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    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I know it works - sometimes.. Kappa helped me around 90%, in about 15-20%, they were even able to 'kill' Ifrit before it moved out of sight inside the base (in 10% my AT man did it). And returning the cistern to Miller may work, but not in my game and there are no saves I could use. And I don't want to use endmission as well, because noone really clarified yet what would that bring to me. Returning back on the start is not an option, either. So I'd like to know, if there's still some way how can I complete the mission or where can I get save which would bring me to the next mission (with +-1/2 half of the sidequests completed). There are no other options for me.
  2. Gryphonheart

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    I actually did this mission two times. First time did it at night without NVG and it took me above some 100 returns until I realized the only way is to blindly run into the cistern area and clean it by myself - the only way not to being threatened in the open field and losing any men (and actually see something). Now it's probably going to be almost equally high number, because I got this mission at day, so I always got spotted by one of the two apcs patrolling the area or the other guys. No matter the direction I went. Doing it aggressive way helped - mining the road and using the cannon in damaged vehicle. Kappa weren't helping in the end as well. They simply disappeared, so I had to rely on myself and 4 guys of mine when clearing the factory :( And now after I delivered the cistern to Miller's guy (he left it 100 metres from the base and went on foot) and went back to 'help' a a teammate who got stuck in some house in the town, I got message about unsuccesful operation and that I have to kill some important target myself? What target? Where? I went to the convoy road first, there were three cars ahead so I went through fields back to the starting position, but I was late and got killed (with no chance to be more quick). Four or five more times there was no such convoy and I can't finish the mission it seems. So - what to do now? If I'll have to repeat the whole mission again, I'll uninstall the game. Gave it two tries, trying it more times is useless. So bugged.. Flashpoint used to be so great.. arma is not. :(
  3. Gryphonheart

    saved game problem

    I tried to replay the game from Gori. Got all the tasks available, but when leaving the camp (in any direction), it sent me back to the menu and I got exactly the same message as above when trying to run the scouting missions. Seems the problem is definitely not on my side.. So, to summarize it all up, I bought a game and can't play it beyond about one-third of it's main content (I used to play MP a lot with Arma2, but now I don't want to). Paying for something like this again? Never. Goodbye, BI.. OFP:R is still a better game, even today.. my god, at least it worked!! :/
  4. Gryphonheart

    saved game problem

    nothing? :/ happened right in the middle of kerry's scouting missions. will result in uninstalling the game soon - without completing it, it seems.. :/
  5. Gryphonheart

    saved game problem

    Hi, I'm actually having a major problem: after installing the last update today (via steam), I cannot continue in my saved game (actually scouting missions at Bomos). I used no mods, no addons, just the game itself. So, I'd like to hear, where is the problem (with the new update) and what options do I have? Returning or replaying the campaign isn't option for me. Thx.
  6. Gryphonheart

    Scouting missions...?

    I got some side missions in Bomos, and would be grateful for any tips and hints for them from the BI, like where are positioned the enemies (snipers), in which direction approach the target to stay off the minefields and so on. Fighting the enemy is not a major problem though, I had more problems with the environment itself, as the only ladder I got up to the roof was inaccessible on my way back (!!!) so I kept falling and killing myself again and again. As a veteran of Flashpoint, Resistance and Arma I and II, I see this completely unacceptable. Where can I get my money back?
  7. Wow, they were hiding in some ruins.. found them at some 10th try, finally. :) Playing w/o the map, weapon and other gear is far the best.. still it's quite weird I met no enemies on my way there.. :)
  8. Can I review the dialogues somewhere? According to what I heard, I was running north, up that hill between the mountain with radio tower and the city itself. I got message about the landmines. Nothing there. I continued further on and still nothing. There are no enemies past the first hill. Third hill in a row - nothing. So I probably took wrong direction somewhere?
  9. Gryphonheart

    ACR War Criminal

    So, after few hrs of playing i succesfully captured Kasun in the 1st village from Orion. Good. He immediately runned to the woods over the village, so i went with him and he has succesfully followed me through the village (though cca 100m behind me only), then he was stopped by fence. After having to demolish it myself, he simply turned and run away, back to the village. I had first to kill two enemy soldiers below the village and went back to find him again, but unsuccesfully this time. Why I cannot simply load him to my car and get back to Orion? :( edit: Demolishing all the fences and walls in and around the village helped..
  10. Gryphonheart

    Coltan Blues

    So, can you save Harris or not? how? they always get alarmed before my arrival, either because of the attacking partisans who don't wait or the close air attack on firuz-abad, I don't know. Any valuable hints, tips, maps..?
  11. At least they don't speak 'teen czech' this time! That was even worse! I have good feeling from this expansion so far. Maybe because didn't expected so much as in case of Chernarus :j:
  12. AI seems to be clever as usual - they can't even drive 50m on paved road without collision hehe :)