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  1. Does it have afterburner?
  2. Amuro

    Weird Texture bug on the Buzzard

    Same problem. Using Nvidia's latest drivers.
  3. No, not just the view. $74.64 is how much I ended up paying for as well.
  4. I bought the SE about 11-12 hours ago. Does anyone know why the SE is $74.64 for me and not $91.99? I thought it was due to VAT but the prices didn't change the other editions.
  5. Everything is so slow, the store, the forums, whenever something launches. Seriously, get better servers and or more bandwidth.
  6. Is ARMA3 still going to feature jets? I don't see them mentioned under the Vehicles section anymore.
  7. Amuro


    There's already an official SLI profile back in April and it worked great for the beta. It's a meant to be played title after all.
  8. Supporter user here. I'm wondering if the Steam key will be available to us prior to release so we can pre-load the game from Steam?
  9. Amuro

    jet fighter sp missions

    And I don't think Captain Scott Miller knows how to fly a jet, LOL.
  10. Amuro

    Submarines and Naval Battles

    Yes, I do consider them to be arcade.
  11. Amuro

    Submarines and Naval Battles

    It will never happen. ARMA's focus has always been the foot-soldiers. Even if they did add naval combat, it would be arcade, not realistic anyway.
  12. Amuro

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    I'm worried about the VRAM on the 680. 2GB is not just not enough for full view distance. There're 4GB versions but impossible to find water blocks for them.
  13. It's a realistic F-16 sim by Benchmark Sims (BMS) based on Falcon 4.0 but with a brand new DX9 graphics engine, new 3D model and cockpit, etc. You'd be having a hard time controlling the jet with just K+B though. Well, until there's a DCS: Viper with a complex dynamic campaign (which I doubt will ever happen since DCS' focus is dissimilar air combat), BMS 4.32 is the only option.
  14. I don't mind that at all. ---------- Post added at 03:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:32 PM ---------- But it made me commit a crime, pirating the original Falcon 4 in order to install BMS since it requires the .exe. :(
  15. Yeah, there is one. DCS Word + DCS Combined Arms + Official DCS aircraft + 3rd party paid add-ons.