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  1. Pathfinding failed for me on Treasure during campain twice. From command center to carrier (docking) and from refinery to carrier (docking). Both were only moving forwards-backwards for a second each without to try to do a turn. 1st one there was an space between a tree and a rock where it faild, 2nd one was on the north east bridge on the island with the refinery. Could be that the waypoint was a bit close to the corner and the pathfinding is set to hit exactly the waypoints. Didnt had it in 1.2.
  2. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    But it needs to run a client on your local machine. And whatever this client does, collecting any information or maybee changing something or something else, you allowed it. You don't have control in what they doing with it. This may break laws in some countries btw. A lot of people claim about data protection when the goverment, police, secret service or whoever come with an idea about data collection, but easy give away the right of the information about themselves to steam, facebook and a lot of other so called "cool, must have (social) networks" (in this case let count steam as a network). This is crazy and stupid in my opinion. And why the hell i have to run a (online) client for beeing allowed to play a single-player game? Makes no sense. That talking about illegal copies is only blabla and not a reason to do so. That may not count only for steam there are others (origin for example). And the only reason is to make big money with it and doing it into that "big brother is watching you" direction. The bad thing is, a lot of new games force you to install steam or similar clients and create an account. I might want to play such a game, but i dont bought and will never buy such a game.
  3. AV-Software and their heuristic methods are sometimes to "carefully" and say by a lot of software there is/could be a virus, without any virus in that software. So sometimes it may be right but in a lot of cases it isnt right. And when the source for the download isnt a suspect one, i would run it. But never forget its your decision, so use brain 1.0 (or an upgraded one ;) ) and trust or dont trust.
  4. Didnt use the Hammerhead. But the Tomahawk is fine, specially for killing hangars/garages in a 1st strike from a greater distance. I dont see that its necessary to kill the comand center. After that just kill the enemy units who can be dangerous for the Walrus with hacking capsule, hack the command center and all will be fine. And for scramblers take tomahawks or cheaper unguided rockets, 3 of them should kill it.
  5. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Try to download again . I didnt had any Problems with installing ACR. BTW what OS youre using? It installed a folder called "ACR" into the "Arma2"-Folder. It contains that stuff you got in ACR-folder plus readme.txt, uninstall.exe, unisntall.csv. uninstall.log (including that bisigns in the addons-folder there). Its like BAF/PMC folders. My "common"-folder in "arma2"-folder doesnt show any ACR-related files (and its the only one called common), it only contains arma2 up to the BAF/PMC-files. And that stuff from Data-folder i cant find (only took a short view into it). You might give it a try to with that acr-folder like a mod-folder. But it may get problems with updates.
  6. Looks like that notebook is not able to run arma2. That GT525m looks for me not able to run arma. BTW better post the system specs and not only the graphics.
  7. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    BAF + PMC Patch Issues

    So u didnt set up your os new? Could be a issue in the registry then from the installation before.
  8. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    ACR ... My stupid Dog dies

    Not this one. Sometimes it was only running into the enemy fire and shot down, like the other guy too.
  9. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    Just purchased ACR...

    Depends what is worth playing for you. Just give it a try. Some Missions are quite nice. I had only 1 bug in mission 1 but u can finish this task so this isnt a big thing.
  10. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    Day Z players playing ArmA2 now.

    There are some good guys between. They ask if they dont know what to do, but not to much. But there are a lot of guys doing really strange or bad things, like teamkilling, vehicle stealing, some even dont know how to use teamchannel .... It looks if them only played Dayz without give the singleplayer a try or reading a handbook ( or something similar), and then they say lets look for A2 multiplayer without getting (any) knowledge about the gameplay. You could hear in the early Dayz-days ask them "where are the zombies", and there was lot of teamkilling. But its hopefull you see more and more the good guys and not so many of the "dayz-noobs" from week to week.
  11. Gave it a try. The campaign looks good so far. Only 1 thing is a bit irritating. During the survive missions the equipment should be kept from mission to mission. There is no sense in it to take/find a LMG perhaps, and the next mission starts with the standard gear, wich could not be available in this situation. :confused:
  12. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    What is an UNLOCK CODE?

    That printed code is the serial for the game you have to enter during installation. After updates I didnt had this problem, and i cant remember for a second number. Where you got the patch from? Sounds a bit strange.
  13. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    Optional for the Steam-Fanboys ok. But not as a must. This will waste it. And for the Mod (updating) stuff there are solutions out there.
  14. The min. system specs in my ArmaII handbook says: CPU: AMD Athlon 3200 + RAM: 1GB GPU: ATI Radeon 1800 or faster for Arrowhead it says: CPU: Dual Core Athlon 2,4 GHz RAM: 1 GB GPU: ATI Radeon 3650 ArmaII CO is both together so the Arrowhead spec should count. You can be happy when it runs a few mins on your System. The only spec you reach is the RAM and the CPU. Your GPU is way to low and not in specs (even for ArmaII alone). And this can result in a crash. Next time better read the system specs befor buying Software. This should prevent such things. :) Simply buy or build a new PC. BTW: AGP graphics port isnt relevant for min. 4-5 years. And a system like yours, with hardware wich was quite good 5-6 years ago cannot run a hardware-hungry 2-3 year old game. And this isnt a big surprise.;)
  15. Kaeptn_Blaubaer

    PMC05 - Elimination

    If this are all Tanks u got (in ur pic), so you missed 2 ore more.