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  1. hello i would like to know what happens when the created ai has finnished its assigned wps. will it start again from beginning or will they just stand there at the last wp? if so i would also like to know how i can release them and assign names to the created ai groups, so i can use upsmon to let them patrol the area.
  2. wow many many thanks, that was the problem. i used to mix them all together but now with scripts only it works
  3. hello, i need some help with the dac mod. whenever i script a mission with dac it works ok, but it needs allways the dac mod enabled to play it, because without it it says that dac source is missing. i saw alot of missions wich runs perfectly with dac scripts without the need to enable the dac mod, so im really confused how to script a mission without the need to run the dac mod to be able to play it afterwards. perhaps its somewhere written in the readmes but my english might be not good enough to find the right passage. any help is much apreciated ;)
  4. where can i find the dl link???
  5. its the full released version still with a few bugs but very stable and a huge amount of everything :)
  6. horror1

    Revive Script

    hello norrin, im using your script for a mission in a vietnam mod and i would like to disable the ammocrate wich gets spawned with the mobile spawn but i couldnt find an entry, can you give me a hint how to disable the spawnng ammocrate?
  7. works absolutely great , thx for this script:)
  8. horror1

    recruit ai

    thx alot for your help guys you both helped me alot. @bon your script is great it should be in the scripting faqs and you should release your script as download.:)
  9. hello im looking for a good and easy script to recruit ai soldiers in a mp mission. it should restrict the groupsize and allow only 1 recruiting action till player dies and respawns and ai should be deleted when player leaves . any hint is much apreciated
  10. horror1

    recruit ai

    i did not miss it , i even posted in it but the thread was not exactly what im looking for and it dont even get any solution. it seems to be very difficult cause i couldnt find a single solution for it even though i searched for days. so i decided to post my specific problem in an seperate thread. perhaps yu can give me a working solution for it?
  11. upsmon script could do the job you are looking for : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=91696
  12. i second that, pls reupload your mission. :)
  13. horror1

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 73251

    my heli refuses to take off after comming to a extraction point and loading passengers, it worked fine with the previous beta. EDIT: the problem was NOT caused by the beta but by not updated CBA for eventhandlers.
  14. is it possible to spawn ai with a trigger "blufor present" and make them disapear on deactivation ? edit : ok it works with activation, deactivation. is it necessary for client and server to run the dac mod? i made a mission with dac and than i disabled the mod after a restart and the dac mission wont start any more.
  15. where and how can i change the units and vehicles with custom ones? i try to replace all units with vte units to port a domination mission to vte. is there any tutorial availlable ?
  16. the monocle in apache is causing heavy lag for me.
  17. horror1

    Graphics engine improvement

    did you watch the video till the end?
  18. horror1

    Graphics engine improvement

    i have not a suggestion for arma2 but perhaps for a possible arma3 :D
  19. ok the artefacts disapeared entirely after i installed the latest beta patch http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=106371 strange, perhaps it was an issue from arma and not the driver. will test it more of course but 2 days without artefacts looks really promising:)
  20. this is the solution, if its still needed : http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1730858&postcount=2
  21. horror1

    WarFX Particles

    the fires after a tank explosion or any other burning wreck looks really weird, more like a tornado. anyone else noticed?
  22. horror1

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    i like that script very much, but what i dont like at all is that the cursor is all the time present when im shooting.
  23. the graphic artefacts occur with 10.8 aswell. no matter what videomem and with lowest temperatures of cpu and gpu. it disapears once i change something in options or when i simple alt tab but after time it reoccurs again.:mad: open ccc (advanced not basic) and look for "vpu recover" push that button and u can uncheck vpu recover to disable it.