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  1. using the @symbol is not the trick fyi, over time more and more mods will probably get installed and it`s used to keep them in 1 overview inside your arma folder the launcher will find them regardless of the @ read this also : http://www.armaholic.com/plug.php?e=faq&q=18
  2. raijmond

    ARMA2 Stops Working with 1.03

    i get the same message (when i use the shorcut) but i am able to load arma using yoma though
  3. raijmond

    HUGE frame dips

    don`t know if it will help you but it did for me go into your msconfig and change the number of processor`s on startup to two (or three or four ,wich ever works best )
  4. try booting with several cores disabled ,this helped me against the stuttering
  5. raijmond

    Error: Device freed

    run arma as administrator i had the same message before i think it`s a restriction to change anything in the program
  6. you have to rename the pbo`s buildings.pbo to CAbuildings.pbo desert.pbo to CAdesert.pbo misc.pbo to CAmisc.pbo +plants ,roads,rocks,sara,saralite,signs not completely perfect but it works don`t know bout the other islands, hope this helped