA Community made up of dedicated players . We are an 18+ mature tactical community with many years experience in the Arma games. We thrive on bringing realism to Arma by using custom mods and squads to help improve your gaming experience. With our detail training and recruitment process we feel that our squads are ready for any situation. What we offer The chance to join a dedicated squad Promotions through our ranking structure. Medals and Ribbons Rewards The chance to gain experience and develop leadership skills. Training in Task Force Arrowhead Radio and ARMA weapons system. Custom Missions and Training Events A mature place for you to come and have a chat Squads We currently have three squads set up that are looking for members. As we grow so will our squads so keep checking the squad roster on the forums to see the current listings. Fox Hound - Special Forces Squad Rat Patrol - Standard Infantry Reaper Six - Our sniper team You can contact me through PM or the following Teamspeak Profile: Tactical Reaction Address: Password: Tact (case Sensitive) Website: http://tactical-reaction.enjin.com
  21. Hi, im looking for a uk based squad that has a spot for a sniper. Im a dedicated sniper that has not only played arma since the launch but I have always been a squad sniper! I can be very valuable on a mission when an over watch is needed or to help an extraction. Im looking for a mature group to team up with to enjoy the game the way it should be. I love playing tactical bringing realism to the game. If anyone has a spot for me then please post below or pm me I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading this far. *edit Im also a very good mission maker I have always made previousmissions for my old squads
  22. shifftie

    Want to start a Arma 3 clan?

    I would be up for that! if he doesnt then I will happily start a clan like the gd old days miss them! Pm me if ur interested or skype my which is shifftieman
  23. shifftie

    Zombie mission

    Thats the kind of thing im attempting but having problems with a money system. Still searching for anything that could help me. Also the random spawns script i used dont want to work in mp so i need new ones of them lol but im slowly working on it all. ---------- Post added at 09:15 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:14 AM ---------- Thats the kind of thing im looking to make. Im just having problems finding a money system and problems with random spawn areas! Cant find a script for Arma 2 and the post i made on another forum has had no results so im stuck lol
  24. shifftie

    Zombie mission

    Im making a mission that is a little like a sandbox. You spawn at a safe area and can earn money for killing zombies. A little like what we had on Arma but for Arma 2. If you want to join me you are more than welcome?