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  1. Found the issue, they didn't have the Beta tick box enabled when updating :)
  2. We have a few members that use Six Updater for ACRE and they're encountering similar compatibility issues. It's either not installing the addon or it does and then gives them errors saying the version of JayArma is incompatible with their game. Will continue trouble shooting and see where we end up. Very strange.
  3. I'm aware of that :) Just makes it annoying as I have to chase all our members up to not only update ACRE but all start running a beta patch that we normally ignore. Will see how we go I guess :)
  4. Sorry, back again. This still gives me the error about an incorrect JayArma2Lib and dsound.dll installation :( Edit, sorry just seen: Sadness... :(
  5. Download links no longer contain the dsound.dll file? Now getting an error that dsound.dll from previous version is incorrect and have no replacement for the new update :( (waiting for the obvious that I hope I've missed)
  6. :butbut: I've been staring at this for so long I missed the obvious. Thank you haha
  7. When I did this for a mission I found the image had to be square (so 64x64 or 128x128 etc.). So I made the image the dimensions I wanted and then squashed it down to a square - when it applied to the board it stretched back out to look normal :) Code used was: this setObjectTexture [0,"imgs\pindersign1.paa"]; Here's the image if you want to try it yourself and see if it works: http://mirror.aef-hq.com.au/~arma/misc/pindersign1.paa
  8. I used the search but I guess due to me not quite knowing the way to word my question it made it hard to find anything to help me out, so: What I'm trying to do is add Blake's artillery script to a unit after an event so that it doesn't start calling artillery/mortars until a variable has been met. So I need to add this line here: null = [this,mortar1,500,1] execVM "FO-ai.sqf"; To the unit named "artilleryguy" once the variable has been met. I know there's a way to add to a unit's init line dynamically but I just can't seem to find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. (AEF)Swordsman

    US Army 75th Rangers by Rhodesy

    I know some of those points are being looked at Delta. AEF is doing some testing for Rhodesy as he makes changes, next version is looking promising already :)
  10. (AEF)Swordsman

    US Army 75th Rangers by Rhodesy

    Top stuff mate, good to see them finally released for the public :)
  11. +1 to the above. HDD is key for ArmA performance :)
  12. (AEF)Swordsman

    Clafghan Map 20x20 Beta Release

    Looks fantastic mate, eagerly awaiting release :)
  13. (AEF)Swordsman

    75th Ranger Regiment

    More screenshots from AEF testing nights: