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  1. Misery is great. Too bad mine decided to start crashing suddenly. Used to work just fine.
  2. The irony. It is almost unbearable.
  3. GRS

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Anything nam to the early 90's is what I'd like to see. Or just remake the original OFP. I also would love to see a modern day one set somewhere like Korea or some Asian country or anywhere snowy. Those have been untouched by ArmA. Seriously, please, mountainous, snowy maps with pine trees. I love that type of setting. I know this wouldn't be likely but I'd also love to see one set in suburban/rural America. :D
  4. GRS

    Turkey gets it "Arab Spring" ?

    Democracy when most people don't know what they are voting on doesn't make much sense anyways. Especially given that majority opinion != necessarily correct. Unfortunately still the best system I've seen yet.
  5. GRS

    Arma Memes...

    Haha. I like that one. :D
  6. I had heard incorrectly then, I apologize. removed http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/10074586/Woolwich-attack-Women-passers-by-hailed-as-heroes-for-shielding-body-of-dead-solider.html
  7. Exactly my point. I'm glad I live where I live. It's a real shame he wasn't/couldn't have been helped. Nobody deserves that but the ones who did it. Knowing the country, they probably have some really good CCTV footage to help out AFTER the fact though... At least the animals that did this are gone. << Edit: I've been corrected.
  8. So word has it there was a 20 minute response time from the police. Take from that what you'd like. Poor guy.
  9. GRS

    European Politics Thread.

    Annnnnd off we go again.
  10. GRS

    European Politics Thread.

    A lot of things are good as an idea....
  11. GRS

    The what have you bought thread

    Don't want to be a part of the thread? Then don't post in the thread. Problem solved.
  12. GRS

    The boozer!

    24/7, 365 at any given gas station or food store here. :D
  13. GRS

    The what have you bought thread

    Are we talking tech stuff only? If not, I recently bought a Smith and Wesson 6904. If yes, I bought my first console game in almost two years, Dragon's Dogma, for the now dusted off 360; exciting, I know. It's actually pretty fun though. I wish they would release it for PC.
  14. GRS

    The boozer!

    Someone recommend me an all natural cider please. :D
  15. Right, because the big bad PMC outfit would wear uniforms clearly IDing themselves while carrying out this black flag op.... -_-