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  1. Yes. I think the point was to remove the crosshair completely, which will never happen. I think we all can agree that being able to turn your crosshair off regardless of what settings the server uses would only be positive though. If that message hasn't come across by now, it won't, cause the thread is now just full of arguments and insults anyway.
  2. maxter

    М4М203 with sight Aimpoint

    There are indeed Marines equipped with M4's IRL, with m203 compined with aimpoint, eotech, ACOG and more (most pics I've seen are FR and MEU, I guess). I'd wait for a weapons addon though (believe me, there will be M4/M16 packs released till you'll want to puke all over them). I'd rather see BIS working out the bugs and other issues before adding new kit, especially since there's already a m203/reddot (well, eotech) version available. This is not even low priority IMO.
  3. maxter

    Mouse Lag

    I played Arma1 with FPS around 20-30, it felt smooth most of the time and I had just the mouse reaction I wanted. I can't understand why it can't be the same in Arma2. Also, people are still experiencing mouse lag at around 60 FPS, which is ridiculous, while some others claim it runs fine at 30-40. So, it can't solely be a performance issue, otherwise everyone with a certain FPS (or atleast system specs/settings) would get it, but in this case this varies greatly. Also, this is atleast the third thread about this, people should learn to search.
  4. maxter

    Marking map

    When you doubleclick on the map so the marker appears and you're able to "name it", you can use the arrow keys (up/down) to toggle between different shapes, and shift+arrows (or was it ctrl?) to change colour.
  5. maxter

    M16A4 acog?

    That's kinda what this whole thread is about so yeah. :)
  6. maxter

    Petition for mouse fix ~!

    Here's a video showing the problem, credits to FlunkyMonkey Now I'd really like to see the people saying "it's a feature" or "this isnt CS you just sux" confirm that they are experiencing this same delay. Cause I seriously doubt it. And I seriously doubt they'd just shut up and accept it as "realism" if they did. Also, again, there's already a thread for this in troubleshooting. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74085&page=26
  7. maxter

    Wild, loose gun sway.

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=77517 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74085
  8. maxter

    Petition for mouse fix ~!

    There is already a thread about this in the troubleshooting section which is linked at least two times in here already. The problem is that even though this only happens to some people, it happens to people with all different kinds of systems, OS, mouses, FPS, etc, so it can't be purely clientside, so to speak. Though some say they get a small decrease in lag when boosting their FPS (by lowering settings or whatever), it's still noticable, and having to get 100+ FPS to be able to aim properly isn't really how it's supposed to be. If it's indeed caused by the game's mouse acc, which seems most likely, an option to turn it off would be sufficient. I hope the engine allows this to be implemented without much work.
  9. I see. Yeah, it could definitely use some work. I remember the AI being pretty smart when it comes to keeping low most of the time as long as they were set to "aware", but then again, that might have been partly thanks to ACE (and even then it wasn't exactly perfect).
  10. People would still find stuff to complain about if the game had been in development for 20 years. Just saying.
  11. maxter

    WTF is "LOOSING"?

    Go get 'em.
  12. maxter

    VopSound 2.1

    Have you tried redownloading?
  13. If it's anything like A1 you should be able to set their precise stance with the combat mode command, or tell them to "stay low" for that matter.
  14. maxter

    Petition for mouse fix ~!

    Good job in repeatedly missing the fucking point. It's got nothing to do with whether you're in sights mode or not, and I'm sure you are fortunate enough to not experience the issue at hand. So please, shut up, you're not doing anything for anyone.
  15. maxter

    viewdistance and other dissapointments

    Are you seriously comparing being a passenger in an IFV with being a loader in a MBT? I hope I just misunderstood your point.