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  1. It would make sense to release new tools for the community pre-contents. Until then, the power of V4. Although this is teasing a little bit, Bush has some valid points about the process of generating a Geo-Specific terrain in V4, BUT, I will always stick by my guns when it comes to the bold statement of V4 being a lot better and more fluid than V3. I hope you all get it with the new tools package, we will start to see some lovely looking terrains pop up.
  2. OChristie

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    I'm with you there! I've been an avid supporter of VBS2 since it's release and nothing will change that.
  3. OChristie

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    My simulation business has a VBSDN licenses so I gratefully receive whatever we are granted access too :) I can only imagine that most of the good stuff in VBS3 can be implemented into A3 as you are able to completely mod and script to your hearts consent! :)
  4. OChristie

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    http://products.bisimulations.com/vbs3-future-virtual-battlespace I believe that to be an almost non confirmation of RV3 but it does look very good. The new UI is great.
  5. OChristie

    VBS2/3 Discussion thread - the one and only

    VBS3 uses the RV3 engine with enhancements in certain areas. :) Its beautiful!
  6. OChristie

    British Para Beret

    You could be ultra turbo ally and have his lid with his wings over his ear! Hat!! Looks good though!
  7. OChristie

    3D Editor (Real Time)

    No they...surrendered...that feature from A3. AFAIK, Officially its a VBS2 only exclusivity.
  8. OChristie

    Map limits for A3?

    But whats the point in making something that big?
  9. Pure stupidity. Again, another, come and look at how scary we are, weapon from a failing country, also from a tactical viewpoint his 'footprint' not literally, is huge, he sticks out like a saw thumb. Plus the weapon system looks like its had a gas canister welded on the end!
  10. ZeroG, What is the projection information for the files?
  11. Interesting, if I was you I would contact Placebo or Dwarden about use of this, you've technically reversed engineered their IP. I don't mind, as it is nice to see the quality that goes into these terrains, but I would double check before doing anything with it! Good work though!
  12. OChristie

    APPCRASH 00821fc2

    Use the Feedback system. Here.
  13. BBE Simulation is proud to announce our competitions page! Take a look and enter our latest competition to win a pass for the ArmA 3 Alpha that releases on the 14th. Arma 3 check out our competition to win a free pass for the ArmA 3 Alpha! More competitions to follow! http://bbesim.com/?page_id=206 Get Involved!
  14. OChristie

    How hard will this game be?

    It will be as hard as you want it to be!
  15. OChristie

    ArmA 3 terrain Size in to the Future

    Yes it is possible using the multi-map feature of VBS2 2.0 but this is not the right place to discuss VBS2. But having used the multi-map feature, I can confirm it is very handy and does function accordingly! Yes, the technology can be implemented into A3 but it would need to be licensed and have the customer approve its use for commercial purposes. I do not believe at current it will happen.
  16. OChristie

    Arma3 Alpha Testing Checklist

    The PDF is more for a print off but if you have Adobe Acrobat then you can sign it and insert a comment whereever you wish. Alternatively just download the Word Doc :)
  17. OChristie

    Arma3 Alpha Testing Checklist

    No worries that is what its there for!
  18. It means that you buy it, you get sent a link in an email and then from there you get given instructions as to how you claim the alpha etc etc....trust me :)
  19. I don't mind if it is 00:00 GMT as I live in the UK, but, ahhh it doesnt matter it will arrive when its ready :)
  20. OChristie

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    There is a new file in the incoming folder called shells-hq.txt with a link to a Private Youtube video.
  21. Possibly although one may expect a 1200PM release CZ time as it will mean that ever country will be in 05/03/2013. Am I wrong?
  22. OChristie

    Arma3 Alpha Testing Checklist

    As promised earlier ive created a basic outline for testing. You don't need to adhere to them or even use them that is up to you but ive just created a basic PDF for people to print and work on or ill provide a word document and they can edit that directly. PDF Test Plan .DOCX Template for PC Editing Please feel free to contribute to the main document, we can then compile and correlate them all and send that over to BI Studio :)