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  1. boomar.

    What did Arma 2 teach me?

    To only ever purchase games from Valve, Activision Blizzard and *shudder* the odd EA game.
  2. boomar.

    What did Arma 2 teach me?

    What i meant was, the big names dont release buggy/unoptimized/sluggish/mouselaggish piles of crap. And i thought i hated EA, they are gods compared to BIS.
  3. boomar.

    Daggerfall released for free

    Unfortunately i find no fun with a game with such poor graphics. Im sure the actual game is great, they should redo it on oblivion engine so i can enjoy it.
  4. Maybe its for the best, your teens seem to like going on rampages after playing video games. This doesnt happen in my country. Maybe its something in the water over in Germany? Whatever the case, the only logical step is to ban violent games. You guys can still enjoy great games such as: The Sims 3 Spore Hello Kitty Online Peggle etc...
  5. boomar.

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Helios just said: 'There isn't a jump button in the game, but there is an "interact" button which allows you to do things such as vault over small obstacles, open doors etc. As for swimming, I've been told that this is possible and if you really wanted to you'll actually be able to swim around the whole of Skira island. Bit mental perhaps, but it's nice to know you'll have the option ' This is very good news, looks like the are following the AA3 way. People doing bunny hops and jumping around really ruins immersion in games like these, good to see. Also, looking forward to swimming around the big island lol.
  6. boomar.

    The best video games.

    World of Warcraft Counter - Strike: Source Starcraft 1 Diablo 2 Goldeneye 007(N64) Perfect Dark (N64) Halo 1-3
  7. boomar.

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Eb are just guessing, the date may change. Im hoping for a collectors edition of OFP2 to be available, so waiting for a sign if it will be coming before i make my preorder.
  8. boomar.

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I just hope my current PC can handle it, im waiting for the next gen of nvidia cards before i upgrade. My 8800GT 512mb should be able to play all the other games coming out in the future that i want on highest settings, but OFP2 will tear it apart.
  9. boomar.

    Arma II - Is eyesight a issue?

    Why dont you get some prescription glasses to take away the short sighted problem. My bro is short sighted and he just puts in contact lenses and everything is perfect again. Isnt short sighted where you see better close up, but blurry at a distance? And long sighted is where you see stuff blurry close up but clear at distances?
  10. boomar.

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I really like the so called 'hollywood-blue' moonlight. Also from looking at the vid, the grass and view distance seems to be quite nice. Altho the game will probably rip right thru my 8800GT 512mb just like arma 2 did, hopefully its better optimized and all. Dont wanna upgrade the PC yet till i find a game thats worth it. The mouselag in arma 2, the radio chatter and a few other things turned me off upgrading for arma 2.
  11. boomar.

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I dont care about view distance and all that. I just want a mil sim/tactical shooter that isnt riddled with bugs on release. Codemasters seem to release quality stuff so lets hope the delays to release we keep getting actually pay off. I dont care if Arma 2 is more realistic. Im just bored of BF and cod4 etc. To me this looks like the old ghost recons which is fantastic.
  12. boomar.

    The Scariest game EVER!

    Doom 3 on xbox was probably the scariest game i ever purchased. I got so scared i had to take it back since i didnt find it fun, it scared the hell out of me.
  13. Winkl your system is very good, if you dont get like 150fps with highest settings in arma 2 then shame on BIS.
  14. Why doesnt anyone compare OFP2 to the old ghost recon titles. I was a massive ghost recon fan till that advanced warfighter stuff ruined the series. I have also played a few hundred hours of BF2. To me OFP2 reminds me way more of the great ghost recon titles rather than BF2. Meh.
  15. Seems like ethne is just a blind fanboy. Just cos it runs fine for you doesnt mean this thing is good for everyone else. If i was working at say EB Games store, i'd feel bad selling this product to people in its current state. BIS shouldnt have released it yet, thats for sure. Also, stop saying OFP2 is a BF2 clone. Have you even played BF2? The gameplay is totally different than what we have seen in OFP2 videos. If anything it reminds me strongly of the old ghost recons (good times be had back then). Now to get back into trying to fix the pile of problems im having with arma2. Maybe i'll be happy once i finally get the thing to work decently, but man this is beyond frustrating. MMORPG's are the only games that are allowed to have this many issues on release. FPS games should be fine out of the box since they are much smaller projects. Im sure OFP2 will be perfectly fine just like every other game codies make.
  16. boomar.

    Extremely poor performance?

    I have a better system than rowdied, if i get under 30 fps with same settings then him then i'll cry.
  17. boomar.

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    I dono if i'll get OFP: DR on PC or the Xbox 360. I dont really game on the xbox anymore, the only thing i play is halo 3 (massive halo fan since halo 1). On the other hand my 8800GT 512mb prolly wont be able to run the game on highest setting, but my Xbox 360 will run the game and it will look fantastic like always. Hmmph.
  18. My nets screwed atm, so they got any good stuff?
  19. boomar.

    michael jackson unconfirmed death

    He was a monster. Definitely wont be going to heaven.
  20. boomar.

    8800GT bsod + ctd

    I'll let you know how my 8800GT performs tomoz when demo comes out.
  21. The 8800/9800's can run new release games on full settings still, its no doubt a mid end card now, but its still great. I'm just thinking of the games i'll be getting over the next year or 2 and my 8800 wills till run them on highest settings (diablo 3, starcraft 2, sw:tor etc).
  22. boomar.

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I might just buy an entire new PC. In my current one, to upgrade the graphics card i'll also need to upgrade my power supply unit. Then i will probably need to get better cooling and everything argh.
  23. boomar.

    Americas Army 3

    Game is very poorly coded. All other games using the unreal 3 engine look better and also run better. I get way better FPS in other unreal 3 games. I was just comparing it to another game. COD4 graphics are 50x better and i get 80fps in that game, AA3 looks far worse and i only get like 35fps. That out of the way, its quite a good game, gameplay is nice.
  24. boomar.

    Americas Army 3

    Yeah the people who do animations for AA3 will definately have some nice stuff to show potential future employers.