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    A plea from someone with lazy, stubborn friends

    I've been away for many moons now, but it's always nice that I can pop my head in here and see the same old faces (and some new) arguing that people should do things their way. ArmAholic was around long before most of you knew that ArmA existed, and it will be around long after you dawdle back to whatever community you view as better. There are valid reasons why some people don't use PWS, and there are even more valid reasons why people don't use Steam Workshop. Just because you used it doesn't mean anyone else has to. Why should addonmakers give a flying fuck about how lazy your friends are? If they can't figure out how to create two folders and drag some PBOs, or drag a single folder into the arma install location, why the hell are they playing ArmA? How the hell do they work a computer? Why the hell are you associating yourself with such people? Shame! A wise man once said...
  2. Darkhorse 1-6

    E3 (June 16-19)

  3. Darkhorse 1-6

    E3 (June 16-19)

    If we're talking about things that we all know inside our souls will never happen, then I would like to see a revival of Command & Conquer with EA getting on their knees and apologizing to fans for the death of Westwood Studios. Hey, I can hallucinate, right?
  4. Darkhorse 1-6

    E3 (June 16-19)

    Fallout 4, duh. Maybe, just maybe, some Mass Effect news.
  5. Darkhorse 1-6

    Hypersonic jet travels a mile a second

    read the article you link next time, please.
  6. Darkhorse 1-6

    The Killing of Osama bin Laden - by Seymour M. Hersh

    @drebin - That's brilliant, and so hilariously bullshit. (The 2nd quote, not anything you said) "They would not have blown the chopper" doesn't he know anything about the U.S. Military, or military operations and procedures in general? I mean come on, that that's what we did in Somalia in '93 for crying out loud. They were stuck for a full day trying to cut the bodies of the pilots out, but once they were out *they burned/destroyed the helicopter* because that is standard U.S. Military operating procedure if an aircraft cannot be recovered. The cockpit would have records, flight plans, radio information, sensitive technology, etc. etc. etc. and if the aircraft cannot be destroyed by it's crew, or friendly ground forces, due to time constraints or it's location, then they'll simply call in an airstrike and flatten it. Except only the first option was available here, so...
  7. Darkhorse 1-6

    Steam workshop policing is meant to work how?

    The creator of the content has the right to not upload it to Steam. In uploading anything to the workshop, you essentially sign away all the rights to it (or give Valve a copy of the rights you have, basically) and they can do whatever they want with it as long as they say it's connected with promoting Steam.
  8. Darkhorse 1-6

    Fictious arma world map

    Well, The ArmAversum isn't comprised of a bunch of islands in the Green Sea. The canon islands are spread out all over the place, and in most cases the community terrains are even more widespread.
  9. Darkhorse 1-6

    Request: Commissioned mod work

    Yeah... at last check you're not allowed to be paid to make addons using the BI tools, so.... no....
  10. Indeed! It'll be along eventually, probably. Until then Yoshi, your barbershop crate is being dropped into the middle of Chernogorsk, which ought to keep your mind off things while you fight off a bunch of communists.
  11. I'm one of the suckers that bought the Supporter's Edition, lol.
  12. This is priceless considering your history, Ranwer. Also, don't use "We". You do not speak for BI, the community, or addonmakers. Nobody speaks for the community or addonmakers, and only BI employees can speak for BI. This project doesn't violate any forum rules. I know because I had to be the one to burst the initial bubble way back when the idea was for TEI to be a MANW entry. Since this project is noncommercial, and is not generating any money in any way, they're in the clear. Not only that, but they're making all the content themselves (in some cases it's been donated to them) with the help of a crapload of reference pictures supplied by both devs and supporters. So before you go trying to throw your nonexistent authority around in an effort to start shit, I'd advise you to actually make sure you have some semblance of ground to stand on.
  13. Darkhorse 1-6

    HAFM - Eurocopter EC-635

    Just kidding. :p The weaponry you've mentioned is more than enough. Besides, there's really no way to replicate the way the crew chiefs would have to be bungee-corded to the helicopter or to just stand on the skid with no strap at all.
  14. Darkhorse 1-6

    Virtual firefight:lybia

    So... you want to make a cross between Battlefield/Call of Duty, and Project Reality, with the focus being on the Italian military, and the setting Libya? I doubt what you want could be accomplished in this engine, and anything approaching it would take a decade or two by yourself. Why not offer your services to the Pedagne mod, and help bring the Italian army into A3?
  15. Darkhorse 1-6

    United States Air Force

    No. Believe me, this project is small shrimp compared to some over the past decade. They didn't tailor their game to any of those mods, and they wouldn't do so for this one. Especially because they don't really care about the fixed wing aspect of the game. BI devs focus on the game itself and fixing issues/creating content. They do not help individual mods adapt to the game. Occasionally they hire people from within the community, but that's a bit rare and usually only happens with extremely talented people. Mondkalb is one example off the top of my head. Also, you're not really well informed about the DLC/the community/Bohemia if you think they ripped the content of Marksmen from the community. The Marksmen DLC adds features players have been requesting since OFP and Armed Assault (ArmA 1). That the community has addons to fulfill some these requests has nothing to do with Bohemia including them in ArmA 3. Weapon resting, AI suppression, etc. were common in mods 6-7 years ago. It's not a new idea. But what the DLC is is original Bohemia content, not anything ripped.
  16. Darkhorse 1-6

