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  1. [Cross-post from the ACRE2 issue tracker.] I was having this same issue as well. Summary: Player A - Can transmit and receive over VON, can transmit but not receive (possibly?) over radio. Player B - Can transmit and receive over VON, cannot transmit (possibly?) but can receive over radio. It's unknown whether the problem lies with player A or B because it always failed in one direction. B transmitting to A. Tested this in multiple missions. Tried with no ACRE modules as well as all modules enabled. Tried mission before adding ACRE2 and then re-saved the mission after adding ACRE2. Tried adjusting all "difficulty" options to remove all signal loss/interference/etc issues and still did not work. Player B tested his radio from both very close range (<3m) and a medium distance (~50-100m). Tried with players facing each other and facing away. With one player facing and one facing away. Ultimate solution was: 1) Tested between 2 players on a blank mission with only two stock NATO rifleman. Only mods loaded were CBA and ACRE2 (in that order). This resolved the issue. 2) Went back to the old mods (CBA, ACRE2, ACE3, RHS USF/AFRF, etc.) and made sure that all players and the server had identical mods in a 100% identical order. This resolved the issue. My suggestion for those that are still having this issue is to try #1 and see if the problem is resolved. If so, likely something in your mission, mods, or mod order is the issue.
  2. I had the same experience. In addition, my mouse look/aim was broken after the patch and I had to reset my profile to get it to work again. After profile reset to fix the mouse the "keyAdjust" bind was blank in the config file and it is not anywhere in the in-game control binds now. I had to manually edit it.
  3. crow

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Yep, thanks. A closer read of the readme would've solved this issue... :o
  4. crow

    FHQ Accessories pack

    I've got a problem with the Accessories currently. None of the optics can be attached to any weapon. When moved in the inventory all of the attachment slots are red (instead of the optics slot turning white). Any attempt to drag the optic onto the gun does not work. No errors of any kind are occurring and the mod is installed properly. Any help? I'm running the current version of the Beta.
  5. Does anyone know why I get a "Method not found: 'Int32 SYstem.Environment.get_CurrentManagedThreadID()'." when I try to run the withSix-Play.exe from the Beta Preview 5?
  6. Has anyone noticed the high number of server attacks lately and is anyone aware of what the vulnerability is?
  7. You have to use the this addMagazine "ARTY_12Rnd_227mmHE_M270"; code as per http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Artillery_Module. Right now it has the incorrect kind of ammunition so no human players can use it for indirect fire. Also, since v1.03 all of the arty seems to be broken as if the Arty Module is no longer working properly. Not sure why.
  8. crow

    AI too easy after 1.03

    I'm really unsure of how the AIskill and AIprecision parameters factor into the AI's coding, but it seems that AIskill has a lot lower effect now, whereas AIprecision is still just as deadly as ever if set at 1.0. Here are a few scenarios regarding infantry combat that I imagine would be fairly accurate and the AI should try to mimic: Reaction to Rifle/AT fire <200m: Infantry spot and engage targets within 10-20 seconds. Vehicles take a bit more time because they may not see the direction of fire, but will have it radioed rapidly. Reaction to rifle fire 200-400m: Infantry advance towards the area and tanks follow shortly after. Depending on how exposed the enemy is, they will engage at various ranges as they close and spot the enemy. Tanks take awhile to engage or may move forward until they are closer to the shooter before firing. Reaction to AT fire 200-400m: Infantry suppress the area where the enemy came from while vehicles take a moment to react, but typically can engage right away as soon as their guns take aim. Tanks might see the direction of fire and suppress the area immediately. Reaction to Rife/AT fire >400m: Infantry move in the general direction of fire, but wait until they get in range to fire (depending on how exposed the enemy is). Tanks take awhile (30+ seconds) to engage targets and either suppress the area or move forward to a point where they can see the enemy and engage. This is based on an enemy that has nothing more than their Mk.I eyeballs and ears. If they have scout-snipers or binoculars then obviously spotting enemies will be a little easier and troops could suppress from a further distance. Currently I find that the infantry act fairly close to what I've described above, but the vehicles simply do not engage and continue on their patrol or sit idle. I'm guessing that the infantry are not radioing enemy locations to the vehicles properly...
  9. Xeno, Just one simple request. Please change the MLRS ammo type so its usable in the next version. I desperately want to play around with this on a Domi map with my buddies. I can only fathom the destruction it can wreak. Thanks!