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  1. Personally, I like the hammerhead as it is. It eliminates the command center, which is the goal. A true nuke would be insanely overpowered - simply turn up, blow up the island, and rebuild the command center. Bugger off someplace else and repeat. This way, it isn't an automatic win button. If it was, I'd expect the hammerhead to be *much* more expensive. As it is, you can still take your manta, fly in a walrus, and rebuild the comm center. Avoiding the enemy AI isn't too tricky for this. I have yet to use the Tomahawk, however, and the Scout Drone being one-shot seems wrong to me. Definitely agree on there being multiples in the hold - I don't want it to be free, but I do want to be able to do it more than once per supply run, particularly as you can have two backup mantas and two backup walruses onboard at any time.
  2. Xiathorn

    Time Warp

    @Thygrrr I think that might just make you a hero.
  3. I would also advise learning C++ first, and without splitting between other languages. There are arguments about how C++ adds some extra complexity, certainly in terms of memory management, but if you don't learn memory management now you won't necessarily take it into account when you're writing in a language that requires it. That said, I don't even know if the scripting language used in CC:GM has memory management. There are a host of tutorials about where to start with C++. I would actually recommend *against* learning to walk before you can crawl - while recommendations about learning certain stuff with middleware attached is important, for your first couple of days I would say focus very strongly on building something from scratch. Start with Hello World and move through to object-oriented programming, templates, smart pointers and the like. Then you'll be able to embark upon the game engines people have talked about. As a C++ programmer myself, I'd say that there's not that much you need to know to be able to product software, or therefore mod. Producing *quality* software or scripts is going to be the tough bit, but you learn that over time. While the tone of this post hasn't been perhaps super positive, I genuinely think that if you have the inclination then there's nothing stopping you - and it's not as hard as most people claim.
  4. Xiathorn

    Time Warp

    What I end up doing is travelling between my own islands on a patrol. It costs fuel, but seeing as fuel packs are not exactly too difficult to build, I tend to have enough to replenish my carrier's fuel reserves in addition to whatever it was I was building. In the event that you're waiting for fuel packs and other stuff, then you're likely to be low on fuel already. Begin your trip to wherever you want to go next, and you'll run out of fuel half-way there. You're now stationary, in timewarp, using no resources. As close as you can get, really.
  5. Thanks guys, I think one of my lifts must have been broken or something! All sorted now :D
  6. Hi all, I've encountered an issue that I can't figure out how to solve. I read through the manual and did a search on here, so I assume it's something insanely obvious, but I cannot figure out how to do it :( I lost a couple mantas in a stupid move, and so had some new ones built and shipped to my carrier. However, once it arrived, the barge dropped off one manta (and some extra stuff like lasers), but I then got the message "Carrier is full - one manta returned to barge" or similar. How do I free up space on my carrier so I can fit the manta? I have a load of stuff I don't really want, so I'd like to be able to either remove it or transfer it back to the stockpile. Thanks all, Xiathorn