    HAFM - Eurocopter EC-635

    The OH-6 begs to differ. ;) https://picasaweb.google.com/114207287907309787759/SharedTradedPhotoS#5435682257628525682 The Vietnam era Loach carried a door gunner with an M-60 attached to the aircraft pretty much every time they went out on a mission. A 2nd/3rd pair of eyes combined with some added firepower/protection. There have also been other mounts, this one being one of the more ridiculous. :D
  17. After reading the last 15 pages or so it seems like at least 90% of the TEI team (or more?) disagreed with whatever spacenavy was doing, or saying, or how he was acting. Specifics haven't been posted, they'll probably never be posted, and they should never be posted. What does need to happen is everybody not connected to this mod who is bitching and accusing and complaining and insulting needs to stop, and they need to stop right now. Nobody owes you anything. They could have all (spacenavy included) suddenly decided to never touch ArmA again and remove all the download links, and there's not a damn thing you could do about it. Whatever happens within their team and with their mod is between them, and them alone. Throwing a godsdamned hissy fit because you don't want to see this, or because you demand they stay together for your sake, or because you feel they owe the community a HALO mod, is nothing but an idiotic, stupid, and completely frakking stuck-up thing to do. Jesus. Grow the hell up people. If the majority of a mod team have an issue with a member of that mod team, then it stands to reason that it's not all bullshit or drama or normal crap. Whatever their reason for splitting, logic points to it being a valid reason. Acting like a child that's just had it's toys (or the promise of future toys) taken away will get you nowhere, and talking shit about devs (or anybody else) doesn't really end well for people in these forums. I will leave you with a few quotes to meditate on. and finally, for the devs, both those that chose to leave, and spacenavy, remember this when people attack you for "breaking their favorite mod".
  18. I was just wondering, do you know of the existence of this OFP mod that uses your F/A-18? http://arma-cwa.ru/arma-2-in-ofp-vanomod.html
  19. This means that 60% of humanity has never had to face the horror and fear every time a friend sends you a link after they've tricked you into viewing a shock site. Praise the Helix Fossil!
  20. Darkhorse 1-6

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    With your line of products I doubt it'll be limited to just mission makers. I suspect we'll start seeing them in terrains within six months. :D
  21. Darkhorse 1-6

    Arctic Fox Defense Solutions: FOB Deployment Specialist

    I'm just throwing this out there, but have you ever thought about expanding your line of products to include the necessary bits for a small airstrip? A control tower/cab, aircraft ordnance crate, maybe even some kind of portable hangar or aircraft shelter, for example.
  22. Well, one important thing to remember is that there is no "1st Amendment" on the internet. Also, that this is a Czech company, not an American one. (By the way, there have been some legitimate C&D orders in the "Life" and DayZ side of things, so never discount them with investigating.) By posting and asking for developers without giving any real information on your project, or links, or info on your team, or even something as basic as screenshots, there's not a chance in the Democratic Republic of Sahrani that you'll get people to help you. If you're actually a legitimate group, then good luck, for what it's worth, though I'd put down $20 on it either never making it to a finished mod, or dying within a year. It's the nature of the life mod. I've been playing them since the granddaddy of every life mod out today, Sahrani Life. From that magnificent piece of work sprung up several copycats and several outright thieves. Those copycats and thieves then carried on to Chernarus Life, which got turned into Takistan/Zargabad Life, which heavily influenced the A3 "Life" scene as the very first life missions in A3 were direct ports from Zargabad/Takistan over to Stratis. City Life is the only life mod to remain somewhat stable throughout the years, probably because of the processes and rules they have, so I'd be careful about tossing all that out and going 100% open if I were you. Here's hoping you mean what you say, and I'm completely wrong about my opinion and my predictions. (Not really. I kind of stopped hoping for things related to ArmA a long time ago, I learned that the hard way. but either way, I await the future of this thread with mild interest.)
  23. What you don't realize is that they HAVE been doing this for years. Rip and the crew at 31st know what they're doing. Their "alpha" in ArmA 1 was more content than 2/3rds of the mods available at the time. Really, man, ya just gotta be patient. Go buy A1 for $0.50 or however much it is these days and fire up the old files and you'll get a very basic idea of the scale of this puppy. They made their first release 7 years ago. They've had some problems along the way, and real life set them back for a while, but they've been steadily pushing towards their goal. They've been populating England and France for over 7 years. Nothing has been "rushed". Paris back in A2 (before you joined these forums) looked absolutely frakking beautiful. It might take them a while to convert everything to A3, to make it all pretty and shiny, etc. etc. but it will get done. We're talking a 150x150km terrain. I'd think, what, at least a hundred vehicles? Dozens of aircraft? God only knows how many infantry/uniforms/helmets/vests and small arms and everything else.