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  1. Those new pictures of Kunar province are making my heart feel all tingly. Especially because I just watched the amazing movie length documentary 'Restrepo'. Good work ebanks and Fox. I like the look of the reworked satmap! Thanks for the beautiful work guys!
  2. Drooling over the ACE wounds overhaul. Thanks for the great work ACE team.
  3. Requiem007


    That's good news to me. I just wanted to share this image of Laniyal in the Korengal valley. As seen in the photo it is compared to the real life counterpart. The image is about 173KBs so I can't post the image here so here is a link to the photo! Also a note, my graphics were failing for some reason when I took the photo. http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg270/Odews/Laniyal.jpg?t=1290579853
  4. Hello, I've been a novice editor since the early Arma 1 days, but recently I decided to try out some script commands etc. I've figured out some things but not others. One thing I am really dying to figure out is to have a trigger activation by blufor create weapons on the ground, say an AK_74 and RPG7. I've looked through the search feature on this forum and the forever-helpful Mr. Murray's editing and found exactly what I was looking for, but got confused by it, specifically the Ari1 and [x,y,z] parts. Here is what the guide suggested at chapter.section 5.45 Ari1="D30" createVehicle [x,y,z] What would be ideal, in my opinion. blufor activating a trigger, weapons spawn on the ground at a marker, those weapons are able to be picked up. Here's one of the methods I was trying, taken pretty much straight out of Mr. Murray's Guide. On Act. Ari1="AK_74" createVehicle [0,0,0] I've also something like... On Act. createvehicle (getmarkerpos "cache") but to no avail. Hopefully I've conveyed my troubles so they can be read and understood easily, but if not I could post pictures and try to go into greater details. If you have any insight on what I could do to fulfill by having weapons spawn on the ground through trigger activation all help is welcome. Thank you for your time.
  5. Requiem007

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication Icebreakr and admin team for the website. I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into Lingor when everything gets squared away.
  6. Thanks for the WIP Roundup ACE team. I can hardly wait to get my hands on those editor placeable explosives.
  7. I remember finding that awesome glitch about 3 months ago. Never got around to posting the pictures. Awesome find Animalmother. Referencing this post. http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1789096&postcount=1345
  8. Requiem007

    POLL: How many hours have you played?

    I agree about ARMA being the only game I could ever play more than 200 hours on. I've got over a thousand in the series now and I still am inspired to play it at least once a day for an hour. That is quite a phenomenon to me. No other game has kept me wanting to play it for that long.
  9. Requiem007

    POLL: How many hours have you played?

    Arma 1: probably around 600 hours (was before Steam had the "amount of hours played" feature) Arma 2: 612 hours and counting. Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead: 283 hours and counting.
  10. Requiem007


    Ebanks, I'm sure you know a lot about Konar province and stuff but I just purchased an excellent book called War by Sebastian Junger. It has been on my radar for a while now, since it is specifically about the Korengal Valley and has first hand accounts of the boredom, chaos, and [lack of] politics from the soldier's point of view. If you want a photo of like the positions of the FBs and OPs are in relation to the valley I could take a photo of it, but as I said you probably know infinitely more than I do about the region. Also looking forward to the sat map. Oh, and are you planning on adding the Pech River in?
  11. Very nice picture Fox. Looks like something you would see on a US Army recruitment poster or something. (+1 for using something twice in a sentence?) Nice texture work, it looks awesome. Same goes for ebanks' terrain.
  12. Requiem007

    fox's small projects

    I love it. Fox it seems like you just picked up texturing and stuff not too long ago, but you've made such progress in your work. It's awesome to see your skills progress! I usually only post when I really support a project, and I am really looking forward to these units. Mortar guy loadout would be awesome, especially for those unexpected Taliban OP attacks in the Korengal and the rest of Konar Province that ebanks is working on. Looking forward to the day your units are done Fox! I vote yes on M249 Elcan (or is it Eclan?) optic for the automatic rifleman.
  13. Requiem007


    Great work! Like megagoth I also want to know how you persevered through the 2D editor to make such a masterpiece.
  14. Requiem007

    Fallujah City

    Thank you for your work. It's definitely a really nice map I've enjoyed exploring it so far and will continue to do so throughout the rest of the night. I agree with Fox that OPX buildings would be add to the immersion but what you have right now is really good. I don't want to sound demanding or anything but I believe adding compounds and walled-in buildings in the suburbs would be a nice addition to the map. EDIT: Just found some in the southern suburbs nevermind. Anyways, really good work. I'm "tabbing" back in to Arma 2 now to explore and play your map some more!
  15. Requiem007


    Those mountain trails. I want. Thank you for the new screenshots ebanks, they're looking great!