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  1. SWT_Janowich

    Persian Hammer

    Looks great!
  2. SWT_Janowich


    Hello, more and more vehicles in ArmA II or Operation Arrowhead are becoming modern, so why don't keep up with the development? I think that when you crash your vehicle to the extent, that it is not able to move (like blowing tires out), an animated airbag should come out and limit the passengers damage to health. I think that it is possible. It would add a lot to the atmosphere + would be realistic, so why don't just go for it
  3. SWT_Janowich

    War with Iran.

    Yes, I hope that she stays alive. What an ignorant comment from an ignorant... Burn the flag!
  4. SWT_Janowich

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    You could use the FN Fnals and proper Hueys.
  5. SWT_Janowich

    Capture Azizs

    Has anyone managed it to capture Azizs rather than killing him yet?
  6. SWT_Janowich

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    Still waiting for the manual you promised to release! Looks good though!
  7. SWT_Janowich

    AI is useless against M1A2

    Of course, all are doing that.
  8. SWT_Janowich

    Effective Ammo

    In the Glock17 I can load G17 mag M9 mag and M9SD mag. Which one is the most effective?
  9. Soo realistic and you question ArmA 2 of being a game-simulator..
  10. SWT_Janowich

    Military Discussion Thread

    +Rails -ergonomic design -Open sight -precision still under western weapons (Experts are saying that, not me)
  11. Every day, public DAO server, at least a minimum of 40 players are playing Berzerk PVP.
  12. SWT_Janowich

    War with Iran.

    Lets continue this discussion: War with Iran!
  13. SWT_Janowich

    failed mission erases all your saves

    The same thing (mission ending) happened to me in the same mission (Apache) in the same situation (rearming) after running out of the same time (like 40 minutes) I copied and renamed all my saves, so they wouldnt get deleted.
  14. SWT_Janowich

    Better infantry death animation

    The ArmA II and Operation Arrowhead dead animations are worlds better than before. They look very real. Just look at that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EYHBHfRMFw Too disturbingly realistic.