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  1. H.U.N.K

    Conspiracies 4

    Thanks helped alot, and look forward to your latest work.
  2. H.U.N.K

    Conspiracies 4

    i will try, but hard with no waypoints..!
  3. H.U.N.K

    Conspiracies 4

    The mission stops for me at a point, i get to the trader and he says: He doesnt give strangers missions (after returning the artifact) Then i give the priest his ak ammo, but now there is no waypoint or active tasks..
  4. Im looking for a missile object/large static launcher which does not need to be functional for use in a mission (Like the ones in the film The Rock) I have searched but have had no luck, anybody know if such a thing is out there?
  5. H.U.N.K

    SLX Mod WIP

    Thanks dont seem to get it anymore! :D
  6. H.U.N.K

    SLX Mod WIP

    Found another small issue: During large firefights when fps goes down a little when aiming down the sight , it will exit sight mode by itself. It does this repeatedly making it impossible to kill anybody (no slx xhair) , anybody else get this?
  7. H.U.N.K

    SLX Mod WIP

    No in vanilla the speed was consistant, and it was was set to safe. The unit was ksk scout that i noticed it on , not that that should make any differance
  8. H.U.N.K

    SLX Mod WIP

    A small issue - Guards dont seem to pay attention to speeds in waypoints, on limited the burst into sprints randomly Quite annoying on stealth missions when you are trying to stab sombody from behind
  9. Arrrg where the fuck are the NV's on number 6 !!! XD Great work , some of the best cut scenes ive seen
  10. H.U.N.K

    GTR R34 addon released

    Bug - dammaged windscreen = crash
  11. Just the thing, thanks! :)
  12. It looked like Map_misc had what i was looking for , but it seems to be incompatible with the latest arma
  13. Hmm i think this just edits existing light rather than providing one with a bigger area
  14. H.U.N.K

    CWR² Demo

    Is it just me or is the AI driver pathfinding a little off? One truck got stuck in a town and cant seem to get out and it does this every time
  15. Apologies if this is an obvious question. Im looking for a large light/illumination generator, street lamps do not provide sufficient light for e.g. a runway on utes to provide light for the whole runway. Does anybody know of an addon like this? I remember the reallights addon for OFP but cant find one for arma2