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  1. On 22.11.2017 at 8:13 AM, tacticalchubz said:

    Great update, love the universal carrier.


    Noticed some minor stuttering when looking at some units, it's mostly vehicles and statics. Have the same problem with csa38, it's not game breaking but if anyone can suggest how to fix it that would be great. 

    I have noticed the same, both for CSA38 and FOW. 

  2. Hi,

    I updated pw6 with the latest update that was released some days ago.

    When trying to run IFA2 I get the following message:

    " Addon 'ISZoom_IF' requires addon 'lib_weapons' "

    When clicking OK, ARMA CO vanilla starts up.

    Any idea what can cause this?

    I haven't done any other changes than the update, although I do run other addons together with the base IFA2 ones. -However, this was not aproblem until I did the update.

  3. Hey guys,

    I just installed a new GPU (Radeon HD 7970) and all of a sudden I can only choose low and normal in texture details and video memory.

    At first the game ran ok, but i started fiddeling with the cfg file and the startup parameters as I after a period of time experienced blurry textures on objects in the game (units -especially helmets, the market stands i cities etc), and then all of a sudden this problem occurred.

    I have tried reinstalling the game several times I have also tried different versions of amd catalyst (uninstalling the previous ones through the installer)

    Does anyone know what causes these issues? I have no idea what to do and am considering reinstalling windows..

    Can anyone please help me?

    My specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 BIT

    i7 950

    6 GB RAM

    Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7970

  4. I know this have been covered before, but I just couldn't find it when searching the forum:

    There will be significant improvements to the AI for 2.6, right?

    -The reason I am bringing it up is that I have been playing around with inv44 in the editor for ages now, and the other day I thought it would be fun to go back and try the "modern" BIS units. The difference in the performance of AI was quite significant across the entire spector so to speak. Tanks prioritizing engaging other armor to infantry, distances of engagment, close quarter fights -you name it.

    I love your mod, and if inv44 AI will be up to speed with BIS AI for 2.6 -then that would be great!

  5. We've planned for a while now to do a whole release only, there won't be an option to patch from 2.51 to 2.6 mainly because pretty much every single file has been updated in one way or another while some other files are no longer used and redundant. So for those of you that don't have the old version installed, don't worry, you'd only have to delete it anyway.

    Does this mean that the class names will also be changed? I am just curious as I have put the current ones in the ASR AI userconfig.

  6. We're still working on it everyday, but a bit too busy to produce any promo material right now, although SFG does have another video in the editing process I'm not too sure when that will be released just yet. Testing continues to go well, we recently started using the 1.60 beta patch and the mp performance is just awesome, huge improvement to ArmA2 there. There were some issues with weapon resting and the new patch but thats all solved now thanks Homer! Keep an eye out for proper news soon, right now its back to working on the actual mod!

    Thank you PacUK/all of you guys in the inv44 team. Your hard work is very much appreciated! It's good to hear that testing is going well, this is going to be awesome:D

  7. I'm very impressed with the video but I can't help wondering whether focusing on fighter aircraft is worthy investment of your meagre resources.

    While I'm all for more content, I think its fair to say that A2 is an infantry simulator above all else. It smells a little like mission creep.

    Of course, if we do have the reources for more aircraft I dream of Lysanders dropping/picking-up SOE operatives, dropping/recovering arms & munitions from Halifaxes, parachuting Jedburghs from Carpetbaggers (black B-24s & C47s), etc.

    Don't worry, I believe these guys got it all under control.

    Btw, the immersive gameplay you get from being able to use all sorts of vehicles is what makes the ARMA series what it is if you ask me.. ;)